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Sunday, January 30, 2011

the understanding

i remember it well~the nights that slipped by in the deaf hours of morning...her hands,warm and worn,stroking away the fears...teaching me,in that thick island drawl which controlled her as time died.letting me know that in the vapors between heaven and hell,you were still relevant...breathing memories sufficient for the seperation i endured upon your ascension.a tiny heart,encased in a fleshy box of tears,struggling to rationalize the void.i would smell the musky traces of visitation and yearn for the comfort of ancient times~yet my heartbeats are set and i dare not search the unknown...i never belived~until i saw you bedside me on the shore,years later.yet you weren't there...only your soul and comforting words.

ravine hill,pt 10

''daddy wats wrong?why you sound like that?''stuart said nothing as he stared at his daughter.his breathing was labored.she couldn't see the saw in his hand and the blood smeared all over his body.''where's mama and tracy?''the small girl asked.''why were they screaming?''''they was sick child.''leon's body shook rapidly.''how was they sick daddy?was it the ravage?''stuart began to weep.''you got it too,tricia.we talked about it.remember?''''NO DADDY!I'M FINE.''''no ya not sweetie.we all got it.that's why we can't sleep at night,always hungry.can't figure out wat ta eat or's the house.''she was blind but she heard him walking towards her.she began to scream and tried to run.stuart grabbed her and threw her to the floor.''YOU AIN'T MY CHILD ANYMORE!''the fleshy cord throbbed on leon's head.ann prayed.stuart slammed the tool into patricia and began cutting her into pieces.her arm wiggled and crawled leaving black blood as it moved.he held her by the throat as her skin smoked and became charred.her teeth turned into razor sharp needles.she hissed and bit at her father.''god forgive me,''stuart whispered as he began to saw her head off.leon wept.the thing on his face stopped bouncing and melted into a foul goo...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

the apprentice,pt 18

john let the water run through his hair and braced himself on the shower wall.he looked at the dirt and grime swirl down the drain.he so wished his soul would do the same.the emptiness that consumed him daily was like a vice on his brain.constantly reminding him to kill,mutilate,slice.he stepped from the shower.''eww!could you wait til i'm off the crapper!?''billy said taking a drag from his newport.''those things'll kill should consider quitting.''billy grunted,wiped fast and jumped into the shower.he didn't flush the toilet.john stood for a long moment looking in the mirror at the water dripping from his hair.''you're a trifling young man,william,''he stated as he pushed the toilet handle down.''it's amazing that anyone would ever take a liking to you.that's why i teach you.''''HUH?!''the water was running loudly.john grabbed a towel and wrapped himself.he walked into the motel room and sat on the wasn't often,but he was actually horny.the memory of touching angie was still fresh.he was handling his dick when a knock at the door startled him.''YEAH?!''no answer.he reached for his pants on the bed,pulled out his heater and walked to the door.he looked through the peep hole to see a sexy blonde.''want company?''...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 17

tina pulled up outside her friends house.she slammed the car into park and made a mad dash for the english tudor.she felt more tears welling up but controlled herself.she pushed the doorbell feverisly.after a few seconds,gail pulled the door open.''oh my God,girl wat happened?!''tina pushed past her and closed the door.''william...he's tryna kill me.''gail helped her move to the sofa and sit down.''dam did he shoot you?''''yes...i don't know wat to do.he just went crazy.he came home from work and was angry about somethin that happened.''gail was walking away as she talked.''go on girl,i hear you.just gettin some towels.''''like i said,he went crazy...he was...''tina stopped suddenly when she saw a pair of shoes by the door.williams favorite work shoes.''gail?...''she stood and spun around to look for anyone.''that's ok,gail.imma take care of it myself.''she wasn't sure what was happening,but she had to get away.she ran to the door and snatched it open.her mouth opened in a silent scream.''hey baby.goin somewhere?''william slipped a six inch hunting knife into her throat and pushed her back into the house.gail walked out with the towels.''i'll help u clean that up,''she said watching the blood pour.''what are friends for?''FIN

the apprentice,pt 17

sherry wasn't going to stop,but the crows feasting on a body made her pull over.she calmly took out her glock and opened the door.she looked all around.before she stepped to the body.the trucker's head lay open like a watermelon.the birds spread their wings and fought over brain matter and flesh.she put a hand over her face and moved to the diner.she took a deep breath,braced herself,and pushed through the door.angie lay in the same spot.smoke had started to pour from the kitchen.sherry walked around the counter to see the owner's smoking head and the body in a pool of blood.the smoke detector snapped on and made her swing in that direction.she heard a faint cry.she kept the gun trained ahead as she walked back into the serving area.another whimper.she moved to angie's body.''plee....hel me.''came faint words.she put her weapon away and crouched over the woman.her back was drenched in red.''hang on sweetie.''her phone rang and she snatched it up.''need a favor,lady,''chase asked smoothly.''this is bad,real bad.''anderson got up and moved to the exit as he spoke.''wats wrong?hubby?''''no,bay,how fast can you get to the potluck diner?''chase was already starting the cobra.he peeled into traffic.''consider me there.''...

ravine hill,pt 9

leon locked the hatch.they heard the man ranting about killing them so they wouldn't infect other people.then his voice faded away.they sat in the dim moonlight shining through an overhead window.ann checked her wound.''LOOK!''she said tapping leon for his attention.the cut was slowly healing.even material was mending itself.''wat the fuck is goin on?''leon wondered aloud.the room shook violently then stopped.a bright glow bathed the room in yellow.the confused couple shielded their eyes from the light.the yellow hue faded and a child stood off in a corner.she was dressed in black.the clothes she wore seemed old from another era.she pointed to a black box that spun slowly around.the voices of the children singing came back once more.the child screamed in pain and disappeared.the box spun.''wat the hell...wat else can happen?''leon got up.''baby no.i don't feel rite about it.''he kissed her gently and moved to the floating black square.a fleshy cord shot from the cube and embedded in his forehead.the box morphed into a black spider like creature,pulled itself onto his face and wrapped around his head.ann screamed as she watched leon struggle and then slowly give in to the bouncing thing.his body shook as he dreamed...

make u wet

i know what you like...the feel of my tongue as it glides up thighs of golden brown.the trail of salt drying as i come closer to your heaven...pushing your legs back to explore the soft sweet lips that draw my senses into a whirlwind of delight...i savour the taste of your passion as it drips out and coats my moan an grip the sheets~beckoning me onward with the thrust of your i can feel the intensity of the explosion which you hide deep threatens to escape and you tell it to wait...yet i urge its face is sticky and coated with the fruit of your love.your hands find my neck and you push,push deeper against my slide downward wrapping around me like a vice and pull me in...your sugar melts from the heat of my extension and we groan while dancing.the music in our heads keeps the same time~up,down,up,down it goes until the eruption cascades over us and we mingle in the hot moist joining of our pleasure...i know what you like.can you say the same?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 16

tina swerved through a network of cars and trucks.she weaved in and out of the expressway traffic like a nascar pro.she had always complained about not liking to drive on the highway.this change of fate made her appreciate extreme speed.gail.she could get to her place fastest from the express.she could loose william and be there in 5 min.she tried to reach into the dash for her cheap back up phone.the pain in her arm was incredible as she tried to move.she looked at the dash.she was doing 70 with ease.she looked in the rear view.he was gone.''thank u,''she mumbled,relieved at william's absence.she pulled off at the exit to gail's and stopped the car.she got out her phone in pain,turned it on and called her friend.''hell naw,girl,wher you been?''''I NEED YOUR HELP!YOU AT HOME!?''''wat's wrong tee?!yeah i'm like two minutes away.i'll be there!''tina hung up and tossed the phone on the seat.she sped off towards bond hill and her friend.''oh...this shit hurts.''she said touching her arm gingerly.what could she say to gail?the truth or a well thought out lie?either way would be a challenge.she knew that gail understood how she felt about william.but to talk murder was talking a chance.her mind raced as she got closer...

