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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

black coffee

no sugar,
 no cream...
the sound of that hook
 plays in my mind now.
 a merry-go-round dance 
of hide and seek
 as i struggle to understand...
 a lightweight,overweight
 yet heavyweight,
of my generation
 sets sail for a misty land
 we never conceive
 until our minds are forced 
to embrace tragedy.
 so young
 but yet so old. 
worry lines 
etched into the brow
 of a think very deeply teddy bear.
 a showman of epic proportions,
 gliding along with the boyz... 
one last glimmer 
under the spotlight,
 hot light.
 he made the coffee drool and swoon~ 
the girls,the girls, 
whether black or cream filled.
 bounce to the beat. 
he couldn't be beat,
 because he had his own thang.
still hard to do that roll...dam. 
rhymes sublime,
 until checkout time.
 i'll never look at my java the same. 
say hello to michael,vesta,wayman...
 you'll see them again.
 give us a show
 that can be heard from the heavens...
 we'll be waiting.

Monday, October 31, 2011


the sound of more gravel crunching came from outside.''WAIT BOY!''vernon called out to dale.yet it was to late.the young man burst through the door.darla screamed as scott pulled the trigger.a spray of blood from dale's back colored the wall as he banged against it.he tried to move forward once more and was met with an explosion that took his arm off.vernon heard the shots and moved backwards towards the front door.''PUT CHA FUCKIN HANDS UP NOW!''he turned to see five guns locked on him.through the crowd a husky man walked in.''where's my daughter?where's sharon?!''vernon gave a crooked smile.''i told ju...that big tittie bitch dead.''he raised his gun.a hail of bullets turned him into mangled red meat.sharon's father walked over to him and reached into his pocket.he pulled out the cell phone.''gps...gotta love it.''he spit on vernon's lifeless body.scott and darla slowly came into the room.the guns all swayed in their direction.the little girl was in front of them.she still chewed greedily on the ear.''mr thomas...we~''''it's ok son,''an officer said taking the gun slowly.he had to yank it from his hand.sharon's father began to weep.he put his arm around them and led them out.the child sat and ate as the officers looked on.FIN


the child led them to a door that had dried blood on the doorknob.she pushed it open and they were hit with the stench of rotting meat and spices.on a table was a body that had been gutted.the intestines were in a large bucket.on a wall behind the table were mason jars full of dark and vile looking body parts.''fuck me.wat is this shit?''scott said gagging.he covered his nose and mouth.darla had a vomit reflex but held her mouth.the child ran to the body,pulled off an ear and chomped into it smiling.the flesh tore like jerky.vernon walked to a drawer and got out bullets for his gun.dale fell on the floor near his mother and began to weep.''boy she gon nah.aint nothin kin be done...cep kill dem mutherfuckurs that went an done it.''he clicked the gun shut and held it by his head.''git up an come on boy.''dale touched alice's body.his hand was bloody.he wiped it on his already stained shirt.he let out a primal scream.vernon heard the floor boards move over his did dale.the young man sprang up and ran for the curing room.''damit dale!''vernon took off behind his crazed son.he had never seen him so angry.he loved it.''go git him boy,heh,heh!''scott stood firm after hearing the scream.he held the shotgun towards the door...


the sound of a shotgun blast and flying flesh filled the house.the child started to get up but darla stopped her.''it's ok baby.come on let's play.''she tried her best to stay calm with the girl.her mother was probably dead now.that was something they never thought innocent in the mix.scott walked back into the room.his clothes were covered in the back spray of blood,brain and skull.darla looked up at him.he nodded his head.''c'mon baby,''darla said gently pulling up the frail girl.''let's play hide and like to play that game?''she nodded in glee.the sound of gravel crunching caught their attention.''FUCK!''scott grabbed darla's arm and they ran to the back of the house.''WHICH WAY UP OR DOWN?!''darla shouted at the child.she pulled her to a set of stairs that led upwards.they ran up stumbling as they did.the front door opened with a crash.''ALICE,DARLIN?!''a silence fell over the house.''wher ya at baybeh?''as he walked he found the answer.the body of his wife lay with the head mangled and strewn about.blood covered the walls and steadily grew beneath the body.a leg twitched and stopped as he stared.''daddy?''dale came in and saw the carnage also.his knees buckled and he threw up.''HURR I COME!''vernon yelled...

Sunday, October 30, 2011


"well gotdam doll beybee!les get it own!''alice was more than ready to give up the ass to a cute dish like scott.darla kept her tears quiet and played with the child.scott slowly got to his feet and walked to the large woman.''so,um,where we go''nna do this?don't want your daughter ta see.''that brought a smile from alice.she bared her teeth and scott fought back the urge to puke.her teeth were yellowish green and more than a few were missing.what was once a fairly acceptable face turned hideous.''c'mon in da back lover.''she got up and walked teasingly ahead of him.he watched the folds of fat and flab shake and wiggle as she tried to switch her flat ass.she went into the room by the phone.she turned,grabbed his shirt and pulled him close.her hunger for him was shown in a sloppy wet kiss.her breath was putrid and stale.she worked her rough tongue in his mouth,moaning from her delight.''yo mouf sho is sweet,''she said laying the gun against a chair.''how ya wont dis tite pussy boy?on all fos like a dawg?''she pulled her huge drawers down as she got on her knees.the smell hit scott and made him cough.the white cotton had a huge tan stain in the crotch.''i'm so sorry.''the young man grabbed the gun and aimed...


''shit,shit,shit!''scott rambled.''wat can we do?!''darla was on the verge of tears.''hurr ya go baby dall,''alice said bringing the water.''you still need ta make dat call?''''um,no,no.actually we jus gotta get back to the place we left and wait on the'll be much quicker that way.''''yeah.we don't know this address so we won't be a bother,''darla chimed in.''no bother.i needs da compnay.''alice walked to a closet and reached in slow.the child was still connected to her like a leech.she swung a shotgun out.scott dropped the glass.''yew think i'm a dummay?!git cher ass up aginst the wall and sit down!''darla's tears began to fall.scott held her as they slid down the dirty greasy wall.''just thank.i woulda fucked you,''alice said winking at scott.''all vern do nah is watch tv and cure meat.e'r now an then he ack like he wont he can't handle me no more!to old...i need a yungin to hit this!''she laughed and pulled up a chair.finally the little girl ran away.''imma do it,''scott whispered.''but you gotta back me on ya shit!''the child came back with a dirty naked doll.the head was off.she sat next to darla wanting to play.''hey,uh,alice.''the stout woman looked at scott.he was rubbing his dick.''want to?''...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


alice handed scott the phone.he looked suprised and wondered what it was about.''um,hello?''''son this is officer vernon stubbs wit the virgina countay poh-lice department.yew been in some sorta wreck?''''thank god!yes our friends were killed and this~''he looked at darla and motioned for her to leave with alice and the girl.''yew thur boy?''''yes sir,''he whispered.''this crazy hillbilly guy killed our friends and took our car.''''is dat rite nah?you sure he killed em?wat makes yew say dat?''''SHIT WE SAW~we saw it happen.''he said adjusting his voice.''ok just stay wher ya at an we'll be thur in a jiffy.10-4.''scott was about to hang up the phone when he heard dale in the background.''wat mama need is ta git daddy?''a sharp pain raced through his stomach and up to his throat.he realized he had to puke.he slammed the phone down and took off his shirt.he hurled the hot bile from his stomach into his shirt as the women looked on.''you ah rite chile?''alice asked with a concerned face.''yeah...i just need some water please.''alice made her way to the kitchen with the small girl in tow.''wat is wrong with you?''he grabbed darla by the arm.''we gotta get the fuck out.that was hillbilly boy!he's on his way.''...


''hur up boy!get dem thangs an c'mon!''vernon barked out.he looked at barns and chuckled.''dam he hit choo but good,heh,heh!you still wit me?how many fangers i got up?''barns started to weep as vernon teased and taunted him.''suck dat shit up mayne!jus clownin wit cha.''dale walked from the back with a container of potato salad.''ain't no strang beans.''vernon shook his head.''ok.well maybe ya ma got somethin in store.''he looked at the owner once more.''you know wat ta do rite?ssssh,''he said putting a finger to his they moved to the door,a couple kids were looking inside.''GIT CHER ASS AWAY FROM HURR!''the boys scattered as vernon opened the door.''fuckin retards...oh shit leme check ta see wat cha mama want.''he pulled out the cell as they got back in the car.he was proud of the new toy he had.he pressed redial and waited.''wat da hell took yew so long woman?''''we got compnay.couple kids have a bad wreck an wanted ta use ah phone.''vernon paused and thought.''ask em wat kinuh car,''he said slowly.he listened with perked intensity and heard scott talking.''he say a volvo station wagon ya'll git ta town?''a long pause.''volvo station wagon...keep em thur baby cakes.put the boy on da phone.''...

