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Sunday, November 25, 2012

damon's game

  Damon looked at the number on his phone again. Yeah. He was sure he didn't know who the hell it was. He wasn't in the habit of answering unknown numbers. He had to many encounters with his ex that turned into nightmares. But this was the third time this week that the number had popped up. He was starting to feel uneasy.

 The sound of his general ringtone slammed into his ears.

 Going against all he truly believed...he answered.

  "Look...who the hell is this? I know you had to hear my voicemail. I don't know you. Stop calling!"

  He waited for some sort of answer. There had to be some sick minded individual playing a sordid game. This was it. If he had to curse them out and find a way to have their phone cut off, he would.

  " this 2777?" The voice was soft and sweet. Not what he had expected at all. The woman sounded sexy but genuinely unsure of herself and the situation.

  "Yeah...but who this?" He had to keep the hard edge just in case.

  "My name is Kandi. I've had this number for a while. It used to belong to a friend of mine. We haven't been in contact for a long time. Do you know a Robert Jones?"

  Damon chuckled and took the phone away from his ear. His devious side oozed out and he licked his lips. This just might play into his hands.

 "Ohhhh! Yeah. I know Rob! That's my nigga! We used to play ball on Saturday's at the Y! What's your name? Kandi?"

 "Yes...I'm so sorry I-"

 "Hey! It's aight. You wanna come by? He told me that you'd be callin' soon. You can wait here until he comes by. Trust me. He can be an idiot when it comes to time management. Where can I pick you up?" He was hoping she'd take the bait. Her voice was so damn sexy and inviting. The rest of her had to be just as appealing.

  "Well...sure. Why not. In fact...I'm right out side your door."

  No fucking way! He figured the sex gods were shining on him again! He pushed the end button on his cell, tossed it aside, jumped from the sofa and trotted to his apartment door. He looked carefully through the peep hole. No shit. There she was. She was wearing a black trench coat. Her hair was wet  and surrounded her gorgeous face with ringlets or curls.

  He opened the door and she smiled, revealing a set of gorgeous teeth. She licked her plump wine colored lips and walked in. Damon closed the door, never taking his eyes off her frame as she glided by. He was mesmerized. She unbuttoned the coat and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing only a black bustier, purple thong and heels. Her ample ass jiggled as she balanced her weight on one leg and bent a knee. She turned around to face him.

 "You're not Robert. But this is what we used to do..."

  Kandi slowly walked over to him, dropped to her knees and reached into the crotch of his boxers. His dick was willing and ready. It had gotten hard as she moved closer. A quick maneuver and it was out. She ran her tongue from his balls along the underside of his wood. He moaned as she took the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue in circles. Her eyes blinked and fluttered as she slowly took in the length and girth of his thick tube. It was halfway in her mouth when he felt the back of her throat. He placed his hands on her head and guided her all the way down to the base of his dick.

  His moaning told her that she was making the right move. Slowly, she pulled her head backwards, leaving a thick trail of spit. It glistened and dripped down his balls onto the carpet. She opened her mouth for air and slurped the head. Their eyes met as she looked up at him. He pulled himself from her mouth and hopped out of the shorts. He positioned her head and slid back into her warm mouth and throat. The slippery feel of her lips made him pump faster. The sounds of wet, thick sex filled the air. She took her mouth away in mid stroke.

 "Fuck me."

 Damon moved her over to the sofa. He leaned her across it and pulled the thong down. He slid into her wet pussy with a long gush. Kandi looked back at him. "She talkin' to you bay. that?" She cooed between strokes. Damon grunted his satisfaction and plunged deeper into her juicy snatch.

  He gripped her thick ass cheeks and pulled them apart as he pounded her soft pussy. He looked down and watched his fat dick slide in and out of her hole. She was matching him stroke for stroke. Kandi reached under her stomach and found his nut sack. She cupped and fondled it as he glided in and out. She felt herself tingling and her nipples were getting hard and sensitive. She eagerly cupped one of her breasts and sucked the nipple. That put her over the edge. She gripped the back of the sofa and slammed her ass onto Damon's surging dick.

  The next thing Damon did, sent shock waves through her body. He reached under, found her clit and rubbed as they both moaned and exploded in ecstasy.

 Damon rolled onto his back. He struggled to catch his breath as he sat smiling at Kandi. She was leaning over the sofa, her ass still poked out.

 "You're right...." She let out softly. "Role play is a muthafucka!"

Saturday, November 17, 2012

krispy creme

the heat
from her silhouette
drew him,
called to him
like a beckoning urge
that needed to be scratched.
vanilla cupcake
infused skin,
supple and smooth,
met his kiss
pulling an eager tongue
along the road map
of her brown insanity.
the dip of her navel,
the mound of outer lips
that meet lips,
searching for inner lips
and the union
is complete.
hungry soul
devouring the creamy essence
which runs
in thick streams
as he licks 
and her hips grip.
she fucks his face
while he quickens the pace
to make her drown
in the ecstasy
of his carnal desires.
pink on pink
causes a salty explosion.
moans of satisfaction
rip through gritted teeth...
dwindling sighs
tell the tale of a deed
done well indeed.
the sounds of heavy breathing
as hunger is quenched
but for one night.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

field of dreams reloaded

how can the melody
that once caused my heart
to flutter
in anticipation,
fade into devil toothed
which taunt and jest?
the touch,
so warm and inviting,
now stirs
deep regret
in the form of late night
hunger pangs
incessant cries 
for attention.
i cover my ears
and turn a deaf soul
to the thing
which wears your 
to send it
into the cornfield
would be bliss.
a worn mind
can summon
no such happiness.
crushed memories
remain at the ready,
to fill the void
has created.
empty copulation
as darkness
turns to morning dew.
false moans,
in the key of yesterday,
through sleep laden
gray matter,
pulling wanton desires
from dead curiosity.
the deed is done.
once again
i must rise to repeat,
rise to repeat,
scratch that.
routines are good.
my life is no longer mine
it's ours.
i'd trade eternity
for an escape
from this haunting
my kingdom
for a wish.
But the survival
of innocence
brightens the horizon. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

apple cider vinegar

the path 
to the right path
or any other path
beneath a wet kiss.
disturbing dreams
of sister katrina
through visions
steel and concrete
in salty tears 
mechanical birds 
drop their necks
and bow 
to the majesty and power
of the Creator.
human frailty 
rears an ugly 
yet predictable head
that imagines and acts
upon the fears 
of the weak.
through piles 
of yesteryear's memories...
defying the moral demand,
in that which is right,
only to realize 
what is wanted
isn't that 
which is needed.
cries in the dark 
linger towards 
a fortnight
as hope remains vigilant
yet reality is reflected
in pools of stagnant water.
distraught mothers 
pray for deliverance
and receive 
the ultimate curse.
gray swirls
pound the right 
with droplets of rage
as eyes watch
in horrified disbelief.
yet the surf recedes
leaving the entrails
of her visit.
the snakes will slither
through their holes,
queens will mate
with the shore.
all will be as it once was.
but we will never