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Saturday, August 25, 2012

el amor que nunca fue

when i looked into your eyes
on that fateful day,
there was no hint 
of utter disaster.
the only thing 
which stood proud
 and prominent
seemed to be the promise
of  eternity.
but who is here
to care for me
when the hurt surrounds
like predators
waiting to devour 
any residue
that was left?
can i
roll over
 to the warm spot
that still whispers your name
and plead my case?
or must i
take solace
in the fact
that you once gave me
empty vouchers
for yesterday's love?
the tears
have turned bitter...
once the sole reminder
that kept remorse
from rotting
our memories.
but now that i see no use
in the redeeming value
brought on by thinking,
i gladly surrender
and give my sanity
to the wind.
for the truth
will always remain
within the walls
of my soul.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

the hooded spectre and groovy dude

where are you?
the dear to me days 
of nostalgic laughter
have slithered
into the nether regions
by the hoarse cries
spewed from grape monkeys.
snaggled lions
and inch high detectives
roam about,
searching for the door
that will lead them
to prominence
once more.
cute sidekicks
and overly endowed 
womanly animation
whisper their desires
while i formulate plans
to see them all.
"don't forget us...we're here."
yet all that remains
are the bones 
of an art form
once revered.
stilted movement
encased by insane plots.
so few are worthy...
they carry the seed of a new world
formulated in apathy
and forged in grief.
what say you 
to this brave new generation
deprived of the joy 
once known 
every six days?
modern stone age
shouts and giggles
that no longer resonate 
with the network crowd.
i search,
i surf
until my fancy
indulges in that which is pure.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

dance of the light fantastic

hear the invisible
that cries out
begging to be replaced
as the owner of my heart.
eternal salt lines
caked and at the ready
to be questioned
about the rationale
which is my being.
emotionless stares
into the depths
of a meager 
while my soul shouts
drenched in hallelujah
wanting the interaction
to be real.
a tangible impossibility
that kisses
my depression
and soothes 
the savage desire...
to give in.
burdened in black,
hoovering with droplets 
of pain,
the One of ancient
is my covering
so alone
i strive.
treading temptation
while being the mirror
for things expected,
my walk upon water
is tepid...
but much is required
to break free
from that which binds

Saturday, August 4, 2012

and on the 6th day

carnival barker
back door libido cries out
to hark her
desire for the morning wood.
the scintillating escapades
waiting to be borne
as coffee perks,
he slowly jerks
and the dog yawns 
in the corner.
a hint of gray
peeks through 
half open blinds
but the day ahead
is farthest from their minds
since five 
have been laid to rest.
jolts their resolution
so the only solution
is to climb 
back into bed,
indulge in simultaneous head
until the rooster crows
and the kitty knows
that a wet spot
is not far behind.
so the day's start
is put on hold 
as bodies writhe 
to heights untold.
canine injection
with sighs of affection...
she can feel it,
he can feel it
but can they deal with
the mounting eruption
that lies ahead?
she tells him to hurry
as the moans begin
and he thrusts again
sending jolts of pleasure
through her brain.
joe gets spilled
but the heat can't compare
to the cream filling
she ingested.