the apprentice,pt 16

''no you didn't stutter.THAT'S the problem.the fact that you didn't hesitate means you had this scenerio worked out in that pretty lil head of yours for some time.''andrea pulled back a bit and looked at continued.''fact is,you don't really want wanna sample wanna get some dick so you can find out wat all the hype is about.see if you can tame mr.anderson.''blaque jerked her hand away from his hard dick.''you just don't get it do you?''she said looking at the table then back at him.''on the contrary,i get it ALL the time.that's why i know you fulla shit.i see how you and sherry go at it.simple cat wars.why not just drug me and have a menage a trois?it'd be easier.''''you think you all that,''andrea said through clenched teeth.she slid out of the booth and stood next to chase.he looked up at her.''i didn't say a grabbed MY dick.i didn't fondle yours.''''mutha~i'll catch you just don't get it.fuck u.''she stormed towards the door.''sorry i popped ya manhood,''he called after her.''can i be the boy next time?''she gave him the finger as she switched out the exit.he chuckled and pulled out the plastic bag again.he didn't want to but he had to call sherry.he needed inside help...

ravine hill,pt 8

''the attic.''''WAT?''''there ain't no way this shit is happening there!''ann made her way to the stairs with her husband.body parts and intestines lay twitching and squirming all about the house.after making their way to the center of the upstairs hall,leon reached for the door.a searing pain in his leg made him fall to his knees.ann bent to comfort him when the sound of horrid screaming caught their ears.they turned to see a child lying on the floor.her body mangled and strewn about.a man,holding a saw,covered in bits of flesh and blood,looked up at them.''I HAD TO!''he said moving towards them.''ann...get that door down.''''can he see us?''the man began to weep.''THEY ALL HAD THE RAVAGE!''''ann get the dam door NOW!''she jumped up,grabbed a rope that hung from the handle and pulled it down.a ladder came out.ann pulled leon up and pushed him onto the he struggled to get up,the man swung the saw at ann.she tried to avoid the blow but it took a slice into her arm.she kicked the man before his next swing and he fell over the railing onto the steps.''COME ON!''leon yelled and held his hand down.ann cried in pain as she climbed.she collapsed as leon pulled up the ladder.the man shouted.''YOU GOT IT TOO!''...

backwards cry

xanex...her dessert of choice.the main course of absolut and mango did nothing to ward off the demons that serenade would be so simple they had assured.yet now they come like clockwork-tick,tock,tock,tick legions of them sometimes rum and zoloft does the trick-they bare fanged grins and hold intellectual bouts of chatter.some of it-to much in her opinion-about...him.that darling little boy that had dreams of running through fields of forever and learning the intricate geometry of throwing a two fingered splitter.she entertained his talks at night when she wasn't taking a drag from a blunt or choosing her latest form of alcoholic indulgence...the demons remind her that it matters not what she claims to douse the flames...her soul and mind are filthy with the remains of tomorrow...her tears stream and she reaches out to hold the child that calls her mommy yet she has never held.he wails from the pain,wails from the pain and the life essence of his tragedy fills her...crimson and thick. nails of laughter sear her mind as the demons dance and sing his name.a hand full of any prescription-she downs.he bids her goodnight as his blood stained spirit ascends.this would be the sixth and final time they would talk.the burden of what she allowed was to much to bare.

b3st fri3nds,pt 15

she searched the tire well for the spare key.she was sure her husband didn't know it was there.she found it and fumbled to get in the door.''c'mon!''she said struggling.finally she slung open the door and slid in.she started the car,slammed her foot on the gas pedal and peeled out.dust and gravel flew up as she fish tailed out of the driveway.''FUCK YOU,WILLIAM!''she sped down the mid day streets not really knowing where to go.the bodies would be questioned by police and the only other place she had to go was to her inlaw's.they were never really fond of her.this would be the icing on her she thought of places to go,the sound of something hitting the car caught her attention.the sound was it came from inside.then another.''shit.''curiosity made her look in the rear view mirror.the pizza car was speeding towards her.william was driving with a nine hanging from the window.''you GOTTA be kiddin me!''tina pressed the gas harder and began to weave through the growing traffic that blocked her path to the expressway.she heard a crash and then felt a sharp sting in her shoulder.she felt the wetness flowing down her arm from the bullet wound.tears rolled again and she wondered who could help her stay alive...

the apprentice,pt 15

chase sat sat in a dark corner of the nugget bar.he nursed a glass of goose and looked at the evidence he'd found.''mind if i join?''he looked up to see andrea's piercing eyes.she flashed a slight smile.that was something new for her.''free country,i been wat cha want.''she slid into the booth next to looked at her.she was actually a beautiful woman.smooth brown skin,luscious lips and a wicked body.she just carried it so hard.''wat cha got there?''chase looked all around then back at the object in his hand.''oh you mean this?this little nothing that two forensic officers,a chief of staff and countless others walked over?''blaque shook her head and smiled.''yeah hard azz wat is it?''chase sipped his goose.'' i said.''andrea eyed the man that sat next to her.she hadn't been part of the force long but she was curious.all the talk and mystery had built up in her mind like dominoes waiting to be pushed.she moved closer,put her hand on his dick and kissed him.she parted his lips with her tongue and stroked his pipe getting it to press against his pants.she backed away breathing heavily from her taste of anderson.''so i take it you wanna fuck,''chase quipped.''did i stutter?''andrea licked her lips...

ravine hill,pt 7

leon used the blade in his hand to stab the image.the child looked down at the wound and let out a piercing scream of sorrow.she began to smoke and gradually floated away in ashes.the knife fell at leon's feet and turned into a reared back and opened its bared the rotten teeth of a rat.the voices of children came forth singing.''thirteen hundred ravine hill,hear your mommy and daddy squeal!thirteen hundred ravine hill,grab your saw and start to kill!''the song repeated over and over getting louder each time.''STOP IT!''ann stood and stomped the snake with both feet until it was a bloody mass of scaly flesh.leon grabbed his wife and hugged her.the creature hissed,turned and dove into the hole from which it came.entrails and oily black fluid was left in its wake.the eyeballs scurried about making faint screaming sounds as the couple stepped on them.there came a rumbling from the front yard.the whole house shook.'there can't be an earthquake in ohio!''leon reasoned as he limped and pulled ann to the door with him.upon opening,they stood frozen.the lawn was full of the undead.the half body of one corpse lunged at them.leon slammed the door on its head,smashing the rank contents across the floor...