Friday, October 28, 2011


''well speak up?!i ain't gos time ta fuck aroun!''''ma'm if we could jus use your phone?we had an accident.''the woman looked at darla.she put her thick arms on her hips and sighed.''ya'll ain't playin no game is ya?kids fer eva comin thru hurr akin a fool!''scott spoke up.''our friends were was really bad.''the angry scowl on the big woman's face softened.''reckon i'm sorrey ta hear that,''she paused and looked them over.''c'mon.''she stepped aside as the child clung to her.scott walked in with darla stuck to him like a leech.''alice.''''excuse me?''the woman shook her head.''ma name's alice,''she said to darla,closing the door.''phone's down the hall there.''the smell in the house was made the outside seem quaint.darla covered her mouth and reeked of chittlins and shit.''wat the fuck is~''''that delightful smell?''scott interrupted.alice smiled and brushed down her big tits.''why thank yoo,''she said blushing.''we do ah own meat curin an smokin.smell goood don't it?''''yes ma'm.jus like home,''he said pulling darla.''down this hall?''''das rite.''alice licked her lips as she watched scott's tight ass.''fuck.i can't think of any numbers without my phone.''''shit jus call the cops.''...


the house was a had boards missing and the paint was chipping all over.the lawn was a sea of sink holes and sewer water.''tell me again why we have to go in there?''darla whined.scott stepped over a pile of dog shit and turned towards her.''we couldn't go the way they went.that's the way we least this way we found a place.''she looked up at the house with a sigh.''shit do ya think they even HAVE a phone?wats wrong with yours?''''fuck,darla!i told you.i left it at the motel.''they stepped through dark dirty water.''that's why we shoulda went back to town.''she snorted.'' bout 'thanx for findin a house scott'?would that be so hard!?''they walked up the porch steps and onto the weak landing.scott pressed the buzzed low and stuttered.after no response,he knocked.he was about to bang again when they heard movement.the door opened and a small girl peeked out.''heeey honey,''scott eased out.''are your parents home?''the child didn't say a word.she just stared and blinked.''ok,we really need to use your~''the door swung open.scott jumped back as darla grabbed his arm.''da hell ya wont?!''the child hid behind her mother.the woman was huge and wore no bra.her large tits swung like melons...

Thursday, October 27, 2011


''DO IT BOY!''at vernon's command,his son swung the bat connecting with the old man's wasn't enough to kill him but he fell forward in pain.a stream of blood poured from his ear onto the counter.''AN DIS ONE BELONGS TO DA REDS!''vernon shouted.dale watched barns as he grabbed his head and slid to the floor.he looked up at the boy and shook his head pleading for his life.his lips formed the words but nothing came out except a soft cry.''well is he dead?''dale nodded his head slowly.vernon cocked his head and walked around to see the man.tears streamed down his face and mixed with the thick red life that seeped from his ear.''you lyin lil prick.he ain't nowhur near dead.''he aimed the gun at barns and pulled the trigger.a loud click was all he got.''well fuck me sleepin.ya lucked out ol hard feelins?''barns looked at the floor and shook his head slowly.''dis ah lil secret rite?''barns nodded.''good boy.nah we gon take a few thangs yew jus put it on our tab ya hear?''another nod.vernon put the gun in his pocket and looked at his son.''put da bat back dip shit an go get some tatuh salad an strang beens.''dale tossed the bat to his father and walked towards the back.''gettin some balls,huh?!FUCK U!''...


''HE-HEEEE!we really hur daddy!we ain't been in town fer months!''vernon looked at the boy and shook his head.''dale?''he said quietly.''yeah pop?''''SHUT the hell up!''he snorted and punched his son in the arm.''don't go ackin like you ain't never been hur!we civilize folk.come from gud come on les take a look.pull up to da store thur.''dale parked while vernon finally tossed the shovel in the back.the young man was so excited,he blew into the store ahead of his father.''uh...evenin dale,vernon.ain't seen you fellas in months.''vernon looked around the store with a sense of pride.'' bizniss been fur ya barns?''the owner watched as dale ran to the porno books.''now dale,don't open it if ya ain't gon buy it!''vernon snapped his head towards the man and fast walked to the counter.''wat cha say barns?u sayin we can't afford no pussy book?''he whipped angrily.''no.they wrapped in plastic and~''with a smooth fluid move,vernon had his pistol at barns' throat.''mutherfucker soun like u think u better n us.BOY GRAB ONE A DEM BUTT BOOKS N COME ON!''dale came into view and shook his head.''no daddy.''''still got dat bat bahind ya counter?''''vern i'm sorry all i meant was~''''take it like a man barns.''...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


darla and scott watched the volvo squeal off down the dirt she watched the swirling haze clear,darla felt the urge to scream and break down crying.scott had done his best to keep her quiet while they watched their friends die.''sssh,c'mon darla.i know,but it's's over.we gotta find the police and tell.''the frantic woman couldn't contain herself.she began heaving and wheezing.she was having and asthma attack.scott tried to hold her but she broke away and out of the brush.she stood still and flew out in violent chunks that bounced on the dry cracked earth.when she emptied her stomach she cried and screamed more.''BE QUIET!we don't know how many more of them sick fucks are around!it's about us now...please darla.get it together.''she realized scott was right and pulled out her inhaler.she sucked down a couple shots,harked and spit.''but they killed em.they did it like it was fun!''she said finally.scott plopped down on a fallen tree.''i saw it too,darla,i'm not blind!but we gotta get help.we gotta do it for them.''''how,scott?!we in some fucked up nowhere on the map!maybe e'r body out here does that shit!...and why didn't you help!?''the young man jumped up.''CAUSE WE'D BE DEAD TOO BITCH!''...


dale wrapped the man's body up tight and tossed it along the side of the cargo area.he ran back to the driver seat like a big kid.''LET'S GO DADDY!''he put the car in gear and peeled off.dale loved going into brought back memories of a time past when the whole family didn't have to struggle so much.that's when he was much closer to his they just bickered and nagged each other.the sound of a cell phone broke the silence of their drive.''wat tha fuck?''vernon looked down by his feet and there it was.he picked it up and answered.''who da fuck is this?''he asked slowly,spitting out the window again.the man on the other end was suprised by the deep country twang.''is this sharon's phone?''he asked.''she a brown haired girl wit big tits?''a pause.''um...who is this?''''got a pair a lips can suck start a truck?''another pause.''WHO THE HELL IS THIS?!my daughter is on vacation in virginia!''vernon laughed.''aint no mo.she dead.''he flipped the phone shut then opened it again.''who dat daddy?''''hell if i know.guess it was dat bitch old man...oh well.shit happens.''he dialed the number to their rang a few times.the little girl answered.''mandy,tell ya mama we in town.pic'n up a few thangs.''...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


dale went about the task of putting the bodies in the car.vernon slid the gun back into his pocket and looked under the hood of the car.''shit ain't nothin wrong sep dis batry cable.''he took off his boot and banged until the wire was snug.''turn dat fucker over boy!''he ordered his son.dale wiped his bloody hands on his shirt and turned the key.the old volvo station wagon hesitated.he turned again and it snapped into life.''HELL YEAH!''vernon shouted and did a little jig while putting his boot on.he hopped into the car and slammed the door.''c'mon boy.let's git it home.ya mama probly ready ta git started.''''let's go inta town,daddy.we hardly get a chance to less we goin fa propane.come on lets do it!pleeease daddy?''his father shook his head,harked up some phlegm and spit out the window.''dale...shut yer yap.ok we can go for a while.but we gotta cover up them stank pots.kinda hot.''the boy jumped from the car and went to work.he took the woman's body and folded her over behind the front seat.she didn't fit well so he fell on her causing a muffled snap of the spine.perfect fit.he took the man's corpse and pulled it to the back.there was a flowered comforter covering the spare tire.''fuckin fag,''vernon snorted...


''SHUT YA YAP!git ready fa some gap tooth lovin!''dale was ready to push himself inside the woman when she reached back and hit him in the nuts.she turned and kicked him in the side as she pulled her pants up.''shit.see there boy,''vernon said calmly.he pulled a pistol from his pocket,aimed at the running woman.she ducked and weaved but he had her in his shot from the six shooter caught her in the shoulder.she whimpered and grabbed her arm.vernon aimed once more.''dammit!i'm rusty.''he pulled the trigger sending a bullet into the base of her skull.the contact caused her to fall forward and land on a crunched through her chest pushing her heart and shreds of flesh through her back.she hung on the piece of tree with arms dangling and blood pouring from her mouth.''WHOO!now THAT'S a piece a wood fer ya missy!gone an git er almost messed up.''dale got up and brushed himself off.he limped to the woman's body,positioned and threw it over his shoulder and walked back to vernon.''toss er in the back...and git ole boy too.''''I AIN'T TOUCHIN HIM DADDY!YOU KILLED 'IM U STACK 'IM!''vernon rushed up to dale and hit him in the temple with the gun.''YOU DO IT!''vernon shouted,aiming at his son...


''WAT DA HELL IS U DOIN DADDY?!''the woman screamed and tried to run.''go git er boy!''vernon said while going through the man's pockets.he tossed aside cards and photos while pulling out the money.''$50!?you cheap basturd!''the man gurgled and babbled while coughing up blood and a few teeth.''shut ya pie hole.''vernon stood up and raised the shovel.he brought it down on the man's face again,and again and again.the force of the last blow caused an eyeball to pop dangled as red life poured from the socket and soaked the dirt road.dale had caught the young woman easily.her pace was slow and she was freaking out from the turn of events.she beat on dale's back as he carried her.he could smell weed on her clothes.''LET ME GO!FUCK YO GAP TOOTH HILLBILLY AZZ!''''i aint gone hurt's daddy you ought be word bout.''the woman kicked and fought with all her strength.''FUCK U!''she repeated.dale slammed the woman down on the front of the car.she had a good view of the carnage and screamed again.the manchild shoved down the capri's she wore,and pulled aside her panties.he leaned his weight on her while he pulled out his dick.''boy wat chu doin?''vernon asked politely.''HELL SHE KEEP SAYIN FUCK U IMMA DO IT!''...

