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Saturday, May 26, 2012


birthday boy
was in for the time
of his score and five 
the office 
was just a speed bump.
the real work
was about to go down
with the assistance
of decadent delights
by those he trusted.
neon hot,
the sweat dripped 
and hands were wrung
in nervous anticipation.
his cherry 
was about to explode.
popped tops
on bottles of ciroc
flowed endlessly
until the main event...
dimmed lights
screamed her arrival
and she strutted
like the prized stallion of yore.
her intro blasted
with bass beats
and delicate
that made the eyes roam,
men's mouths foam
and women moan
because they wanted her too.
she owned the stage
as every curve
and dip of her 
mocha honey
made the lookers
toss that money...
and it rained 
as she reigned.
git on the dance floor!"
he had never seen 
a sexy girl like her
and roger agreed
he watched 
as she swayed her hips
jumped on the pole
and puckered her lips
to blow a kiss
only for him.
tag team...
she couldn't be touched
so a deal was made.
two girls were paid
and dance on his lap
they did
until he jerked and jizzed.
she leaned over, 
licked the pole
and sashayed
into a fade to black
as her assets
thanked him
for coming.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

how deep

that was the number
that marked my existence
when it hit me.
that warbled bass line,
syncopated guitar chops
and smooth silky soul.
i was in the back seat 
of my brother's 
banana yellow
'69 cutlass supreme,
on the road to nowhere,
when you sang
about how much she meant
to you.
all the lies and heartache,
the pain 
that you endured
just to love someone 
until you died.
you were talkin'
to me.
my young ears
gobbled up the hurt
like biscuits and gravy.
for i was in the same situation
as you~
love struck and confused.
a new york mining disaster
of sorts.
yet you pulled me out
with ease.
a switch that had me
snapping and bobbing
to the fever pitch 
of a saturday night
and wandering,
when the time was right,
how deep her love for me 
really was.
hugging bell bottoms
and fly collar shirts,
straight hair or afros
on the girls in mini skirts.
your signature was there,
soaring high in falsetto 
that had us all abuzz...
your reflection
must have been lonely
and beckoned 
for your companionship.
twins are so close...
they have that love until you die
that you sang so well.
the flowing locks,
tight harmony
haunting melodies
will always remain.
oh my friend,
you'll never know
what you meant to me.

Friday, May 18, 2012

summer breeze

life is a waterfall...
pouring indefinitely,
yet definite,
in the determination
of our lives.
the pieces
which represent yesteryear,
are fleeting.
memories entrenched
in musical messages
leave us sweet images
which we cherish
as a refreshing wisp
on a scorching day...
her sultry voice
on a summer night~
erotic and enticing.
laying peacefully,
wanting to be wrapped
in the essence of one.
she told me it was normal
to have love for you.
that soothed my mind
and set me free.
your bad girl status
was of no concern.
you had what i wanted
i had what you needed
spend on you
i did indeed...
the Queen
said all was noble,
so i obeyed
the golden toned diva.
life is a waterfall...
and hers began to run dry.
denial into legendary walls
brought tears of doubt.
the light began a gradual fade
to gray.
she heard the calls
from those flying before her.
they came from near and far.
her services were required
on high.
Etta, Whitney and Donna
a homecoming
in three part harmony.
don't forget the capezio's...
Michael saved the last dance
for you.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

that's when you knew

that long march 
to the squat bush...
tears rolling,snot bubbling.
it had to be 
sturdy and strong.
the sound 
had to cut through thin air
and leave your skin
crawling with pain
upon contact.
that's when you knew
she couldn't love you.
that piece of cake,
pushing away 
and doubting 
that lover
who was yours to take,
throwing heels
that defied gravity
to find the hardness
of your head.
that's when you knew
she couldn't love you.
not buying that outfit
or those gold colored
chuck taylor's
you saw on everyone's feet.
food that tasted good
but having it everyday
until next sunday.
a negative remark
at every turn...
she had to be the devil's daughter.
yet when 
there was no one
to dry your tears
after that lover beat you,
she was there.
when you put on pounds
from the german chocolate,
she told you 
how beautiful
you'd become.
when you disciplined
her grand entrance,
the sound of her voice
made you shiver...
because it came from you.
the temptation
of buying into the joneses
and becoming
a carbon copy...
it never crossed your mind.
feeding hungry little mouths,
on next to nothing,
was a simple reciprocal,recipe
while her words
rang out in your soul.
now as she sits
with pepper and platinum
you realize
 it was all because
she does love you.
a sacrifice of friendship
for respect,
that made you the person
you are today.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the plight of little peach

the price was set,
yet the look
of stone upon his face
was never broken.
nine sharp 
or he would no longer consider
being a savior.
the crisp,clean lines 
and edges 
of armani
all she needed to know.
there would be no time 
for sorrow.
she walked through
the marketplace
eyeing tasty treats
and sweet meats
while visions of a golden sunset
gently reminded little peach
of nocturnal necessities.
brilliant lies
had gotten her thus far
but the encounter ahead
would soon turn childhood
into a woman
and allow her to feed
a weeping future.
her stomach roared
while her heart pounded
silent screams
that drowned out the reality 
of her emptiness.
"you will be nothing."
abandonment and shame...
yet she had to be something
for them.
she mouthed the rules
as she walked into the devil's den.
white faced
for a special event,
forty-two kay yen.
was it enough?
 more honor
would be left at the door
as she disrobed.
"anata wo shiawase ni agetai desu."
a wicked grin
spread across his face.
she was on time
and wanted to make him happy.
all he wanted
was his money's worth
before the horrendous smelling incense
burns out.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


she waited 
until the fire in her belly
roared with unimaginable anger.
this habit he had
of toying 
with the flame
had to end.
midday phone calls,
while he inquired 
about the details, 
that would 
send shivers 
along the base of her spine.
the sounds of business as usual
in the background
while he waxed the wood
and listened 
to her moan in stereo.
a quick promise
would lead to fantastic
drenched in indescribable
that she dare not change...
because she likes it.
the minute hand
would pull the hour hand
and the delay
always seemed to land
her in need.
speed cop, nurse.
this time paris 
would set the scene 
as he walked in.
but nevermore
kissed her psyche
once more,
pushing the desire for touch
through the roof.
soft egyptian
cradled her thighs,
she closed her eyes
and entered the region
traveled by shakes and quakes.
all at once
her back arches 
like the golden copy
and she is served...
thick and juicy.
her noble steed arrives
but she has started without riding him.
but that will be rectified
when he sees
the invitation
she wears.