Monday, January 24, 2011

the lips of a stranger

she told me i didn't look well...funny~i don't feel well either.yet this woman passing as a mere extra in scene six of my it.she peered through the inky black scars that surround my heart and saw a glimpse of the nothing that eats at my core.i smiled and reassured her that it was nothing.just fatigue from hours of work and lack of sleep...yet she shook her head and remained stern.she cupped my face and kissed my forehead...i watched her lips move but the words were in my mind~sometimes things are just what they are.lonliness is your companion...learn to accept her.information overload~in the form of brain freeze~caused me to shiver and i pulled away from her touch.i quickly gathered the thoughts she hadn't seen and tucked them away.she had no right to view them.yet i felt compelled to ask what more she knew.your time is near,she whispered,ready yourself and be what she needs you to be...but being selfish i screamed what about me?a soft hand and softer words~this is not how you reclaim yourself.flies are caught with honey.i smiled while she left as a vapor...leaving my soul in flux.

b3st fri3nds,pt 14

there was just no way she could look at the carnage in front of her.the ring of red was growing around vince's body.she knew that if she moved to much william would pick her off like a scared rabbit.the way out had to be fast and easy.something that would help her stay out of the line of fire.she leaned against the wall and then crawled on her knees under the window.she stayed low and crawled past the body of her lover.she started whimpering as she moved towards the bedroom door.the sound of glass breaking made her stop.she felt wetness pop onto her pants.she looked down thinking she was hit.another bullet hit the body spraying her with blood.she screamed and scrambled out of the room.she sat against the wall and tried to control her breathing.that's when she heard her phone was on the her heart she hoped it was her girlfriend darla.she would help.she took a deep suck of air and ran into the living room.she fell on the floor by the sofa and grabbed her phone.private number.''hello?!''she whispered.a long pause.''are you scared,bitch?you should be.imma do all i can to kill yo stank azz!''she threw the phone down and ran to the front door.she snatched it open and ran out to her car in the driveway...

the apprentice,pt 14

''now look wat you've gone and done,''john said shaking his head.''you've contaminated the crime scene.that's a mistake which is unforgiveable.''he pushed her back quickly,pulled out his gun and shot her twice.she fell backwards against the stools and counter.she cried out in pain.he landed one more shot in her back which pushed her to the floor.''can i finish it?''billy asked,raising the axe.''put it down,william.this isn't one to butcher.she had potential.but her puking all over the place would have gotten us dead...let's go.''''i'm hungry now.can we take the pie?''''leave it.''''but dammit i worked up an appetite! I deserve~''''YOU DESERVE TO GET A FUCKIN BULLET IN YOUR BRAIN!''john held the gun to the boy's head.he snatched the axe.''you're trying my patience,'s time to leave.never over stay your welcome.''they walked to the door and made their way out.a man had just pulled up and was walking away from his truck.''mornin's the eggs an~''john shot him in the head sending a spray of blood and flesh into the air.''food's good.service is dead.''john said with a smirk.he opened the door and tossed the axe onto the back seat.''can we get pizza or somethin?''john was silent as they peeled away

ravine hill,pt 6

the pain traveled through ann's leg like an electric wave.her toes felt numb and she could feel an icy undercurrent in her mind.''your faith is pathetic,''the beast whispered.''you will be greatly loved in the bowels of the lake.''ann whimpered in defeat.she watched leon trying to slice his flesh off.every thought of escape she had was torn to shreds by the pain of her surroundings.the demon let out a squatted and began to shake.the eyeballs bounced and jumped in anticipation.steadily the stomach of the thing swelled.suddenly with a massive pop,a sea of black fluid and blood spilled from the creature.the floor was covered in a steaming, rotten flesh smelling heap.a shape took form from the filth.'' hurts.''''NOOOO!NO!YOU LEAVE MY BABY OUT OF THIS!''''mommy...hold me.i'm so cold.''the seed walked closer to ann taking form as it limped.''you...are child.''the sound of brenda's voice made leon look up.''baby girl.are you ok?''he asked standing up.she looked at him with eyes almond shaped and black as coal.''do it for me daddy.kill you did me once.come to me.''she held her arms out.leon began to weep from pain and confusion.he let her walk closer.''my child is are you.''...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


i watched her from across the bar...her eyes,brown and that moment of lingering denial,she smiled and beckoned me~with the slightest heave of ample sexuality.desire bubbled in my loins as i was snared in the mantrap she worked so well.i sat beside her and we talked as old friends with new passions...small talk turned to henn induced demons of lust.they swarmed around us laughing at the images we conceived for each ebony and ivory swirl of carnal candy.a one,a two-hoo a three licks i envision until you collapse,spent,upon my libido...we each examined the naked left,knowing the consequences~yet not the whole story.she whispered in my ear,leaving a trail of inuendo's that slithered down my neck...i could indulge,we could entwine in the lust of our dreams...for the price of metal through flesh~let the escapade begin.

the apprentice,pt 13

''dam did you see how she did that shit?''billy asked in amazement.john was in heaven as he watched the blood pool around the man's body.he smiled at the spasms that still occured in the beheaded corpse.''did you know that he can still feel?the life drains from him but the nerves are still tingling.''he raised the gun and fired a shot into the man's ass.a slight jump then nothing.''that's enough,''angie said softly.john looked at her and winked.''back from your trip to pleasureville?it was exhilerating,was it not?''the confused woman shut her eyes and sighed deeply.''no need to explain,my dear.william,get the head and put it on the grill.''john pulled the axe from angie's clinched fists.the young man picked up the head and looked into it's eyes.''can you hear me?you bout ta be bacon.''he slammed the bloody neck onto the hot surface with a loud sizzle.angie ran from the kitchen and threw up as she got to the dining area.she heaved violently and cried as she did.john handed the axe to billy and they walked out to watch her.''remember that first time?how you felt like your soul was leaving with each spew of vomit?''he put the gun in his waist and walked to the puking woman.he pulled her up and slapped her hard...

b3st fri3nds,pt 13

''fuck it.i'm not gonna just wait around for him to come back.''tina stormed past her lover and trotted into the bedroom.she snatched up some capris and a loose fitting shirt.vince stood watching her.''WELL GET DRESSED!''she picked up his clothes in a bunch and threw them at him.''i don't know about you,but i wanna be as far away from this place as possible.''''i really think you're overreacting bay,''ha said sliding on his shorts.''will is licking his wounds and tryna figure out how to stay away from me.i'm tellin ya,he's always been afraid of me.shit i can~''the sound of glass breaking made tina look up.the bedroom window had a small hole in it.she slowly looked over to where vince had been standing.he was on the floor shivering.a pool of blood slowly formed from a bullet wound that exposed flesh and skull.the red warmth oozed out like toothpaste.''OH GOD NO!''she fell to her knees and crawled to the window.she began crying and praying softly.she knew william was a good shot.he went hunting with his friends every chance they had time off together.she was tempted to look out the window,find him and plead.but she knew that would mean a quick death.she watched as life left vince and wondered what she could do to survive...

ravine hill,pt 5

ann backed away with tears in her eyes as she watched her husband rip at the flesh on his leg.she didn't see what he was trying to do.all she saw was the blood pouring from the cut of the blade.''honey,''she whispered.''there's nothing there.''leon continued to dig into his thigh.ann heard the gnashing chattering teeth again.she looked towards the living room and the creature was looking at cocked its head and spoke.''you love him?''a sly toothy grin spread across the upside down head.ann nodded slowly.''then kill him!the hunger has his mind.only a matter of time until he takes your life then his his mind.''the woman shook her head and mouthed 'no' silently.''KILL HIM YOU FILTHY WHORE!OR WE WILL!''the beast reared up showing its immense size and roared with a deafening sound that resembled a fog horn and freight train.ann covered her ears and sank to her knees.''dear father god,in the name of your son jesus~''the roaring stopped.''SHUT UP BITCH!''the beast moaned and spit out a gray and green mass of phlegm that landed on ann's tightened like a hand and creeped steadily upwards.''where is your god?''the animal mocked.ann screamed in pain as she grabbed her leg...