Monday, October 24, 2011


vernon grabbed the shovel again.he let his son walk ahead of him and out the front door.''darlin?!we bout ta rustle up some back in a shake!''the slender man let his wife know they were leaving.he caught up with dale and playfully pushed him in the back.''how long ya been playin wit cha dick boy?''the angry young man kept quiet as they walked.he shoved his hands deep in his pockets and sulked.''why you don't let me move out daddy?imma grown man.i'm near eighteen.''''you know ya mama would die if ya left.jus be happy you got a home.good people strugglin now.''the words didn't soothe dale's wounds at all.they walked in silence but not far.they came upon a car pulled off of the dirt road.''look a dere.compnay.''vernon they got closer,a woman was leaning against the over heated taurus.dale looked at the thick sun tanned woman and got a hard on.''HEY!''vernon called out as they got closer.''looks like you got heap a car trouble.''the woman banged on the window.a figure popped up and got out on the passenger side.''hey,can you get us some water?that's wat we need.''the man blurted out.''i sure hate ta do dis.''vernon said softly.he raised the shovel,swung it hard and bashed the man's face...


vernon watched his daughter as she stooped and peeked under her brother's bedroom door.''got dammit is he at it agin?''he put down the shovel he was carrying and walked over to the door.the girl whimpered and scurried away when she saw her father's hulking figure.''git on ta yo room chile an don't lemme see you doin that no more!''vernon shook his head,braced himself and kicked in the door.dale stood from the bed knocking over an ashtray of crisco.he struggled to pull up his pants and watched as his hustler fell on the floor.the oil had stained it.''DAMMIT DALEBERT!how many times i tole you not ta do dat when babygirl is round?!she done seen you dis time boy!''''daddy u messed up my new book!na i gotta git ole man barns ta sell me anotha!an you fucked up ma door!''vernon laughed hard and deep.the sight of his son racing to put his greasy dick away was to much.''you gone set cha bed on fire wit all dat cookin oil!hahaha!''''it ain't funny daddy!you ain't funny at all!that was new titties!cos me near 8 dollas!''he looked at his father laugh and wanted to punch him in the throat.but he knew how that would turn out.their last fist fight put him in the hospital for a week.''bring ya greasy cock on.dinner time.''...

Sunday, August 7, 2011


the mist rose in undulating waves from murky river water onto the banks.king james squatted near the old shack they had found,they being him and velure,and listened to the staccato screams that filled the night air.he spotted a small rock and threw it across the top of the didn't stop until it reached the other side of the channel.he was getting impatient...there were times he enjoyed the games but this was one moment he only wanted to get home and relax.''PLEASE...PLEASE DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!''the begging was always incredible.then came the bargaining which velure loved.''JUS DON'T KILL ME...PLEAAASE...''the pain in the man's voice was deep and steady.he knew she was having fun.he walked over and peered through a filthy cracked window.velure was sitting on the man's lap facing him.''you still wanna fuck me big man?still think you can jus push me on the bed and do wat the fuck you want?''she whispered to him.the man's face was slashed on one side with the lines of her finger nails.blood slowly trickled from the wound.king james could smell it.he licked his lips and then his fang.''look,jus let me go.i promise i won't tell a soul...jus leave me be.''the man began to whimper.''awww..big baby scared?''...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Question ( excerpt from variations on emotional suicide)

i lay still.
as a newborn child
curled in fetal position~
but my mind races.
tormented by the thought
of what i can't control.
wondering if we still beat as one.
i long to hear the sound of your voice
telling me how much you love me
need to be near me...
how you need to held
and nurtured like a raw diamond.
it never comes first from your lips~
leading me to think of the day you'll say
no more.
so i put on my mask and pretend
to be truly happy
when what i really need is honesty...
but each time i reach for you
you're not ready.
when can i tell my heart it's not a casualty?
when can i say that it's good for something
other than crying for you?
should i wipe away the dreams of yesteryear
to make my emotions wait on a verdict?
you seem so content...
or do you question my love also?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

mistuh briefcase man

four fifty-seven,
the taste calls
like open mouthed
baby vultures~
pushing his addiction,
checking his decency,
to the sordid object
of his insatiable thirst.
catch him if you can,
judge him if you must,
but his tell tale
serves as stage left
for the entrance
of miss right.
seedy rooms,
and transfigured~
the musky smell of love,
overbearing and tart~
lend themselves to the predestined
snuffed out by sweat,
cologne and cheap moscato.
two ruby reds
engulf five that's called nine
and he watches
while the inches disappear.
face down,hair tossed...
all he desires
is the fruit of her labor.
a chocolatte dream
pulled from the underbelly
of fortune five,
she tastes so good~
his secret from the hood.
yet this clandestine
is far from pristine.
she gives a fake moan,
takes the prick from the prick
and dreams of six figures
as his seed grows.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the calling

tally ho,
and away i go,
delving into the cream
of my twisted
from the moment of open eyes,
out of the canal,
the rhythm,
eight oh eight kick
that propelled me
was out of sync.
two score and seven
dance the jig
dubbed confusion~
a tight little step
which calls on
spectral visits
long since forgotten.
it's your pathetic life calling.
answer,demons can't dial~
or can they?
black suited
from a messianic mind,
present themselves
in leather and lace.
their search has ended~
upon me they place the mantle
of multiple gifts.
my eyes burn,head pounds
as the installation
is completed. hardwired for delivery.
singed wire,
hanging lifeless in my presence,
contradict my beliefs,
yet onward shall my march
to immortality continue.
an afterglow~
turn thy face
for he is
the one.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


she knew they needed time
life had become
the same old tic-toc,
around the clock,
rat race for years now.
so they packed,
found a sitter for the twins
and drove out
to the lake...
the cabin hadn't changed
besides a few cob webs
and moldy smell.
she watched her better half
saunter to the ice box~
he turned to her,
with a grin on his face
and a cold bottle
of rose let's make love
in his hands.
...and that they did.
with an intensity
never experienced,
they engulfed
carnal pleasures
long since forgotten.
the taste of her lips,
the sound of his mounting passion
carried them to a plateau
inhabited by dreams of dreams
and jasmine scented
it was as it should be.
the both of them happy once more.
as they lay entwined,
dazzled by the masterpiece
sprawling before them,
he began to cry.
she had instructed
that he only bring two bullets
for the old revolver...
this would be their last

Sunday, May 29, 2011

take me with you

mama nem
said there'd be
days like this...
but those alloted to me
have turned sour.
wax mold smeared
into permanent stains
which exhibit my disdain.
that's why it came
like a blessing it did~
that beam
of salvation
pulsating with a power
that sang to me
in tones of tomorrow.
i longed for this entity
that would be my transition
to a better life...
anything would suffice.
yet this tube of tribulation
brightened the night sky
as day
and turned my angst
into anticipation.
i was lifted up high,high
smiling as my worries faded
into the ever shrinking chaos
that lay behind me...
until a booming horn sounded,
sending my wretchedness
cascading once more to reality.
i never saw them again
after that.
stories and stories of stories
increased my confidence for naught. i search the skyline
at twilight
hoping for another glimpse
of deliverance.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


from mt olympus
you ascend,
feeding the eternal
flame of wanton lust
embedded in the minds
borne distaff.
a creation of perfection
sculpted intent~
molded specifically
to prevail.
indeed dost thou evoke
fables of yore
that burn and yearn
for release
through taciturn
words turned rogue.
a machine...
nay a masterpiece
given to mere mortals
for the sole sake
of glandular endearment~
climactic swoon
and burdened beast
of war.
dare we partake?
this flesh,
this man,
this canonized
authorized to reality.
chiseled stone
filled with emotions
poured to brim
from empowered hands...
watch over us
in magnificent splendor
as we cast our gaze
away. inspired by Walter Parada

Saturday, May 21, 2011

upon the eighteenth hour

shrieks and shouts
the shakes
of tongues on fire...
held captive
for that purple sky.
all consuming chaos
obliterating the masses
to the sound of swords
slicing succinctly
through sinew and skin.
pulling forth amazement
before the uplifting begins,
four horsemen take the forefront.
steel ablaze with the atonement
for sinful delights
made fleshly
with carnal knowledge.
where art thou?
can the evidence of things unseen
survive a slap so furious?
oblivious to the meaning,
creation regurgitates
a lie to make the truth
look like a lie.
turn away
lest the ground engulf those
whom swallow the red drink
with glee.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

midnight in the candy shop

can i
lick the bowl
and savor
each delicious mouthful?
tracing the lines
which capture my fancy,
i slide south
and slither
my taste over mountains
of cocoa~
sugar free?
i scoff at the mention
of such absurdity.
the sound of your moans
call to me in luscious tones
that threaten
to pull the cream forth
before time...
we shall not partake of that dance.
my sole purpose
is to dine
on platters of pleasure
while a hungry libido
tangos with your sticky
french kiss.
undulating waves of yearning
grip you
and toss caution aside.
do you mind
if we entomb ourselves
in the euphoria
of delights
only our entangled love
can conceive?
liquid ecstasy,
falling like sugar,
spills into my eager throat
and you exhale your soul
for scrutiny.
the softness i meet upon entry
is a masterpiece
of confectionery art.
we gleefully writhe
in unison...
our recipe complete
but not yet fulfilled.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the plastic army man samba

