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Thursday, December 30, 2010

the apprentice,pt 1

the blood smelled sweet and made john smile as he inhaled deeply.''don't it smell good?don't it jus make ya wanna...i don't know,gulp it down like sweet tea?''he made the analogy while billy slowly sawed off the unconscious woman's hand.she lay naked and covered in mud from her struggle to escape.they had found her walking across the clay wade bridge.she needed a ride and they were eager to help.''don't be so fuckin hasty,''he instructed.''you ain't feelin it.i can tell.think about screwin that ho with each slice.''billy closed his eyes and imagined the scene.his movements became sensual and deliberate.''that's it!THAT'S IT!...feel that shit.''john rubbed his dick through his jeans as he watched.''like this ol man?''before an answer came,the woman snapped up into a sitting position,screaming and shouting.''NO NO NO!PLEEEEASE WHY?!!''with ease and precision,john picked up an one swift smooth motion,he buried it in the woman's throat.she gurgled,shook and spewed up blood,dark and thick under the pale moonlight.her eyes rolled back as she fell to her side.she spasmed and made one last attempt at breathing.billy looked up from his knees at john holding the axe.''that... shit...was AWESOME!''''all in the wrists kid.''...

b3st fri3nds,pt 1

'' you like suckin dick that much?dam.''vince leaned back and watched the tight pair of lips work up and down his shaft.tina licked and slurped the fat,thick pole like a one point,vince was afraid she'd actually bite it.but he figured that would be a good thing.tina rubbed her hands all over his body as she bobbed her head up and down.she took him deep into the back of her throat and let her tongue tickle his balls gently.that move made vince fall flat onto the bed.he gripped her head and tried to force his dick further but she pulled up gagging for air and laughing.''you like that baby?''''hell yeah!why the fuck you think i got yo head in my hands?''tina smiled.she knew her skills were legendary.she was surprised that he had lasted ten minutes without an explosion.''you holdin out on me?''she asked with a hint of sarcasm.''i must be doin somethin wrong.''she slowly climbed on top of vince and turned her back to him.she raised up and let her soft,wet pussy creep down his fat rod.the move mesmerized vince and he let out a soft groan as he watched her ass ease down.she leaned over and started to bounce.her cheeks jiggled like jello and gobbled up his cock.'' keep this up i'm done.''...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

broken teddybear

time marches forward mocking my ability to was just yesterday that my senses drowned in the newness of your fit in the bend of my arm and i marveled at the wonderment of God and how i was replicated...tiny yet awesome,you changed the way i longer was my life mine,it belonged to you and the path you would choose~my short term destiny was to nurture myself once more...yet from your eyes.tick,tock goes the clock as my seed grows like weeds.mature and strong you stand,confident in all that you've been taught~rebellious and in so many ways nay uniquely your fancy turns to times yet to pass and i yearn for the chance to hold you,twice removed,once again.can i turn back the sands of time?can i pluck the memories of your first steps from vintage cells?i'm powerless but blessed to have the gift of you.

southern cumfort

she dances through my mind with the ease of a summer night...bringing untold joy to otherwise passive emotions.her lips call to me with luscious tones of scarlet and pink...natural and seductive.the lines of ecstacy,which form her being,mesmerize me~the thought of her chocolate quenches my thirst yet provides the stage for my lust to grow...must i dream of this cocoa queen and ravish her with sheer passion?...a thousand,no two thousand times i shake in release as our bodies engage in the heat of  my as fine as spun silk,i inhale and drink the essence~wanting her soul to fill me,embrace me...take me to lofty heights that restore my hunger and soothe my mind...walk upon my heart with your exquisite charm for i see no other as fair.