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Saturday, April 28, 2012

minuet in g major

she felt 
the look in his eyes.
it burned with a scalding
that pierced her soul
and created 
that needed to be climbed.
the dinner
was just formality
for what she had wanted
since he arrived late.
her agenda matched his
so the check was agreed upon.
lady cab driver
and smiling,
as the night glides by.
sensation starts 
in the yellow lane
and spills onto the street
as jackson 
needs no change.
it pours.
there's something sexy
about rain...
so the front stoop
to the beat
of no refrain.
hand up skirt,
finding soft and wet
while the heavens release
she proceeds with no regret.
the neighbors are watching,
from the building next door
but their lust is in control
he doesn't care anymore.
her lips part
as his tongue
sweet release.
lower the search goes
until lips meet lips.
horizontal and vertical
unite in a hurricane of frenetic
soaking in the residue
of the dastardly deed,
they collapse exhausted
while raindrops
wash away
any remaining guilt.

Monday, April 23, 2012

i saw your face

i saw your face,
fleeting and serene.
a testimony
to the devotion
that flowed from my heart
i heard
your heart...
it took on the shape
of all i wanted
yet i knew you not
in the form 
that so many are used to.
we talked 
and talked
of those things you would do.
how you would
change the very fiber
of this hell
we inhabit~
the dawn 
of a new me
as twilight 
engulfed what i had become.
you were the embodiment
that i shied from
yet the release
my soul yearned for.
but fate 
has a fickle sense
of humor.
the pain was unbearable
as i felt you
pouring out of me.
from the depths 
i cried out...
my pleas became
that begot questions
which had no sensible answer
and you were gone.
the smile, 
that i never saw,
was snatched away
leaving me with the image
of what could have been...
i saw your face
and you were me.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

tangled tan

so wet and piston hot,
dripping profusely
from the tip
of your nose 
as you work
the pole.
you dance like a tigress
in the throws
and purr
like a kitten
that knows
her moment of truth
is just around the bend.
lift it up 
and slide it down
that ass
is a work of art
so round and brown.
the heat 
we generate
is a check it
and see
one hundred and three
and rising
as we change
and you look back
at me.
i smack the bread
and watch it jiggle,
watch it wiggle
but this ain't
as we finagle
the next round of brazilians.
the arch of your back
calls out to me
and i answer
with saturated
that inhales
salty sweetness.
i listen to satisfaction
pomegranate lips
and land 
on the psyche
of my voracity.
you tumble down
and soon
i'm following after.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

surrogate sensations

loud and wild,
drove her from the shadow
of safety
and into the welcoming 
anger was the catalyst
but pain 
would be the ignition
for her desires.
she drove
with furious speed
throwing wind 
into the face of caution,
to do the daring deed
that would calm her nerves
once more.
she fell
into arms
soft and sweet...
laced with the perfume
of times past,
they explored.
vertical and horizontal
meet in a wet embrace
that sends chills,
warm and moist,
through pleasure peaks
firm with anticipation.
her tender tongue
teased a need
for total
faster and faster,
lady in the boat
while torrid scenes
pull sighs
from their throats.
she must forget,
she must not regret
the reason
her climax explodes
before womanly eyes
leaving salty trails
on creamy thighs.
gin and juice
dulls the senses
yet the reason she came
was to come
and that she did.
but naked laments 
fill their souls
as the reason for the
remains the same.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

into the void

enticing and arousing
the core of me,
like a computer,
sent browsing
for the ever sweet
and delicate dousing
you gave to me.
it was hard
it was insane
pure madness
yet total genius
all the same,
i was caught up 
in your game
a rose from heaven
but yet no name,
did you give...
but it was all relative
to the fact 
that once 
our eyes met
it was entirely kismet
that you and i
were meant to be
like salt water and fresh
at the middle 
of the sea.
your mind played
and you wanted to run
your soul was still grieving
from the past deeds
you've done.
the night we shared
was oh so rare.
a gemstone,
honed from one so fair.
your touch was 
and mesmerizing,
a radiating
that kept my libido rising
and our bodies writhing...
so why did you
tattered and lame,
pain in every membrane
yet the only thing which remains
is the memory
of your smile.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


she peered
into the desires 
at the base of my
and tiptoed 
through their confusion.
my wish
was her every command...
borne of
pubescent fire
that burned incessantly 
in the recesses 
that i hold true.
her hands,
firm but gentle,
searched my temple 
for signs of arousal
that would 
signal the need for release.
lips of red
the wooden monster
that her presence
had created.
throbbing and hot,
her upper valley
onto member maniacal
throwing order
to the wind
and ushered in
the dawn of pleasure.
she did the apple dance
as my will to withhold
and turned to ash
under her enchantment.
i felt the sweet
approach of soldiers
as her softness
sent chills
through heated flesh.
i lurched forward
as the men in white
mounted a charge...
and she
with wetness
to heed the advance.
with back arched
and twins in motion,
we sing a song
of completion
as she 
wisps away,
leaving me 
drained yet fulfilled.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sweet bait for sigmund's monkey

this time
it would be different,
you told me in confidence.
from the depths 
of your soul
like liquid fire.
it was radiant
and pure...
as if you were a new
borne into an old skin.
we reveled 
in the fresh opportunity
which presented itself
so boldly.
but old habits
are like new lovers.
they fade into view,
bringing with them
hope laced with familiarity.
piece by piece
the understanding,
which was under construction,
falling into the crumbs
of the you
i remember so well.
void and incapable
of passion or reason.
staring into the blackness,
that is your identity,
all that peers back
is that which always was...
the past,
tearing at your
calling your name.
one must step away
to find
who will search for them
in their absence.
i reluctantly
from your
trail of delicacies...
you won't follow
creation you birthed.