wind me tales
of stormy skies
filled with chaos and mayhem
gone mutant...
bedazzle my psyche with the hymns
dripping with valor
sang by men
covered in burgundy wine~
chests poked in pride
and prejudice.
i'll lend an ear
and intently surmise
while the canvas
undulates and weaves,
birthing the story
only a select few are chosen
to paint.
through the half blind madness
i hear screams,
the laughter of trigger men
gone insane.
sips from a canteen
drowned in jack
to drown out the attack.
under fire from winged demons
dropping black eggs of death.
the spray of severed digits
and squish of torn flesh...
while commanders bark
from towers of ivory,
oblivious to the living hell
that consumes.
tell me a tale
of buxom bosoms,
heaving in the cool of night
as the need to forget
rears it's toothy grin.
an angel
bought for five dollars,
tells you how handsome you are
as another waits his turn...
back to the valley
for another game of chance.
one orb was expendable,
dare you live without both?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

cereal mayhem

epidermis raw~
a nightingale hums a melancholy
while steel kisses flesh
in a demented dance
of frenzy.
hurry...they must not know.
a sordid
released to prowl the atmosphere.
chains gone,
desire heightened,
hunger ravenous.
type B flows like a river wild~
undulating its way
from the precision induced
which incite panic
in granny smith.
a sordid smile sneaks
across filthy canines
as lucid images of torture
once is never enough...
a climax
embalmed with the stench
of yesterdays souls,
seeks rebirth.
parched brain cells
call out,
with gaping wounds,
at a new twilight
filled with endless possibilities.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the afterglow

she always said it...
there was a hint of disbelief,
each time he wandered
back into her life
and crawled into her skin.
counting the days seemed sheer torture
for miss nymph.
nail biting,gin and juice.
the time was passed in increments
which dragged on
until his arrival.
she would inhale the musky
highlights of his manhood,
lay down on egyptian spun
300 count~
let him watch as she opened the doors
to paradise.
he would look inside her soul
and then into her eyes
as she embraced the tiny death
that cascaded over her.
her creamy thighs
would go sky high
while he dined on a sticky appetizer.
the incredible lightness
embraced her mind as he tasted
the on coming denial of victorian
this was always the moment she longed for~
back arched,his tongue
riding the curves of her spine.
and that feeling...
the inexplicable jolt
of giddiness that surrounded her heart
as he filled the depths of her desire
with his spirit.
...this time she let go.
make sure he saw what she felt.
so as he walked away,
the neighbor child's party
provided the truth.
"this is what you do to me"
she whispered.
he smiled and walked away.
he would be back by the time she came down.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

diamonds are a guys best friend

she left me...
packed her bags
and left a note
telling me
that there was no way
she would play
...but she always knew
it was a love thang.
the way you waltz
into my life each year,
our nightly meetings
under the stars.
she even asked if you had
made me gay.
all the sweaty men~
i told her i used to catch.
she saw you as a threat,
no matter how i explained
my lust for your arrival.
the trumpet sounds
and my mouth longs
for your familiar tastes~
salty nuts,pink cotton heaven,
elongated dogs
between soft buns.
the way you make me stare
at balls.
she left me...
but you will always
be my summer madness.
she said this was my third strike.
...i'll give you four balls

Sunday, April 3, 2011


do you see me as i see you?
the external persuasion
for a lower invasion
which brands my mind
with the candy coated desire
of you.
the outlines of your sexuality
tenderly tease
the framework of my psyche.
clandestine thoughts
of a private shoot,
tracing the curves
of your vanilla
as heavenly moans erupt
in fragrant melodies~
sending my want on an insurmountable
professionalism has lost its allure,
replaced by the tick tock
beating of lust through my veins.
quietly striking a chord so deep.
an intoxicating encantadora,
luring me to the depths of sinful delights.
can you feel the warmth of my fantasy
calling out to you as an ear worm?
over and over until you acknowledge
its fire.
one roll is spent
and i quickly reload

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sunshine and shadows

the remains of a murdered quart
floated from his throat...
his seed had gone home
after eleven years.
he talked of the remorse
that kept his heart bound
and shackled...
the fact that regret engulfed his memories,
snatching away what should be fond smiles
and hearty laughter.
...he cried.
a sorrowful deep wail that no man
should ever have to release...
yet he owned it as his reward.
his mirror would be a score and one...
he weeps and weeps.
the song of an infant pierces reality,
shouting to the world its existence.
mother should not have seen,
for her plan was decimated
by a deliberate scheme.
she was captured by eyes
innocent and brown
...she glimpsed the long lost soul
of her father.
the fear and uncertainty of life
were trumped
by a bundle of tomorrow.
she weeps and weeps
for a future unknown~
yet defined by her delivery.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


we had come to cherish
the stolen moments
that defined our lust.
stealing away to frolic
on the shoreline
as cool sea salt caressed
our souls.
moonlight bounced
off the atlantic like shimmering
liquid metal
which mirrored my desire for you.
playful tugs
would lead to decadent dances
amid the foam.
your thighs,high and divine
as my eager lips sought
the center of heaven...
fingers in my hair
guiding me to the places
that would cause an explosion
of sheer ecstasy.
lost in windows of onyx
while the inner cowgirl
takes possession of sensuous hips.
my hands drink the supple curves
riding my power of persuasion.
as mountains moved
beckoning me into their softness.
we would roll,
onto the sugary sand
and bask in the newness
of our history.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

this moment

if this feeling is wrong
then let me dine on a feast
of my imperfections.
never has the desire,
to be held and caressed,
thrilled me~
drenched my every thought
with yearning.
to say that once is enough
would be a lie
from the abyss of never...
the soft inviting warmth
of your smile
envelopes my need
and satiates my hunger.
yet only the heat of your lips
can make my soul quiver,
with anticipation,
for the gentleness of your touch...
set my mind adrift
on cool waters filled with the sights
and sounds
of your mounting pleasure.
the touch,the feel of your skin
against my tongue
tasting delights
fantasies throb and remain burning
as none so true
has enraptured my heart
making a home so virtuous.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

plight of the demented rook

weary eyed
and full of disbelief,
i marveled
at the witty prattle
thrown back and forth
between man and fowl.
glittering generalities
that intrigued my curiosity
enough to provoke wonder...
was i napping or awkwardly aware?
yet was this enough to cause a stare?
so i stood
and digested this scene.
one so bizarre as i'd never seen.
...was it drawn near by a fist full
of jelly beans?
alas,a tear has formed on beak of bird~
trailed by a sorrowful cry of pain unheard.
"tis this not the bust of Pallus?"
faint laughter of pristine amusement,
as weathered stone replies,
a parting gift,
spinach and mayonnaise.
deposited on shoulders
of statuesque malaise.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

silent scream

the collective soul of a nation
in sorrowful moans...
panic stricken existence
beats a syncopated tune of disbelief.
possessions robbed by the power
contained in the surging salt.
alone she sits~
though many shall claim to rescue her~
needing the comfort contained
in the most simplistic of devices...
a touch.
that which once meant all,means nothing.
the only thing tangible now~life.
they wailed like a rusty trumpet,
the horns and sirens did,
and she awoke in a flash,awoke in awareness
yet dazed and secluded.
liquid hell exchanged person for person. she waits and weeps.
a haunting bellow that tears at the core
and pulls compassion
from the abyss of decay.
a fragile silhouette
frozen in time by the snap,whirrr~
mind of minolta...
she is the modern incarnation
of napalm,
the essence of what is not seen.
once again the images scream
but will anyone feel?

Monday, March 14, 2011

the siren

wearily weeping tears sublime,
through memories laid bare.
a future teetering on borrowed time
wearily weeping tears sublime.

devastation resembling sordid rhymes,
as the world peers in,will they care?
wearily weeping tears sublime,
through memories suddenly bare.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

when a soul cries

she never told me
 what made her do it...
what could drive someone
 to play God
 and dangle,helplessly,
from the edge of nothingness...
a jack knife dive
 into the belly of the beast.
soaring high on the puff,puff pass
 that erased years of morality.
mama cried...daddy was used and told lies~
then daddy died,
making her cry.
yet she remained steadfast,
taking the low road to redemption 
at sanity's expense.
through pleads that fell upon deaf ears,
a mind torn and tattered.
body worn and weary,
wandering decay filled streets 
to quench a thirst
 that will never cease.
eyes stream morphine drips 
that resemble anger tinged demons~
smiling her demise.
yet my love remains,
for she is flesh of my flesh 
and we
 flesh of those that have passed on...
where does she belong?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

fiber optic frappe

titillation to the nth degree...sounds,so sweet and sensual,entice my lower being and propel my desires to naughty deeds that make my inner boy scout sweat...the visualization of your mouth~moist and wet~inhales my perverse penchant as the may pole grows to dizzying heights.the promise we had has long since been broken.our pleasure punctuated nights of verbal war have give an enticing laugh~warm and sticky...the length of my manhood slides greedily down,down tickling the tonsils.i return the favor as you mount my lips and moan a song of delight...scintillating sounds of self service permeate my lust~dancing on electrical steroids that pump like hydraulics...mental explosion coupled with dual satisfaction.i imagine you licking your lips in anticipation of our next adventure in roaming.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bedroom bingo

