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Sunday, August 7, 2011


the mist rose in undulating waves from murky river water onto the banks.king james squatted near the old shack they had found,they being him and velure,and listened to the staccato screams that filled the night air.he spotted a small rock and threw it across the top of the didn't stop until it reached the other side of the channel.he was getting impatient...there were times he enjoyed the games but this was one moment he only wanted to get home and relax.''PLEASE...PLEASE DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!''the begging was always incredible.then came the bargaining which velure loved.''JUS DON'T KILL ME...PLEAAASE...''the pain in the man's voice was deep and steady.he knew she was having fun.he walked over and peered through a filthy cracked window.velure was sitting on the man's lap facing him.''you still wanna fuck me big man?still think you can jus push me on the bed and do wat the fuck you want?''she whispered to him.the man's face was slashed on one side with the lines of her finger nails.blood slowly trickled from the wound.king james could smell it.he licked his lips and then his fang.''look,jus let me go.i promise i won't tell a soul...jus leave me be.''the man began to whimper.''awww..big baby scared?''...