Friday, January 21, 2011

the lady in the boat

can you swim?can you stroke and move so that my senses are quenched and my fingertips inhale the delightful taste of your wet happiness?...i search and find the woman~hiding yet smiling as my tongue slithers along the soft alley.she beckons me for a kiss and i give in to the sight and sounds of that elusive girl.she extends to meet my gentle lips and giggles in retreat.we play a game of hello kitty and she drenches me with the sweet nectar i've come to crave...golden skin so warm and tender,taking me inside fantasies that chill my spine and keep me entranced...waiting for the lady to appear once a princess,she sheds her hood and tells me of the need once i indulge in the sweetest cream...letting it coat my face as i turn to elongated whispers of carnal knowledge.i crawl as a panther onto her sensuously soaked skin and enter.pushing,rocking the boat towards that point of welcome release that we both seek...from the canoe she tickles my second head~first head...and i send a tidal wave of sea men to her rescue...she eases back pleased with her fulfillment.i crouch and watch as she rows away and sinks into cover.

b3st fri3nds,pt 12

''sometimes i wonder wat it is about you that i like,''tina mumbled as she pushed past vince.''you know it's the way i handle that pussy,ma.ya boy couldn't take it.''he followed her like a puppy,watching her ass bounce and shake.tina stopped in horror and he bumped into her as she stood in the kitchen doorway.''no,no,NO!wat the fuck is happenin?!''vince looked around her and quickly saw the problem.shawn was gone.''ok...dead people don't just get up and walk away.this ain't no zombie flick.''tina sighed and leaned against a wall.she looked at the trail of blood that led to the back door.''don't you get it?''she asked laughing.''william came in and pulled him out while we was in the bedroom.he's gonna get us...i know it.we fucked up.''vince moved to his lover and tried to embrace her.she fought his advances as he wrapped his arms around her.''THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!if you had just stayed in the room til i got it under control!''the words made vince angry but he knew she didn't mean them.''wat was i supposed to do?wait til he noticed my car parked outside?or wait for you to shout out a safe word?boo,we did the rite thing.''she put her head on his chest and cried.''he's gonna come back and kill us...i can feel it.''...

the apprentice,pt 12

a quick palm jab under the throat made boone choke.he tried to counter with a forearm but chase pushed it down and connected with slap across his face.the combination stunned the big man and he felt dizzy.angela had heard the scuffle and tried to run over.''CHASE NO!''he held boone by the collar and was about to strike again.''LET HIM GO!''blaque had pulled her nine and held it on the two men.''look old man,''chase started,''i made a mistake.but yo mistake is to keep FUCKIN wit me over some two year old shit!''''LET HIM LOOSE,CHASE!''he was deaf to her pleas.''tamika made a choice and stood by it.SHE lied to me!you act like you wanna fuck her!now she a grown azz got a problem,u take that shit up wit HER!''he released boone with a shove.the suprised man wiped blood from his looked at angela as he started to walk away.he turned back to the chief.''don't ever...put your hands on me again.''angela struggled to put her gun away as she followed chase.''hey...HEY wait up!''he moved through the scene as if no one existed but him.the faces moved by like faded pictures.all he wanted was the comfort of his car.he slid into the cobra,threw it in gear and peeled off.''fuck em,''he thought aloud.he needed a drink...

ravine hill,pt 4

''NO!WE'RE GONNA FUCKIN LIVE!''some of the eyeballs had found their way upstairs and hung in various places watching,bouncing on skinny legs.ann pulled her husband up,begging him to regain his composure.''baby please!i need you!i don't wanna die!''the sound of his wife's pleading voice sank in.he looked around then took the axe from her.the wound on his leg was thumping and throbing.the pain had gotten worse.he looked at the large scar and yelled in disbelief.the flesh had grown a small row of teeth and was oozing a foul thick wetness.''WAT THE FUCK!!?''he snatched away from her and hobbled downstairs for the kitchen.the sound of squishing and popping eyeballs could be heard as he struggled to his destination.he leaned the axe against a wall and fell towards the silverware drawer.''gotta get it off gotta get it OFF.''he pulled out a carving knife.''baby NO!WAT ARE U DOIN?!''ann had caught up.leon plunged the blade into his thigh above the wound and started to slice.ann watched as he cut and mutilated himself.a thick tongue eased from the mouth and fought leon's attempt at amputating it.''STOP IT!''ann screamed.she ran to him.he held the knife at her.''i'll make you bleed bitch.fuck off.''the voice wasn't leon's...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 11

''you are SO hot when you're angry.''tina stopped pacing and looked at vince.''um did your mom like drop you on your head when you were a baby?i could give a fuck less about bein sexy rite now!my husband is wandering around somewhere,thinkin about wat happened and probly gettin a gun.and you thinkin bout sexy?!wats wrong with DIS picture?!''she plopped back down on the bed,put her head in her hands and elbows on her knees.she began a muffled moaning.''i really think he ran away baby.he's not coming back.c'mon,think about it.if he was gonna react he'd be here rite now.will has always been my bitch and i've always been around to collect his fuck ups.''tina looked at him.''so i'm a fuck up,huh?''the words sounded harsh when they were shot back at him.vince sat next to her on the bed.he put his arm around her and pulled her close.he could feel the resistance in her body.''ok bad choice of words.but you know wat i mean.i wanna be with you cause you mean more to me than to him.he doesn't appreciate you.''''wateva.rite now we got a bigger problem.the pizza place is gonna be lookin for lover boy in there.wat's the plan hotshot?''vince sighed.that equation never crossed his mind.''fuck.just dump him in the neighbor's yard.''...

the apprentice,pt 11

chase kneeled down to get a better look at the shiny object.he pulled tweezers and a small plastic envelope from his pocket.''wat cha got there?''he looked up to see chow the chief forensic officer.'' and boone on the same case?we must be dealin with a full deck.''chow shook his head and held out his glove covered hand.''give it up, know the rules.any evidence has to go thru the lab first.''''how's the new lady friend,bobby,''chase asked,dropping the object into the plastic.''she still not givin that head like she should?''chase had a few bits of knowledge also.''who told you that?!''chow folded his arms.the topic changed his slid the envelope into his pocket.''shit i hear things just like everyone else.i'm not the only one with a life i see.''''ANDERSON!wat the fuck?!''boone was headed their way.''does anyone know my first name?i feel like i'm in the matrix.''boone walked up to the men.he gave chow a sideways stare.''i got this,''boone said with a low snarl.chow looked at them,shook his head and walked away.''i told you never to be anywhere i happen to be,ya piece a shit!why are you here?''chase smiled.''shit's like cream,it rises to the top.''boone pulled him up and got in his face...

ravine hill,pt 3

screams from upstairs interrupted the bargaining process.''BRENDA?!''leon ran taking the stairs as if he were walking on air.''DADDY'S COMIN!''he ran down the long hall that seemed to stretch and last forever.he stopped and fell to his knees as he stood in her bedroom door.he opened his mouth in silent disbelief.his daughter was being ripped into red fleshy pieces.her blood dripped and flew about the room as three of the black bodied undead feasted on her soft of the creatures sank its row of incisors into her throat and pulled back with crimson flesh and hair protruding from its mouth.the filthy thing snapped it's head back a few times to digest the hair.''no...noo.''leon said weakly,shaking his head.the sound of ann screaming slowly awoke him from his visual nightmare.she grabbed the axe and ran to her child.she buried the tool into the side of a feeding demon.''NO!GO TA HELL!''she yelled as she pulled the weapon back and chopped again,this time severing an hit the floor with a wet plop and squirmed at her leg.she stepped on it and cut it again.''LEON!WAKE UP!WE HAVE TO LIVE!''she swung at the other burned flesh beast.''we'll never get out.''he whispered.she fought.''we're gonna die here.''he sighed...