sex had become stale and longer did she inhale his every beat as her own.the washboard had turned into a tub,thus,the exhilaration factor faded...then one night,as she labored under his pathetic,strokes,it happened.she looked into his black eyes and watched as he struggled...she wrapped her wretched thighs around his mid section and pulled him deeper into his tomb.he panted and pulled her locks as she latched onto his laboring libido.streaming lines of lust oozed into his ear,pushing...coaxing him to show his metal...the pit bull on his shoulder humped and ran in circles.this was his finest hour,this was his finest hour,this is his final hour...into the abyss he rode.cock strong and determined,he came and went~then collapsed,eyes wide shut.she pushed him aside and she dialed the three numbers,she thought of aruba and smiled.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

ballerina in blue

she would pull on her mother's coat and talk,talk,talk about how this was her home~this huge hall which hulked over them as they stood,waiting for their steel chariot.yes day,as a smile adorned her sickly countenance.three dot five then a score...she danced and the crowds were enchanted with her grace and agility.acting skills,honed and channeled by a thespian sensei~the lights,action,camera was in her blood...mother still smiled from beyond the rafters.the three beat of a minuet pranced in her mind~while toes,gnarled and divine,float and execute the viennese waltz...two,three,one,two,three.then they came,with letters of lagging leone.the crowds died,as did her its place,the drone of kachunk,kachunk,machines and onions on her person.her close-up was done...fade to black.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


generations...passing and coming.the cry of a nation in turmoil while the stench of canibus floats from cells long since dead.stagnant and impervious,they march onward~singing the song of has worn out its welcome by now.yet the seed of tomorrow is germinated in a brown belly marked as psychologically damaged...sections of eight are strewn with insipid souls that dream of flight..soaring over the decay and ash which mocks the this not what one sixty and five hath wrought from the womb?writhing into existence,only to realize that death stands wearily posturing and pointing the way.or should jim and the black bird of 1928 be a better starting point?more suitable in giving less time to ignorance and bliss?the collective heartbeat of an era has eluded enlightenment and pounds at the entrance to apathy.the polarization of poverty,perpetuating and yet imprisoned by self.shed not sorrow for the past,for it has control of its own...weep for the present tragedy which stares greedily into the face of innocence.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

clik clak,clik mack

he leaned forward,head in hand,and thought of their last was a succulent leg of lamb~ which caused hunger pangs to ring out from his belly.he smiled and plunked out how he adored their time together~nothing else mattered when they made the sun stand still...the rusty royale rambled on as repressed love languished in his was a dream come true,the whirlwind romance they shared.falling into emotional fornication was never as fun.the nights entwined,the way their kisses transported souls on high...tap,tap,tap~it would be his way of showing how much he little the stares and whispers meant.tap,tap,tap~his mind was given unconditionally and his body followed suit.never had he dared to believe the liaison would lead to an entanglement of tender favors...his parents would never understand~neither would mack's.the noose fit just right.he closed his eyes on keys drenched in tears. poetry prompt courtesy of jackAZ photography

Saturday, February 26, 2011

calypso breeze

her brown skin~perfected and tanned by the heat of a golden glow~dances and twirls to the sounds of calypso in her mind...she loves to move.i watch and smile while thoughts of,lascivious deeds,drown my manhood with elongated dreams of rapture..she has traveled far,this dominican princess.her life has been an adventure filled rollercoaster~you need to be this high to ride.failures and moments of success have melded into the beautiful portrait she has become...she dances and dreams...her smile,bright and inviting,tell her story.she gives...she gives.yet there is no one to return the gesture.her heart pounds love and contentment for all that she adores,while the soul of a mother weeps to be heard.compassionate,erotic and pure.all and more adorn the character she wears.she twirls...and forgets the pain which surrounds her heart.steel drums mimic the pulse of a life still evolving.she is urban now~wishing for the smell of salt water and coconut palms...she gives,and cries...will anyone return the gesture?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

corner clair de lune

they had told him,as a child.that his claim to fame would be through strains of vivaldi~filtered over his love of that which was dark and devious.his parents assured the promise and he was content...until their passing.with years of guidance lost,the always easy world of play and be heard,wasted into cries of feed me...daily taunts of immeasurable pain which hugged his ego like daggers from the pit.he loved her,yet she despised him and what they had taught.she was his love now...and their offspring the catalyst.dreams were erased from the chalkboard of his desires~replaced with vulgarities for what he knew was he dons the love of his youth,pours out debussy in A minor...while strangers pay for his family's next meal.

sweet surrender,pt 21

desmond sat looking at brenda as she quietly slept.the hospital room was dim and silent.he didn't know how much he cared until yesterday.the donation he made to help bury pam was something he had to do.a feeling that didn't leave.seeing her wounded helped him realize this woman had to stay in his life.he'd never cried like he did last night.''sir,would you like something to drink?''he looked towards the voice.a young nurse smiled at him.''um,no thank you.''''you've been here all morning.just thought i'd ask.''she walked away and his attention was back on brenda.she slowly opened her eyes.she tried to talk but her mouth was dry and stiff.''hey ya feelin?''she managed a smile.he moved to her and softly kissed her forehead.''you rest.i'll be right back.he found the nurse that had came to brenda's room.''excuse me,is there a donnie hogan here?''she checked her computer screen.''i'm sorry sir,he passed this mornin.are you a relative?he's had no visitors.''''no just an old school friend.thanx.''he walked back to brenda's room.she was sitting up.''hey baby.wher'd you go?''''oh jus check'd something.hey do you believe in destiny?''he pulled out a ring box and opened it.''if not,it's time to start.''FIN

sweet surrender,pt 20

''YOU PIECE A SHIT!''donnie stood and tried to kick desmond but the man sprung up and blocked the attempt.he grabbed donnie and pinned him against the island.''you a bitch,''he whispered in his ear.''just leave while you can!''donnie laughed.''sorry dawg,not in my nature.''a quick head butt made desmond back up.donnie reached for the gun and a shot went off.he looked down to see blood ooze from his side.he reached again and once more a bullet hit his arm.he looked towards a wall and saw brenda,slumped and breathing hard.a stain of red covered her chest.he looked towards the door to see lacey holding a .45 at him.''reach again and you die bitch,''she said with anger and focus.''i want you to.''donnie smiled his winning grin.he looked back at desmond and then at lacey.''you better kill me.cause if you don't,i'll make your world hell on earth.''''and if i shoot yo azz now you can see it first hand.your choice.''he looked at desmond who was ready to pounce.''you want her?keep that hoe.''he stretched for the gun.a single shot from lacey caught him in the neck and he fell against the sink.desmond ran to brenda and held her in his arms.sirens sounded in the distance.''hold on baby.hold on for me.''he wept as he rocked her...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

master of the game

at first you really don't give a damn about it,but then it gets control of you.the eyes are fixed straight ahead at the object of perception.suddenly,you realize there's a blink every few seconds.not only that,but also an occasional try to minimize the actions while making sure nobody thinks you're a dunce...the eyes don't shut now and you realize you're master of the art~moisture is missing...swelling redness searching for a few drops of some size,only to be rewarded the silence of parched dryness.a friend touches your blink,strike one...answer with moist lips,strike two.the apathy is gone.

sweet surrender,pt 19

''so i'm supposed to just jump into your arms and take you back?really?''donnie gave a half hearted nod.desmond chuckled beneath his breath.the pan was starting to smoke.''wow.hey can i get this chicken off the stove?i mean since you the man in charge,you gotta realize this is gonna catch on fire.''''donnie let this go.i don't love you anymore.all i feel is pity and anger.we can't build on that.''now he was confused.''bruh,can i get this food off the stove?''''you know you holdin us hostage rite?''brenda reminded him.''JUS SHUT UP!BOTH YA'LL!''he pushed past brenda,headed for the stove.the two of them talking at once was giving him a headache.all he wanted was the love he once had.he grabbed the handle of the pan.that's when desmond acted.he kicked the gun from donnie's landed on the kitchen island and went off.donnie swung the blazing hot pan at desmond,emptying the searing food on him.the shock stopped him for a moment then he felt a kick to his he fell,donnie clenched his fists and hit him in the back.''FUCK U!''he turned to reach for the gun but desmond tripped him.he hit his head on the side of the island and fell on his back.desmond crawled atop him but was tossed off like a rag doll...

sweet surrender,pt 18

''ok you gotta be kiddin me.''''nah it's the real deal nigga.i'm here to take back wat's mine.''donnie held the gun on the couple and walked towards them.''sorry i didn't get that got some smart shit ta say now?''desmond smiled as he held brenda close.''you know this a punk move rite?wat else can you do to look bad?''''wait?me look bad?i got the gun an bout ta have my woman back!aint that rite bree?''this was the worst situation brenda could imagine.she had prayed donnie would just go away easily.that prayer came up empty.he stood there in all his glory wide eyed and crazy.the same man she used to love,now sent a cold shiver up her spine.''AINT THAT RITE BREE?!''the light brown woman walked away from desmond and stood between the two men.''i was never YOURS donnie.i was just confused and needed security.i thought you gave me that.all i had was a scared lil boy that had to rape my sister to show his never loved just wanted to control me...and that's over.''donnie looked into the focused eyes of the woman before him.he had never seen her stand strong he held the nine,her stare almost melted him and pierced his soul.''i never meant for things to go like this,''he pleaded.''i love you.''...

Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 17

brenda was shocked at how calm desmond seemed.she got a broom and dust pan.sweeping up the glass she smiled as she thought about dumping it out the window.she settled for the trash can.''you ready to eat lady?''''i'm starving!hope it's as good as it smells.''desmond pulled a couple plates from the cabinet.''hey i'm good at wat i do.''brenda washed her hands in the sink and sat down at the island.''is that anything,or certain things?''she asked with a sly grin.''ma'm i cover the point spread e'r time.always bet on dez.''he put the pasta on each plate.he was about to go for the next pan when brenda reached out and pulled him back.they looked deeply at each other.he put the pot down and pulled brenda close.their lips met in a kiss that meant more than the first.his hand found the small of her back sending a current of electric up her spine.she held his shoulders and escaped in the musk of his being.he kissed her neck and she felt her emotions melt away.he cupped her face.''as much as i want you,this can wait.''she looked into his soft brown eyes.''wat if i don't want it to?''with that phrase,three shots went off.the door was kicked in.''YEAH FOOL!WAT IF I WANT YOU TA DIE?!''the two stood in shock as donnie closed the door...

sweet surrender,pt 16

''that bread smells good.''''it's my mom's thang.use real butter and garlic.''the sound of a breaking bottle caught brenda's ear.desmond went back into the kitchen to check his meal.walking to the window,brenda peered out.her worst fear had sat on her shoulders like a giant gorilla.donnie stood outside looking up at her apartment.''I SEE YOU!LET ME UP!''he was drunk and couldn't stand up straight.''I KNOW YOU GOT SOME NIGGA UP THERE!''suddenly she went numb.she didn't dare open the window and shout back.this was her time for happiness.she wouldn't expose desmond to this.she turned away and walked towards the kitchen.''did you have a dessert planned?''she asked taking her mind off the hell outside.''i've got a sweet tooth that's drivin me wild.''she was about to get an answer,when a crash surprised them both.they ran into the room to find glass all over the floor and a rock in the middle.''dam who piss off?''desmond chuckled.he soon found out.''DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME!COME TO THAT WINDOW!''desmond gave her a look of concern.he walked to the window and looked out.''UH BRUH...SHE BUSY.BUT COULD U GO PICK UP A BOTTLE OF WHITE WINE?!PRECIATE IT!brenda was amazed at how calm desmond reacted.she knew that would make it worse...

sweet surrender,pt 15

the sweet smell of garlic encrusted chicken with spinach and linguini tickled brenda's nose.she laid back on the sofa and day dreamed.she thought of the last time she had a good home cooked was one pam threw together one evening over the summer.they were on their seclusion from men weekend.meatloaf with fried potatoes and onions.''how do you like your garlic bread?crispy or light?''she smiled listening to desmond rattle around in the was sexy and showed he could take care of himself.''crispy.BUT NOT BURNED!''she teased.that string of words brought her chef to the door.''ok so now ya sayin i can't cook?wow.''he dried his hands on a towel and threw it over his shoulder.''ooh aren't we sensitive,''brenda said laughing and looking scared.''honestly baby it smells wonderful.did you use white wine in the sauce?''''dam!you smelled my secret.i was gonna get you drunk and be a total azz.''''i don't cook with wine but i know it burns off.''desmond smiled.''you been watchin food network,huh?''he sat down next to her and kissed her gently on the cheek.''are you ok?''she fought back lingering tears and smiled.''yeah.i'll be fine.thank u so much.''''my pleasure.never pass up a chance to spoil a woman.''...

sweet surrender,pt 14

the talk lacey gave her on the way home helped only a little.when she walked into her apartment,the sights and memories of her personal hell were still alive and well.she actually didn't care what the rest of the family thought about her not being at the cemetary.she had to make sense of pam's death.she walked into her bedroom and picked up a picture of them in happier times.mean mugging the camera at kings island.she pulled the photo to her chest,fell on her bed and heaved heavy tears of pain and sorrow.''you coulda talked to me!you coulda told me!''the words landed on the walls and bounced back empty.she knew it would've taken time for her shy sister to admit something like that,but she'd still be alive if she had.she felt her pocket vibrating.she pulled out her phone and answered without looking.''hey.haven't heard from ok?''the sweet voice of desmond caressed her ear.''hey.i...i just really haven't been in the mood.nothin personal.''''well i take not talkin to a new found friend very'd the funeral go?''brenda looked at the picture.the word funeral finalized it.''it was good.didn't go to the burial.''desmond sighed.''how bout i come make you dinner?you shouldn't be alone?''brenda smiled.''sure.''...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 13

brenda's tears quickly turned to rage.''WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!''she yelled staring at lacey.''baby she wanted to tell you herself.i gave her that respect.believe me i wanted to shoot that bitch when she told me!''brenda looked long and hard at her friend and then fell back in the seat.''why?...why did he do it?''lacey put the sable in park.she sighed and leaned on the steering wheel.''he went over there cause she wanted a sack of weed for her and started gettin late.malik left cause he had to get up early.when donnie got there,pam asked him to smoke some with her.he took that as an invitation to do wat he wasn't all on her.''brenda closed her eyes and shook her head.''you know he always wanted her.i could see it in his eyes.just never confronted him about it.''the women sat in silence for what seemed an eternity.brenda couldn't bring herself to cry again.and now she was ashamed to go back to the funeral home.''hey,i'll take you get into your pajamas,make some hot cocoa and i'll be over later.i'll take care of the cemetary madness.''lacey put the car in gear and pulled off.being alone right now sounded good.away from the madness of her life.away from what seemed like hell...

sweet surrender,pt 12

''i'm sorry,''donnie said as he rose to leave.''you're rite.i'll never be the same in your eyes.i wish i could turn it all around an make it rite.''brenda stood looking at the man she used to worship.all she felt at this moment was disdain.she watched him walk out and hoped it would be the last time she saw him.all eyes and ears were on lacey and brenda.''anybody got a dam video phone?!take it all down!none of you know why she layin there dead!that bitch you saw leave is the one that killed her!''''bree,come on baby.''''no!all these phony ass family members.half of em didn't even know where we lived!''she snatched away from lacey and ran from the parlor.a cold breeze blew against her face and chilled the tears that streamed.she walked and ran then ran some more.the image of pam lying on her sofa lifeless wouldn't leave.what could she have had to tell her.the sound of a car,pulling up beside her,broke her thought.''girl get in,''lacey called out.''it's gettin cold and we need to talk.''brenda stopped,gave her friend a cold stare and walked to the car.she got in and stared ahead.''this is gonna be hard,''lacey started.''but donnie raped pam.that's why she came to you.''brenda looked at lacey and broke into tears...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i usually don't watch her,this harlot of scorn~yet this time my fancy was pricked by the skin she wore.a sad black which clung to her bones like wet tissue.scrawny and voracious,the intent of her presence was not like any times past,we would dine on the carcass of yesteryear.together,hand in hand,parading down brick roads of mottled gray.we would laugh and make merry until we had our that point,i would regurgitate the paintings which adorned the cracks of my sanity.nodding in unison,our souls would agree~another pound of flesh given in return for acceptance...this time is like no other.i hunger,i thirst for that which eludes me.finality sets in~the navy flows from my veins and another child lies naked on the hardwood of my psyche.

Monday, February 14, 2011

the apprentice,pt 27

chase reached to his side pulling his nine.''WAT DA FUCK IS WRONG WIT YOU?!''he aimed at nadine and pulled the trigger.the shot hit her in the side sending a spray of blood onto john.she looked at him in horror and surprise.''NO!this isn't how it works!''john yelled.''game show from the late eighties,''chase replied,watching nadine slide down john's leg.''no whammy's...that bitch don't mean shit to're the one makin my dick hard,lover.''he winked at the suprised man.john made a move to fire at chase.he dove to his left over the hood of the cobra feeling the bullet whiz past his ear.he returned two shots hitting john in the chest and arm.the latter causing him to drop the weapon and fall walked over to him.he watched as the blood seeped from his wounds and mouth.''dam you fucked up huh my nigga.all because of a shithead young boy you trusted...was it worth it?''john smiled up at chase.''my type work will live kill me another...will replace me.''chase laughed.''don't give a fuck.i got you.''nadine moaned and rolled onto her side.''just relax.sorry bout's comin,''chase assured her.his phone rang.''speak.''''got that info,''sherry said.''somebody scrubbed their fingertips.nothin there.''FIN

the apprentice,pt 26

''MY GOD HELP ME!''nadine screamed.john punched her in the side and shoved the gun to her throat.he pulled her close,holding her between he and chase.he pressed his face close to hers as he spoke.''no love...he's a lot of things but surely not God.''chase puffed the black and laughed.''wow sick fuck like you know God?so why do the shit you do?oh and uh,the signatures ya left?they suck.''john let loose a sadistic and low laugh.''the great chase anderson.yes i know of my circles i hear a bit of everything.i know that in this city you're the the so called shit.want somethin solved?get chase.but that makes me think of get can be prone to mistakes too.''''best believe fuck boi,the only mistake i made was not poppin you when ya came out that door.''WAT THE FUCK?!is this a reunion?!''nadine was desperate.''there,there cupcake.our boy here is just a blow hard nigger that gets to much credit for stumbling onto answers.''''wow...i like that.psycho babble101.make me angry so i'll do somethin rash...problem is,''he took one last hit of the apple black,''i flunked that class.''john laughed and licked nadine on the face.''see hot shot cops like you got a weakness.this bitch is it.''''you ever watch press your luck?''...

