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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

schoolhouse blues in C

in the eatery
blood stained trees,
already dead from the process,
cry out
from the burden they bear.
went the shots
of deranged youth gone wrong
and the beat
goes Sonny & Cher
as the harlot
feasts upon eternity.
insanity in bloom
is the norm now.
for whom
does the bell toll
when cut down in the prime
of a life
which will fade with time?
They drop like flies
as mamas cry.
 laughter tinged
hum a sing,song tale
touting emotionless
hymns they've learned so well.
the tears stream,
from flesh of flesh
left behind 
to sink
what should not be.
screaming questions
drenched in an aftermath
that calls from souls lost
and futures hushed.
there is no search 
for rationale needed.
 only understanding
of the twain
which whispered 
words of death
to a tormented mind.
a sinister smile
from one so young...
while the ground mourns,
rivers flow
and the women weep.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

tales of the conversion

last night 
entered his waking moment,
burning a new horizon
into sleep ladened
arise and grind 
entered his mind
as the caramel coated princess
lay peacefully beside him.
trembling hands 
trace the beckoning call
that screams 
from the outline
of six by six~
supple and firm.
wet and hot,
 peaks of chocolate 
introduce themselves,
to red desire
that sucks eagerly,
from vanilla steel,
trying to draw the life essence
which has never been  present.
their job is to please,
tease and squeeze
the arrogance
of pleasure
from loins 
hot and bothered.
silky moans of good morning
escape licked lips
which ooze
with the remnants
of the fifth days booze.
involuntary grinds
beneath sheets of satin
send messages 
to erotic centers
set for action.
she straddles
and situates 
anticipating satisfaction.
they dance  
in yin yang 
cookie dough
as cream filling 
is injected into cream filling.
smiles all around...
round three 
will be one to remember.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

midnight in the pajama grove

i knew the moment
she stepped from the shower~
smelling of jasmine 
and vanilla
that my night 
would be the candy coated
that plagued my mind
all week.
she climbed onto our chariot 
to wonderland
like a prized stallion.
her confidence
seeped forth
and covered my candy bar
with soft kisses, 
long licks
which i gobbled down
with eager eyes.
organ grinder
with a cup of me
the monkey's on the move
and her lips
create the music
i need to burst free...
steam heat,
i got it
you got it
skin tight algebra 
there's nothing like it.
a dance in the moonlight
is our claim 
to dastardly fame.
epidermal enchantment
by ecstatic 
she looks at me with
eyes aflame.
now i have to prove
the flame 
we've kindled 
can burn~
salsa hot.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a song for nippy

can you see her?
close your eyes
and allow
the beautiful bright smile,
pony tails,
to fade into view.
can you hear her
honing her craft~
until the tender age of eleven  
and that first solo 
with the church choir?
now imagine the voice 
of an angel~
set forth on gossamer 
wings of desire...
soaring through hearts
that pound syncopated beats
while the child of promise
delivers a message
to them all.
"i will be heard."
she shook the world
with a soprano gift
that captured the minds and souls
of all that drank
her musical sonnets.
yet with powerful 
and commanding
to charm the senses,
her soul was solemn.
behind eyes of innocence
lurked the one frailty
we all endure...
where did her broken heart go
to find refuge?
was it able to fend off
the slings and stones
formed by the solitude
built over time?
was it able to defer the attacks
borne of insecurity
and misunderstanding?
all that's left,
is the memory 
of star spangled pageantry
and the hope of joy in the morning.
the slight child,
with voice so captivating...
now a flicker
on the horizon of yesterday.
sleep well dear princess
and awaken to harmonize
with those
that have arrived before you.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

down by the river

side by side 
as the sounds 
of the muddy water slides
outside the beat up pinto.
your thighs 
soft and supple,
chocolate truffle
is the flavor of your
soft and sweet.
moonbeams shimmer
off the surface of the brown 
and our hearts 
like a rock 
tossed through havoc
across a surface
with the ripples
we cause in the fabric
that is our lust.
you kiss,
i nibble.
you moan
and whisper
"are we alone?"
yes my sweet
and the amazing feat
that must follow
is the sound of your sighs
mingled with groans
and backwards cries.
so as my tongue
traces your lower heaven,
you remind me
that it's way past eleven.
 you should have been home
in bed
with dreams of sticky orgasms
dancing through your head.
i smile~
krispy kreme on my face
and return
to the daring deed...
let me quicken the pace.
mr. owl says,"hoo"
no, you 
are the one 
with trembling legs...
and the water flows,
and the water knows.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

daydream #69

and no doubt delicious,
a butter pecan treat~
borne of fantasies
drenched in wet sex
a delicacy 
enticing and destined
for me to eat.
jade green and yellow
clinging to a road map
so smooth...
to peel it,taste it.
my eyes deliver a message
that tingles
the jungle in me,
the primate in me,
Heaven forbid
the naughtiness to be.
oh if it were just that
a clandestine meet and greet
in a smoke filled club.
the thump,thump,thump
of string bass
and fueling
the ka-thump,ka-thump
of desire in my chest.
red,red wine
setting the precedence
for our post midnight
orgy of the senses.
do dreams come true?
with time and patience 
and some common sense
to help make sense...
but your heart 
belongs to another.
now i must tantalize 
your soul.