Monday, January 17, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 10

''is that wat you want?an evil lover killin all that get in my way?''vince pushed her legs back and began to lick and slurp her kitty.she moaned in enjoyment as he serviced her needs.''git that shit, my pussy rite.''vince looked up with a wet smile.''in that case,let's move to the bedroom.''tina hopped down and ran through the kitchen as vince followed laughing.the fun stopped when they realized something was wrong.''where is he?''tina snapped.''where the fuck is william?!''she was trying to stay calm and her voice was cracking as she talked.''he was here.''she fell on her knees and looked under the bed.then she made her way to the closet and bathroom.''YOU DUMBAZZ!how you loose a dead man?!''vince scratched his head.''well baby i never said he was dead.just out.''as she paced,tina swore and clenched her fists.''shit,shit,shit!you know wat this means?...that crazy fuck will try somethin!''''boo bear he ain't gonna do a thing.i know him.he'll tuck his tail and run.he's always been like that.a scared lil coward.''tina plopped on the bed shaking.''he's gotta be in this house.i didn't hear the car start or the door close.''vince looked at his sexy friend and thought about screwing her.the anger turned him on..

the apprentice,pt 10

that name just didn't have the same effect that it used to.if the man was around,he'd deal with was time to put the baby to sleep.tamika was just as much to blame as he was.but his dick was the guilty party that couldn't be tried.''hmmm so the old man is doin some work again?fuck it.glad to see he's keepin busy.''angela looked at him and squinted her eyes.''you're kiddin rite?all the shit i heard about u and his daughter,him wantin to get you black balled...''chase turned his attention to the crime scene.''wat is it with people and MY life?''he asked out loud.''dam.''''look anderson,all i'm doin is runnin interference.i coulda let ya black azz jus run into a brick wall.yeah i heard shit bout's all over the place.but don't get cha panties wet cause i offered to help.''blaque turned away.''some people have your best in mind.learn to fuckin see it.''the words pierced his mind as he listened to the leaves and twigs crunch under her feet.this wasn't the place.he scanned the grounds.blood,flesh and bone fragments littered the landscape.most had been tagged and numbered.yet he saw pieces that were to small to mark.he was about to turn when something caught the was bright and silver under the foliage...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

tears across the ocean

she will be remembered as a gentle wind sings through giant palms.her smile will be seen when the mirror shows your reflection...laughter so thick and hearty,the hugs that wrapped around and soothed away heartache and pain.weep not for her~yet rejoice in the memory of what was and still is...marvel as the eyes of grandchildren sparkle as she sees you through them...remember as the ocean kisses the shore and whispers her name.listen...for st.thomas shouts in celebration of a matriarch...she dances on the tongues of all that knew her.she lives on~in the heartbeat of all that breathe and sheds a tear...but her way was not crying,nay it was to nurture hope and desire of what she never let go and watch from afar as her fruit blossomed.weep not tears of sorrow for her that bore you,but strains of gratitude for life and understanding...rejoice as her spirit soars~for now she is truly near.

ravine hill,pt 2

the black head split open.eyeballs,covered in putrid smelling brain matter and the multicolored blood,poured out of the wound.they scurried around on skinny appendages like daddy long leg's.they scattered about but most ran towards ann.she stomped and screamed as they popped under her feet.suddenly there came a loud banging.the hard wood floor bowed in and then back out as if breathing.wasting no time,the horrified woman ran to leon's side.the floor exploded sending boards and debris upward.they watched as a thick mist spread from the hole formed.the sound of teeth chattering made them look up.on the ceiling hung a hideous sight.''no...oh god wat the fuck is that!?''ann whispered trying not to draw attention to them.the filthy beast twisted its body and looked at upside down head of a opossum sat atop the ooze covered body of a woman.her muscular arms and legs ended in talons.the tail of a scorpion dripped a thick semen like fluid.''YOUR SOULS ARE REQUIRED IN HELL!''it squealed at the couple,while exposing razor sharp teeth in a smile.''FUCK YOU!''leon yelled pointing the axe at the creature.body parts scurried along with the eyeballs.''WE DIDN'T KNO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SHIT!we jus wanna LEAVE!''...

b3st fri3nds,pt 9

tina rubbed her hands through the man's head and sighed as he licked up her thigh.she looked up with a startled yelp.her sudden movement made shawn turn around.his shocked face was met with an aluminum bat.'PINK!'his head snapped back pulling his body along.''FUCK!WAIT.DON'T DO THIS!TAKE MY MONEY!''vince smiled.''don't need ya money,dawg.''he swung again connecting with the man's head.this time a spray of blood shot out of his ear and splattered on tina's body.''EWW!wat the fuck is wrong with you?!he woulda been out in a minute!''''yeah after he was up in that azz?''tina jumped from the counter and grabbed a dish towel from a drawer.''please don't tell me you jealous.really?''she wiped the blood and looked at shawn's shivering body.''i'm thinkin of killin my husband and you worried about me gettin some fake azz head?!baby it's you i want.''she reached up and pulled his face down.they shared a wet sloppy kiss.''i don't know about you sometimes,''he wondered aloud.he put the bat against a wall and gathered her close to him with a quick move.she laughed at the thought of her lover being jealous.''mmmm,so i got me a hot head buddy?''he picked her up and plopped her on the counter.''can i finish wat you wanted lil nasty?''...

the apprentice,pt 9

chase looked at the body parts strewn about.the late morning crime scene was buzzing.and so were the flies.''wher the fuck YOU been superman?knee deep in some pussy?''chase turned to see frank,one of the crime scene workers.''um,i don't remember inviting you into my life,''chase responded.''and yes.i was into something you know nothing about peanut butter pusher.oh wait i'm wrong,it's 'you got your chocolate in my peanut butter.''frank gave him a long look,flipped the finger and walked away.''is that your sit an spin?''chase called after him.the man stomped off with no words.a small boy stood at the edge of the scene alone.he held a fishing pole.his face was twisted with fear and officer stood with shook his head as he walked to them.''i got this,''he said motioning the officer away.'' look about 12.doin some fishin?''''i'm 13.yes sir.''''did you find all this?''''jus the was on my hook.''the young man was trying to be brave but his eyes were watery.''go home.i don't care wat they tell em i said so.''the boy looked at him and ran off.''chase!wat the hell are u doin?''''i know that voice from hell.miss blaque!how you doin?''she walked next to him.''you know boone is here,rite?''...

the apprentice,pt 8

''fuck you and you AND you angie!i been nothin but good to you you bring yo weed head friends in ta rob me?!''billy looked at john and laughed.angie stood amazed and detached.''sir you think this is a robbery?no this is salvation day for you.''john wiped the spittle from his worn suit coat with a towel he grabbed.''you're going to help us with a training program.get on your knees.''the man stood motionless staring at them.john aimed and shot him in both knees.angie screamed as the big man fell forward onto all fours.''give her the tool william.''''but john i wanna~''''GIVE HER...the tool,''john repeated slowly,pointing the gun at billy.angie took the axe with tears in her eyes.''please don't make me do this,''she pleaded.john pointed the weapon at her throat.''bitch i will kill you just as easily as a roach.bury it in his head!''the man looked up at her.''people always told me i shoulda never hired yo sorry azz.most of em said you was a street ho that~''the axe came down with a crunch.she pulled it back slinging flesh,skull and blood.some brain matter landed on the grill and sizzled,sending smoke into the air.she landed another blow, from the side,which almost took the head off.''now THAT'S emotion.''john marveled...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

you said

it would be good to the last drop...that's the statement you mind would travel along endless miles of fantasy induced orgasms until i collapsed from pleasure.yet when i allow the ghosts of yesteryear to parade their wanton facades,it seems futile at best.the tantric sex was a choice of salsa~hot,medium...yes started out free and uncharted...i counted the days until i could be lost in the softness of your curves,drenched in the wetness of your heaven~when i unleashed my twin,you pushed him back.nay was the answer to the freakish nature of my all took a turn when forever was introduced as our bed spill my seed on pillow soft cheeks of yellow was a wanted a mini me though i was porn star found religion,and became my you made you mad to see me waste it.i asked you to swallow...then i was twisted~but i did you.alas that time is i stare at my naked left,maybe one day i'll try again.