sweet surrender,pt 11

the organ played low,the choir hummed and the preacher pulled heart strings.lacey sat next to brenda and held her close.the week before the funeral had been pure chaos.if not for a last minute donation to the funeral home,the whole effort would've been a disaster.lacey was worried about her friend.she was so busy making things work that she hadn't had time to cry.''why is he preachin so long?he didn't even like pam like that.we ain't been to church since we were kids.''''it'll be over soon.he just want her to have a nice homegoin.''''i'm tired.i want this over.''brenda looked around at all the people she hadn't seen in years.none made her top ten list.she sighed and let her eyes scan the parlor sanctuary.her body tensed up as she spotted donnie in a back pew.''excuse me,''she said pulling away from lacey and squeezing down the row.she was halfway to donnie when lacey saw him.''shit.''she whispered and moved to follow her.''WAT THE HELL YOU DOIN HERE?!COME TO FUCK HER ONE LAST TIME?!''''BRENDA!calm down!''lacey tried to urge.she grabbed her by the arm but she snatched away.''bree don't do this here.i came to~''''give your respect?nigga the only respect you got is fa them streets!get out!how dare you shit on this!''...

sweet surrender,pt 10

brenda waited until donnie was out of sight before she opened the door.she picked up the flowers and neatly tucked them back into the green paper that surrounded them.a while ago,that gesture would have brought tears to hear eyes.this time all she felt was nothing.she walked up a flight of stairs to her apartment and turned the dead was open.she turned the key in the bottom lock and pushed the door open slowly.''it's jus me,''came the small voice from inside.brenda was relieved and angry all at once.she walked in to see pam sitting on the edge of her sofa.''bitch,wat the fuck?''''bren before you get started jus let me explain.''''so not answerin your calls and texts didn't give you a hint?!i'm NOT tryna hear you!''brenda slammed the door shut and tossed the box and flowers in a lounge chair.''i didn't do it on purpose.''brenda leaned against a wall and folded her arms.''ok i'm you just slipped up and fell on his dick.oh was drunk,thought it was ya dildo until you felt a body attached.BITCH GET DA FUCK OUTTA MY APARTMENT!''''bren,don't please.''''how the fuck you gon bring yo ho ass here?gimme my spare keys rite now!''pam reached into her coat pocket,pulled out a gun and shot herself in the head...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the apprentice,pt 25

nadine screamed as the blood from billy trickled down her face.''i'll only ask you one time.shut the fuck's only a little or die?''the woman looked at john as she sniffed and shivered trying to settle down.''what?''john aimed the gun at her face as he stood over her.''i'm sorry.let me clarify that.RIDE OR DIE?!''''ride!ride!''''then move ya my calculations we've got about half an hour.''''wat?to do wat?!''he grabbed the woman by her arm and pulled her behind him.he turned and looked at billy's body one last time.''i've given you wat you could never get in life...respect and fame.''he put the gun in his pocket and pushed nadine out the door.a few people looked out rooms.''CALL THE POLICE!A MAN'S BEEN SHOT!''he shouted.he was counting on the confusion making his departure easier.a nosey man peered from a room.''lady are you ok?''john pulled his piece,aimed quickly and laughed as the man's head snapped backwards in a spray of red.nadine wanted to scream but cried instead.the exit sign blinked and sputtered from a bad wire.they took the stairs down two and three at a time.''move it nadine.''he shoved the door open triggering the alarm.''my nigga.wats good?''chase leaned on the cobra smoking a black...

sweet surrender,pt 9

brenda realized she was stuck.she couldn't say no to him coming or not go back to the mall.''sure...bring it over.''desmond smiled and pumped his fist.''cool!see ya in a few.imma close down now.''she wasn't crazy.she heard the anticipation in his voice as she flipped the phone shut.luckily she kept he keys in her pocket just in case that sort of thing happened.she was opening the security door when she heard the voice.''wat happened to your diet?''she turned quickly to see donnie standing behind her with a bouquet of flowers.her heart beat fast and no words formed.''baby look.i know i fucked up.i really,really understand you don't wanna see me.but i can't get you outta my mind.''''why are you here,donnie?i told you i need time.we don't work rite now.''the words made donnie sigh heavily.''just let me show you i can be wat you need.i been thinkin bout you since i left.''brenda moved inside.her emotions teased her but she had to be strong.she opened the box,got some icing on her fingers and licked it off.''was you thinkin bout me when ya dick was in pam?''that made his mood change.he slammed his fist against the glass door.''YOU TRIPPIN!''he yelled and tossed the flowers on the ground.brenda watched him leave.but for how long?...

sweet surrender,pt 8

a brisk autumn wind blew and swirled leaves around brenda as she walked towards home.she was angry that her emotions made her unstable.she was beginning to worry that the damage donnie had inflicted was deeper than she realized.''get a grip,''she thought aloud.''he was a dog and you sent him with his tail between his deserve better.''even though she said the words,believing was much harder.she looked at the cinnabon box in her hand.desmond seemed nice.she was ashamed that someone out of her life caused such a bad impression.she was more than halfway home when her phone sang was the regular tone.she pulled it out and looked at the screen.''who the hell?hello?''''hey are you missin somethin?''the voice sounded familiar yet still unknown.''look,kick rocks nigga if you on them games!don't have the time ta~''''wait!it's me,dez.''''how you get my number?you a stalker!?please don't be that.''''wow you really need ta calm left your purse on the counter.i took a chance that your number would be on something.''that's when she noticed her shoulder was bare.she had to leave it when she dashed out.another donnie disaster.''the kiosk is open another can come back or i can bring it and take you out.''...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 7

brenda watched the man as he prepared the roll.he took glances at her as he poured the hot icing.her curiousty finally made her question him.''so,mr.sticky bun man,why you hangin out at a cinnabon?''that drew another smile from him.''this is my weekend gig.i'm a screen printer thru the week,''he closed the box lid.''and yes i make good change at my job.i wanna save up for a real vacation.''brenda reached for her purse.''no.this one's on me.''he said putting up a hand.''this won't make you stalk me will it?''brenda asked with a fake look of concern.''only if you want me to.didn't get your name.''she picked up the box.''brenda.and you are?''desmond.but please call me peoples were truly on crack when they named me.''they shared a laugh.''don't see you around work weekends?''that feeling was back.a quick jab to the gut that brought her back to earth.most of her weekends had been spent with donnie.this was all new and frightening.''no.i,um...i have to be goin.''the sudden change shook desmond.''hey did i say somethin wrong?''''thanx for the roll.''she turned and found herself actually trotting away from the kiosk.away from the sexy smile and smooth skin.away from another man.she felt her eyes fill with tears...

sweet surrender,pt 6

brenda didn't think sitting alone in her apartment would be the best medicine at this point in her recovery.she threw on her favorite faded applebottom's,finished getting dressed and took a trip to the mall.the sounds and smells delighted her senses and made her feel like a kid.she was window shopping when the urge for a huge,sticky cinnamon roll came over her.''fuck it,why not?''she knew she was going back on her diet but she deserved some comfort right now.she endured the whispers and catcalls as she walked to the seemed empty.she patted the service bell with no answer.she hit it again.''ok,ok.dam!wait a min~''the piece of caramel that walked into view stopped his ranting and stared at brenda.she was pleasantly surprised also.''can i help you?''brenda looked the dream up and down.his broad shoulders gracefully tapered down to a nice waist.the slight smile he flashed was adorned by a sexy mustache goatee combo.his hair faded and wavy.two earrings topped it all off.''um,can i get a sticky bun?''the man smiled.''you know that's a setup right?''brenda was slow today,but quickly recovered.''ok we'll have none of that,''she chuckled.''how sticky~um,how much drizzle you want?''she watched the man squirm and smiled...

the apprentice,pt 24

john grew tired of watching the woman slurp down billy's dick.he stood,grabbed his clothes and put them on.he sat back down but pulled the gun from his pocket.''is it good,william?''the boy was to wound up in his mounting climax.''let's cut this shit short.''he cocked the gun.that sound got nadine's attention.she opened her eyes and pulled back off the meat in front of her.''DAM WAT THE~''billy went quiet at the sight of the .45 pointed at them.''time for work,don't cha think?''john said smiling.''pay the woman and get her out of here.''billy ran to his pants and went through the pockets.''where...where the fuck is my wallet?''''wats that?speak up,william.''the young man went through his pockets again.his mind raced.''exactly,''john said shaking his head.''you fuck-king idiot!what do you think you where doin?''billy looked confused.''cut the shit son!you been leavin coins at each site like you're a big time artist.that's gonna get us tracked...and get you dead.''''john i...i jus got bored and wanted to make it know.''''like the bullshit you see in the movies?leave momentos to say you were there?''silence.''bullshit billy.''john raised the weapon and fired.billy's head popped like an over ripe grapefruit...

sweet surrender,pt 5

brenda decided a bath would calm her nerves.she gathered candles,an oil burner and put on some music.she grabbed her phone,put it next to the tub and eased into the hot silky water.she had used some mr.bubble and the the results were huge.she hadn't done that since forever.the vanilla bean aroma and smooth sounds of maxwell helped her eyes close and mind wander.just then,guccimane interrupted her thoughts.she looked at her phone.lacey.she dried her hand and answered.''is he gone,girl?''lacey was always right to the chaser.''yeah.bout half an hour ago.''''how you feelin?''brenda paused and listened to the music.''it hurts SO bad...maybe i did the wrong thing.people change,lacey.''''but people change for them not can't force a tiger to change those stripes.they use 'em to hide.donnie was a predator.he used you because he saw that weakness.''''but not all the time.we had our moments.when it was good it was dam good.''silence.''look don't start the rationalize phase.all you'll wanna do is think of shit to get him back in ya bed!own sad for a deserve it.don't feel like you jus gotta have him in your life.he fucked up.not you.i hear that dam maxwell,so finish your bath and call me back.''...

