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Saturday, June 23, 2012


i say 
got dam what a rush!
leaning back
taking in sensations
from friday night libations 
while visions 
of bouncing round  
tickle my retinas
under the cover of night.
moonbeams cast sneaky shadows
and the sounds 
of street life
pour in 
through slightly opened windows.
the purr 
of perfection
from your kitty 
licks my magic wand
and we dance beyond
the highest of highs
on a journey
to the little death.
we seek it,
desire it
and provoke
 the sticky goodness
that will overtake us
to ram our heads 
into the sweet shivers
that it shall bring.
gymnastic flow
as we challenge each other
and settle 
on the pace
that will usher in
the beginning of ecstasy.
you and me
are free to be
yet we choose to be
stroke for stroke
while my dog 
chases your cat...
baby use that sacroiliac
and push the ass back
so i can
do a bill cosby
while you jiggle and wiggle.
as the intensity increases
our speed decreases
and i grip
while you gobble
the very essence
which flows in white.
it spray paints 
your pink cashmere~
so soft,strong and light.
tremors and shakes
while we collapse
and gently come down
from the euphoria
that we just captured
in a jar.


  1. so i can do a bill dog chasing your cat...nice man...this is hot...and some fun along the way as well...smiles.

  2. Thanx Bri! Always appreciate you taking the time to give some insight!

  3. "...which flows in spray paints your pink cashmere..."....brilliantly sexy...