b3st fri3nds,pt 8

''close the door behind you,''tina cooed as she seductively moved towards the kitchen.''i keep my money in a cookie jar...would you like some of my cookies?''the pizza man pushed the door shut and followed her like a sick puppy.he watched her ass move and figured this would be better than he expected.'''m how you gonna pay me?''tina hopped up on the counter top and faced the man as he walked in.''silly do you wanna get paid...or laid?wats your name sexy?''she spread her legs and let him see the complete view of her shaved brown pussy.''shawn,''he said,throwing the pizza on the glass table.''shit like this NEVER happens to me!i hear my boys talk about it all the know,gettin ass fa pizza.dam!thank you lord!''he fumbled with his zipper.he was turning beet red with frustration.''awww booboo...come 'ere.''tina reached out and pulled him close.she held his shoulders and pushed him down.he knew what that meant and was eager to comply.he started kissing her thick thighs and reaching around for her ass.he was breathing heavy and started to sweat.''dam i still can't believe this!''he said looking up at tina.''is this like a i on a reality show?shit!i got a wife!''''but why think about that?''...

ravine hill

''GOTDAMMIT WAT THE HELL?!''leon shouted in wonderment as he looked at the still moving arm.''HIT IT AGAIN!''he listened to his wife and raised the axe again.he let it come down with a squish into the rotted flesh of the body squirming around.he had already chopped the legs off.that seemed to slow it down some.thick purple and pink blood was all over the living room and flowed freely from the thing.''FUCK!''the more leon hacked,the faster the pieces moved.''WATCH OUT!''his wife screamed.ann watched in frozen fear as the head sprang up and sank its fangs into leon's leg.the other parts of the body seemed to pulsate and move closer after that.''AAHH!HELP ME GET IT OFF!''he shook his leg and the needle sharp teeth went deeper.ann spied the can of room deodorizer.she fumbled through her pockets,found a lighter, pointed the can and pressed.the flames came out thick and white as the head squealed in pain.a horrid sound as a baby crying and rats released the grip on leon's leg and bounced used a long black tongue to right itself.a hand sprouted from the base of the turned and tried to move away as the other body parts followed.''NO!NOO!''leon smashed the wretched sight with the axe again...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

seduction at too am

the moonlight dances on your heaving chest...intoxicating.i breathe in the jasmine and honey which flows from your skin and drift into...ecstasy.the warmth of our touch is the high which i've waited heart races with anticipation as i control your breathing and grip the sheets while i taste the nectar of your love...drip,drip it goes~making you curl your toes.shivers make your body quake and spasm.the thickness of your thighs embrace me and beckon with overtones of milk chocolate and cream...i listen as wet moans slip across lips of spun libido soars to wavering heights as we fandango and move to the music of our yearning~burns and grows.the heat of your moment pulls me closer as i await the sweetness that will cover my face.we turn...i massage your back while watching myself disappear inside sing an alto song of release as i harmonize...the duet is finished~yet this is an opera in three parts.

the apprentice,pt 7

billy ran back into the diner swinging the axe wildly.there was a couple sitting at a small table.they made a move to leave and john pulled his gun.''HEY!excuse me,but could you sit down please?''his politeness was a suprise to the couple.''mister we jus wanna be on our way,''the young man said holding the hand of the woman with him.''give me your wallet,''john said walking over with the gun locked on them.the man reached in his pocket and tossed it to him.john quickly read the license.''ok craig.hit the road.we have any trouble i'm comin for YOU.we have an understanding?''''yes sir,no trouble!''he pulled the woman like a rag doll as they fled.''to the kitchen,''he said,locking the door and turning back to angie and billy.they walked in as her boss was cracking eggs into a container.''sir?''the chunky man turned to face them.''wat da hell is this shit!?angie these some a yo druggie friends?!''he looked at the axe and then all of them.''when was the last raise you gave angie,um wats your name again?''the man coughed up phlegm and swallowed it.''didn't give it.who the fuck are you?''john laughed.''tough one aren't you?well at this moment in time i'm your god.i decide if you live or die?''he coughed again and spit on john...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

b3st fri3nds,pt 7

vince leaned over william and snapped his fingers.''wakey,wakey!''there was no movement from the man.''shit you mite a liked him already.''tina put her head against his chest.she heard a faint beat and sighed.''if we do this how the hell we gonna dump the body?''vince folded his arms and rested his head on and upturned palm.''come on mr. THAT'S a good idea.wat cha got?''''i'm thinkin...''the silence was deafening.but then came the dagger.the doorbell sounded.''what the fuck is this?!the drop in center?!''tina whispered angrily.''WHO IS IT?!'''' ordered a while ago?''tina looked up at vince.''fuck,fuck,fuck!i forgot about that shit!i'll take him in the back.handle that.''''wat?i'm naked!remember?''''well stand behind the door,''he snapped while pulling william.the bell rang again.''OK!''she watched vince struggle with her husband and pull him into the bedroom.she gathered her thoughts and answered the door.''dam wat took you so long?''she asked peering out.''its lunch time ma'm.lotta people order round this's twelve fifty.''tina wasn't prepared for this in any way.she fell back on her assets.she opened the door so he could see her thick body.''come in.i have to get the money.''''shit.take ya time.''...

images of yesterday's tomorrow

can this wretched feeling be denounced? crawls over me like a dream,seeking out the essence of my chest heaves,pulse quikens and the core of what i desire turns longer are the vibrant colors of amore present...they slink away with their tails soul is turned cold and blackened with a spice that leaves a stain~that no one can remove.i beg of it to release me for i grow weary of the constant struggle...when?is there a given time for the foul thing which keeps me alive!?does it beat only to draw attention to the pit which i inhabit?...strength wanes and turns against my better twin looks upon the gnarled remains of what i try to create and laughs.the garden of my mind lies cluttered with the dead flowers of ancient hope...if there is a key,a remedy for this merry-go-round of deception...i pray for its deliverance to me.i grow tired and sullen...all i desire is honesty and truth.yet that seems to be the formula for my demise...has my father turned a deaf ear to my cries of pain~or have i come to ignore the mind which tells me no?

she wearin dem fuck me shoes

laced up tight,the fit so right...they put a bend in her knee and a swish,swish sway in her walk.a head turner,neck breaker moving like jello and making inches grow~the chocolate dolly i order two chocolate tai's and wonder my oh my will i be able to see thighs high?thick and loaded~like the potatoes i adore,i look at them once more.they scream obscenities to my libido and i listen to their i ask for a chance to see them work...her work~sorry,is it the shoes?hell yeah...but she succumbs to my groupie status and we're off.the iron chariot takes us higher and higher until we reach the penthouse.her den of pleasure.she peels off her skin and glows like the desire in my loins...she mounts me like a cowgirl and i watch in it the shoes?i release one...two...three because she got that ass on me~so i kiss them and that fills the stilleto gumdrops with glee.she works and works until a puddle forms~the kind she can't and won't step in...they're red like the slap marks on her bum.she wiggles with contentment as i stroke the leather queens.