sweet surrender,pt 4

donnie looked at her and thought of the mistakes he'd made.he knew that her mind was made up.she would listen to his apologies in the past but this time she seemed different.he was determined not to let her slip away.''brenda all i need is a lil time to~''his phone went off.brenda shook her head and sipped the hot java.''time to wat,donnie?make up your mind on if my happiness is worth givin up your bullshit and workin together?problem is BRENDA doesn't have that luxury.go make ya lil weed run.''she sat her cup down,walked to the front door and opened it.''please don't make this harder than it is,''she said choking back her sorrow.he walked to where she was standing.he looked at her as she avoided his stare.''imma do'll see...i'm sorry.''he moved to kiss her but she leaned away.''just leave...please.''he walked through the door and she quietlly closed it.she leaned against the cold wood and listened as he walked down the stairs.the show was over now.the tears began to flow in heavy streams that poured down her brown cheeks and made warm droplets on her feet.she turned the lock and slid down to the floor.her body shook from the cries of heartache that she let had to be marked her new tomorrow...

the apprentice,pt 23

the look on boone's face was no doubt priceless yet chase had grown weary of the game.the smell of burned flesh brought him out of the he walked out of the diner,he thought of how he actually missed tamika.the way she listened to him.glued to every word he said about her or the things he experienced.he wanted to see her but the timing was bad.he vowed to make time as soon as this mess was under control.he walked to the cobra and got in.he started up and peeled away from the madness.he pulled to the edge of the drive and slammed on the brakes.''you gotta be fuckin kiddin.''he got out and walked to the wallet lying open on the ground.he picked it up and a few coins dropped from the worn piece of leather.he pulled out the license.''mama get the peanuts,here's my pigeon.''he looked through the money and found a twenty with specks of blood on it.he shoved the wallet in his pocket and got back into his ride.''which way we goin boys?talk to me.''he looked up and down the street.he decided to turn left,driving away from the city.he looked into the rear view mirror watching the diner get smaller.''lets hope i'm rite about this.everybody needs a break...even fucked up morons.''he turned on the radio and drove...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

alphabet lover

she is the beautiful angst that fuels my soul~in the midst of my pride,her hand seeks out my countenance.a smile,warm and frieghtening,beckons me~pulls me into the inky white sea which is my being...i succomb and dance to the syncopated rhythm of her mastery over me.we talk as music plays out scenes devoted to that which must be created.fuzzy...yet they glow with an intense dull pain.i know the pleasure well...the sweet perfume of vowels and phrases has become her calling card.i dare not blink,for she shall fade~leaving me with the stench of a thousand i succomb...i succomb.delight me with words devine for nothing satisfies as sweet.slowly,her gaze turns to sour cries of sorrow...she must leave life will stand still~yearning for her birth once more.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

dance of the drunken reaper

feeding upon the souls of life once pure~they laugh.a sinister regurgitation of yore that curdles the skin.i hear them in my dreams and cry out...but alas~once more the fanged smiles have found me and lock in on the mockery of my deliverance...with feet as fast as tar,my escape,meticulously planned,has come full circle.the habitation of childhood haunts,stands before me as a collector...inside,they heckle the only ounce of decency i can train of thought is broken.visions of crimson,blue and gold return me to that night...the forbidden conversations with tattered flesh~searing,raking the stench of false hope throughout my mind.the pain is to much to bare~yet the courageous beating in my chest,extends a lifeline to memories untold.sleep well my children,for darkness is your eternal awakening.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

sweet surrender,pt 3

''wat happened to second chances?''that was a laugh.brenda couldn't believe this man sat next to her and had the nerve to talk about forgiveness.she had overlooked so many of his transgressions she'd lost count.yet here he was with those soft brown eyes looking for ball four.''donnie this isn't a life isn't a revolving door that turns only for you.i have needs that go beyond a wet pussy.''he tried to hold her hand and she moved away.the coffee was ready and she got a cup from the dishwasher.''can we start fresh,baby.i'll make it rite.i'll even get a job.''his voice was sincere.but this is what always got her.that shred of hope.''no.this is it, crossed the line...and i don't think you can change.''''man look,fuck the corner.i won't do it.i'll get a 9 ta 5 gig and make us that wat you want?''the thug is what actually turned her on about him.but it all went wrong.lacey had warned her but all she saw was sexy,cocoa donnie.'' don't even know what i want.''she poured a cup of coffee,put in her sugar and cream and walked to the bedroom.she felt him follow her.they both sat on the edge of the bed.''i'm gonna take a shower,''she said sipping her brew.''when i come out you need to be gone.''...

sweet surrender,pt 2

''i'm fuckin human,bree!don't do this to us.''brenda turned back to the window and stared out.she knew that all donnie needed was an opening.the blink of an eye,a tear,hesitation in speech.he'd find that chink in the armour and rush in for the kill.she walked away moving to the kitchen and the sanctity of succulent java.he followed her every move as she made the brew.''now i'm a dam magnet,huh?''she turned on the coffee maker and sat down.''ok tell me,donnie.since you insist on trailin me like a puppy,enlighten me on why you had to fuck my sister.''the chocolate man leaned on the island between them and put his head in his hands.since she put it in such blunt terms,he wasn't sure of how to come back.''ya see sweetie?sounds jacked up when ya hear it from another source.don't it?''''baby it's not all cut and dry as you think!we were drunk,we'll i was drunk.''brenda stared at him,arms folded and void of emotion.''so drunk means fuck the closest thing around?''she rubbed her eyes.''how do you think i felt when lacey told me?i had to hear that shit from my best friend.and she told me not ta fuck wit you!''''man,lacey don't like me anyway!she wanted to see~''''she wanted to see me HAPPY FOR ONCE!''donnie sat on the other bar stool...

ravine hill,pt 14

he heard strains of an old church hymn in the seemed eerie and surreal the way it punched at the chanting of the children.''pay no attention to that shit baby.fuck your wife and settle into your future.''leon felt his dick grow and his mind giving in to the sordid thoughts the voice put into play.''you're not ann.''''i'm ann in every way lover.i know you like me ridin that fat cock of yours.only she knows that...give it to me husband.''the children sang.the church song loomed in the distance.he heard his daughter brenda,her voice sweet and strong,calling out to him.''i like it,daddy.let's do it.''he looked at the hollow eyes and needle fangs of his wife.''this is our house.i feel it baby.we can do so much.''he turned his head and saw the mortician standing in a corner.his rubber gloves and leather apron covered in dirt and blood.he held an embalming rod that was connected to his mouth with a yellow rubber tube.''JESUS NOOO!''leon yelled in fear.he looked down at the pen in his hand.''wats wrong mr.douglas?just sign the agreement and the house is yours.''the realtor's hand rested on his shoulder.he looked at ann and brenda.''i think we'll keep looking ms.jones,''he said dropping the pen.''we'll keep lookin.''FIN

the apprentice,pt 22

chase pulled out the small plastic bag again.''am i the only one that sees the incompetence of chow's crew?''he put the silver piece in the bag and handed it to sherry.''prints.i need em fast,like up to it?''sherry rolled her eyes.''of course.i'm not a fragile little toy.'''' me when you get somethin.''he winked and was on his way.his mind raced thinking of the possible reasons the evidence was left in places so obvious yet not picked up.''chase.''he turned to the voice.boone was walking towards him.he wasn't in the mood and this wasn't the time.he needed to think.drama was the last thing on the wish list.''anderson...just wanna know.''it was a sad,pathetic excuse for an wasn't going to make it easy.''c'mon boy you can do it.''he held his hand up as if holding a treat.''you want a beggin strip?''boone took a stance but thought about it.''you'll always be a smart azz,huh?''''much better than a dumb azz.look i know you mean well.apology accepted.that better?but rite now i need to focus on this shit at hand.''boone smirked and shook his head.''we'll talk.go do you.''''funny phrase.that's all i can be.''chase walked away looking at the scene.''oh,tell tamika i said hey.''...

sweet surrender

brenda looked out her bedroom window at the falling leaves of autumn.the subtle hints of red,orange and yellow calmed her nerves and seemed to help take her mind off the situation at hand.''so wat you sayin is that you want me out of your life?''she heard the words repeated to her and she was sure of what they meant.that wasn't the case with donnie.''baby that's kinda harsh,don't cha think?''she tossed the words around in her head.yes it was harsh,but necessary if she wanted to move on with her life.the time she spent with him had become a big series of unfortunate events that he always seemed to slither out of with cunning and grace.she turned to him and looked into the soft brown eyes that had hooked her.she fought back tears as she let her hand touch the face which made her melt.the lips that gave her screaming was time.''donnie,wat you did was wrong.i really can't blame it all on you,but it has to start somewhere.maybe i gave you to much power over me...i have to start over.''''so you can just throw wat we have away?just pack it up neatly and make believe we don't belong together?''brenda smiled and breathed deeply.''you gave us up, made the choice to do wat you did.not me.''...