the apprentice,pt 6

chase loved the feel of sherry lying in the bend of his arm.he watched the ceiling fan over the bed turn lazily.he thought of the women in his life: tamika and now sherry.the vivid memory of karen still haunted him,making him feel guilty with every attempt to move on.he missed her so.yet his lonliness and fear kept him far away from any relationship.rapid knocks at the cabin door stirred sherry.''you expecting someone?''she asked through a haze.''no.and this better not be a witness out here in the sticks.''sherry laughed as he hopped up,pulled on his boxers and trotted to the door.he opened it to find a husky man with his hands pushed in his pockets.''you must be anderson.can i speak with my wife?''sherry heard the voice and sprang up.''don?!wat the hell are you doin?''she asked walking to the door.her husband watched her pull down the bengals tee she wore.''i know you heard of low jack,''he said sizing up chase.''wanted to see wat you was up to.''''see!this is why we separated now,don!no trust!low jack on my car?really?''chase walked away from the couple.''sherry we can work this out.''he walked in and tried to hug her.''no!why ain't you think about US before?!''chase shook his head and moved to answer his flashing phone...

b3st fri3nds,pt 6

tina prayed hard and fast.all she knew was that catastrophe lurked in the bedroom and its name was vince.''dam,did you get tighter?''william said while pulling her towards him.''um, baby you jus turn me on.that's all.''''maybe i should wait two or three weeks...all the time.make you wet like this.''tina was speechless.the few times they did fuck was the problem.but he was actually finding his groove on this one.she dared not close her eyes and enjoy.all hell would surely break fate would have it,it happened anyway.vince came all the way out of the room and walked down the hall.his junk swung freely as he made his way to them.william looked up.''wat the fu~''his left temple met vince's right foot and he fell backwards.the room spun a few times and he was out cold.''WAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN?!''tina yelled out.she kneeled by her husband and checked for a pulse on his neck.he was still with them.''hey,i had to do somethin,''vince started.''he was gonna come to the bedroom soon.''''i coulda kept him out here and made some shit up!wat the fuck is yo problem?!you almost killed him!''''would that really be such a bad thing?''tina looked at her lover then back at william.''you mite have a point there.''...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

red wine

we played the game that was expected of us...the laughter,the all threw us into a whirlwind of ecstasy~your name sat upon my lips as the nectar of sugarcane and alas as sweet.our love drained through the glass of time~the residue,hard and callous,became the calling card for my emotional told me,in disjointed strains of clever conversation,that it wasn't enough...the pound of flesh and sanity you took,didn't satisfy the insatiable hunger you developed~so i had to be next.i laid prone while you inhaled the last drop of my manhood...which i tried to restore via inravenous thirst...i watch you leave as i sip the fruit of the vine~you always wore scarlet well...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

the apprentice,pt 5

john looked into her eyes and saw her glance down.he looked at his hand and saw the slightest bit of blood.he was usually more careful.his training of billy had caused him to slip.'''ve got eyes like a hawk.those are the eyes of someone that pays close attention to detail.''''sir,i don't know wat's goin on but i want no parts of it.for all i know you cut yo self shavin...the pie's on the house.''''ANGIE!get yo hot ass away from the customers and do some work!''she frowned and turned towards her boss.his fat head peered over a counter.he looked angry and had the face of a bull dog.''jimmy i'm ok.jus tellin em about the special.''john noticed the disdain and anger in her voice.''you hate him don't you?would you like us to kill him?''billy sat up with that sentence.''awww hell yeah!come on john let's do it!''angie looked on in amazement.''um,he's jus a lil crazy at times.but he don't deserve ta get killed.ya'll crazy.''john smiled and rubbed her hand.''no dear,quite the opposite.rational and observant.william,go get the tool.''the young man sprang from the booth and bolted for the door.''sit down long you been working here?''angie sat down slowly.''long enough to hate this shit.but it pays the bills.''...

b3st fri3nds,pt 5

vince crept to the door and peered out.tina had balanced herself on the arm of a lounge chair.he watched as her husband drove himself deep inside the woman he'd just been fucking.william didn't look like the lame lover she had told him about so many times.the man was actually working like a porn star.''push that ass back baby!it's been to long.''he pushed his wife over more and banged like he was possessed.vince actually realized he had reached down and was stroking his dick as he watched them.tina had hopped up and put his climax on he wanted to release.tina gripped the chair and moaned with each thrust of her man's pole.she turned her head slightly and caught a glimpse of vince.she slowly and silently talked,telling him to get back.but vince licked his lips and kept looking.william had grabbed her hair and was pulling back while he slammed against her.the feeling was to intense.the reality of her husband fucking the shit out of her,like never before,and her lover all turned her on like crazy.the only thing she feared was vince walking out boldly and letting william see him.that would no doubt be to much for his best friend to see.william always bragged about how vince was the perfect buddy...


foul beast...bearing a hunger which cries out for my flesh,you lull me into a daze with your whine.i try to go about my tasks~as mundane as they be~trying to ignore the soul deep wrath your presence evokes...the lie is intact and you look at me you look beyond to imagine the life fluid of my being flowing through you...i move away yet you follow.can this be the devious pattern of one that kills or that which lives on how much i bleed?the contempt i hold,nay i say,is classic.can hatred be as colorful and sweet as that which i hold as your muse?you touch the surface of my emotions and instinct tells me to swat you away...i can no longer play the mouse and feline game you relish...flee from me accursed filth and fly to your next victim...i pray they end your life for my chance was spurned.

my little secret

through a whirlwind of frenetic ecstasy,my vision of her is complete...the sweet taste of finality sings to my heart and i swoon under its essence.the touch,the feel of imported silk is her skin...lips as succulent can never be found~they search my hardness with a soft caress sending waves of delight cascading through my loins...tender are the nights that we shared.the sounds of heightened sensuality pouring from her soul as we near the company of one...dare i say that she could capture my fancy?or has the deed been done as i fantasize of chocolate cries and cinnamon thighs...pleasure one oh one~my personal indulgence~and a sweet habit hard to break.she is the culmination of years waited and time preserved...perfection in motion.i inhale her curves and savor all i can,for she may be a cotton candy dream.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

b3st friends,pt 2

''thats...the whole purpose.''tina moved her ass in a constant rhythm.the feel of his hard dick standing up inside her was heaven.being a stay at home wife had its perks and this was truly a thrill ride.she was used to a wham bam and a cloud of dust.a man that could last a while was a true treat.''smack my ass.''the words escaped vince.he was lost in a world of eye candy and carnal thoughts.he listened to the wet sounds of skin on skin friction and dreamed of all he could do.''GOT DAMMIT SMACK MY AZZ!''the loud order got his attention.he reached out and slapped the honey brown cheeks.then he reached for the silky locks flowing down her back.they felt like velvet in his hands.''das wat i like.mmmm.''tina leaned back and eased her ass down on his groin.that made his dick slide up inside and against her spot.''you can't hold out forever,''she whispered.''i want that hot shit in me.''she squeezed her muscles and massaged his pole with her walls.that turn of events almost made him loose it.she heard him groan.''fuck it.''with a quick flip,she was on her stomach and facing his wand.she popped it back in her mouth and started a feverish pace.vince looked down at the thick lips on his shiny wet dick.''no,baby,wait.''she ignored him...

b3st fri3nds,pt 4

''ok,so you just gonna stand there naked?grab a glass!''tina heard the words but it still didn't compute that her husband wasn't suprised to see her in the livingroom butt naked.but that was why she got vince.he always made sure her need to be noticed was taken care of.not to mention her sex drive.''did you hear me?''william asked suddenly looking at her suspiciously.''no,um,wat did you say?''''i said 'cheers'.drink up.''he had poured wine for her and was gulping down his glass full.she had to get it together.he couldn't know about her affair.''let's be crazy.''she eyed william with care.''meaning?''the gleeful man was in the process of tearing his clothes off.''i wanna make lo~no.i wanna fuck you on the floor right here!''that was the last thing she expected by the book william to say.she guzzled the rest of her wine.''excuse me?''before she could get out another sentence,he took her glass,threw it against a far wish a crash.he spun her around like a top and bent her over.she was about to object to his crazy behavior but his hard dick was pushing against her wetness.''wat's gotten into you?''''you mean wat's gettin inside you?''he pulled her hips back and buried his wood deep in her pussy.tina was confused but loved it...

the apprentice,pt 4

''jus''the waitress looked at john's hand as she poured the hot java.''and you sir?''she asked billy as he sat nervously shaking his leg and mumbling.''william,the woman is talking to you.''''huh?oh...shit jus gimme a slice a cherry pie.''''don't have cherry sir.we got lemon,apple an peacan.''john smiled.''coffee and there anything more american?i'll have some too.give us a slice a that apple.''''comin rite up.''billy watched the waitress' ass bounce as she walked away.''now THAT'S american.''john shook his head.he needed billy to focus.his mind was all over the place.''sex or death?''''wat?wat are u talkin about?''''which one makes your dick hard?the way you looked at that woman i'd say sex.wrong choice.that makes you soft.''billy sank down in the booth and laughed.''fuck man!ain't you ever had a good piece a ass that made you suck your thumb like a baby?''john looked at the young man a moment.''no.blood is my nut.flesh is my high comes when i kill...maybe i made a mistake with you.''the waitress put down two thick slices of pie on the table.she was visibly shaken and tried to hide it.john grabbed her by the arm.''are you ok love?''she looked at the blood on his hand.''yes i'm fine.''...

designs in mocha creme

the mere sound of her name echos thoughts of clandestine encounters...soft and enticing are the windows to a soul that beckon me with each passing fingers long to roam through locks of satin and trace the picturesque lines which define this mocha angel.the taste~heaven sent and perfected for my palate.endless nights are filled with my desire to hold her,caress the form that has become a i dare say that madness has driven me to her side?it is the scent of perfume and the call of her love that push my mind into a state of flux only she can tame...she is mine in dreams that soar to heights of pleasure devine.there i may indulge in the endless ecstasy executed by my hunger...she is the air i've waited to breathe,the sonnet that flows from my lips and wraps us both in the promise of what can be...stay fair and complete my love,for one day you shall know the depths of my heart.

truth be told

falling to pieces is never a pretty sight...the person you thought was endeared with superhuman powers~crumbles.a quick glance at self,through silver and black,reveals the character flaws in which i revel...the quirks and cracks that only a few have been blessed to see...yet they remain~strong and hungry...where were you a decade ago when that broken man was on the edge?did you think you were so in love like i did?would you lie awake at night and dream,eyes wide shut,about that perfect soul that would rescue you from the black abyss of happiness?you could have screamed my name to let me know you were on the horizon...that hope was on the way if i could stay afloat.but spoke not and my nightmare remained...but now you're here.a sweet fantasy able to renew my spirit and dry the tears of pain which have stained my heart...if i could have one wish right now it would don't need the riches and fame that some strive for~only the knowledge that you'll never contentment has been defined in the chocolate kisses that we share,the laughter in all that we do.where have you been?...doesn't matter.for all i can feel is the way you handle my that i rejoice.

Monday, January 3, 2011

the apprentice,pt 3

the morning sun felt wonderful and the smell of the woods was a succulent inhaled the scene and leaned on a wooden rail.he'd been gone only a couple of days and he missed the sights and sounds of the city.but he needed this.the warm hands and arms of a woman embraced his waist.''tell me why i'm here again.''he turned and looked into her eyes.''because you're tired and i need you.and i promised to always be there when you needed me.''sherry smiled up at him.she melted into his chest and fought the tears that threatened to fall.''ten years,''she said softly.''he promised me forever and all i got was ten years.''she kissed chase gingerly on his neck.he leaned down and found her soft lips.they kissed hungrily and deep.he pulled up her t-shirt and cupped her thick ass.she wrapped her legs around him and reached down to unbutton his turned and sat her on the balcony rail.his pants fell.sherry rubbed his hard shaft and pulled him close with her legs.he slowly inched inside her and started to move.she moaned with every stroke.she held onto his shoulders and pumped back.''i've always loved you.even when i was with him.''the words banged in his head like marbles.they made love as the warm sun bathed them...

b3st fri3nds,pt 3

that's when the world stopped turning.the exact moment when tina andrews new that life as it existed for her was about to end.she heard her husbands keys in the door.''FUCK,FUCK!''she jumped up and ran to the living room hoping to stop the was to late.before she made it to the door he came in.she stood before him naked and ashamed.william held a bouquet of roses in his hand and a bottle of wine under his arm.she breathed deeply waiting for the torrent of accusations to fly.''sorry to scare you baby,but guess wat?that account we landed last month with texco softened steve up and i got a raise!''he walked over to his sexy wife and kissed her full on the mouth.he stuck his tongue in and swirled it with hers in the manner which he always did.''baby i always wondered wat you did while i was at i see.flickin the knob huh?''he kicked the door closed with his foot and headed for the kitchen.she stood in shock amazed that he didn't expect anything.either she was dreaming and had already been shot or this was his sick form of torture.her mind was a million miles away from the wet dicked man in their the time she snapped back,william was walking in with glasses.the pop of the cork sent foam spraying...


you molded the flesh that now sits incoherent~drowning in a self made pool of sorrow...songs of love jump from the jukebox and dance a jig of pity on the black rock in my amount of tears can cover the fiendish emotions you helped create.yet i bathe in them hands claw at the soft skin that now lies open,festering...yes i've tried to pull it out many times only to realize that a new one will only become infected with the disease i carry.shock waves of resentment course through my mind as i picture what could have much promise~the passion,the breathing as one.all gone in a moment of conception that haunts me...and you beg me to accept.i feel i shall never see through roses that which you accept as life...never should a soul endure such pain.i walk through the masses and wonder if they see the brutish freak formed from us...the hopes and dreams have become foul memories which keep my darkness fueled.release me to feel the warmth of sunlight again..for now all i see is the dim glow of the torches.

karma: sonata in F minor

so you say it doesn't feel right?...seems as though the arguments and little quirks have grown into big and then bigger things.funny how the novelty wears off and you yearn for what was once good....that seems to be what we had.he doesn't have time like before,the way he looks at you is normal now~the seductive glance has oozed into a filtered down stare.not even a smile.the sighs of your first born tell you that the grass isn't green.the cries of what you bore for him causes anger and bitterness...yet you manage to tell me.the concern you look for is absent ~you no longer register as the apple of my eye.that feeling died when you conceived for him.i felt it,sensed it in my soul as it was ripped to ask for advice...that's for the leader of your new family...and it only gets worse.i revel in the sound of your helpless chose your poison and drank it in delight...i refuse to be the antidote.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

can kesha come out to play?

what is that drives you?...i see the crispy straight backs and ya swag so right.but is it something from your past that screams death to all males?has the species turned your hatred into an outside persona which nails society to the wall?~i can picture you ramming your fem with a rubber staff strapped to your buck and sweat as she pushes back to meet what you both wish was really there...your harsh voice so hard and masculine shouting commands and telling the world who you might be...or is it a fantasy you perpetuate to keep from crying at night?are you still daddy's girl since he stole the cookie?but you've since been released from that grip.a knife to his throat in the throws of sleep,then six feet one has heard from him hence.your pants drooping low and boxers fresh~can you tell me how to be the man you are?a sexy sight indeed but your name remains.

theory number 6

pain will always be the catalyst of true i indulge in mine and contemplate what makes me miss you...was it the talks over breakfast?the way we looked at each other and knew that time couldn't erase the joy we had in our hearts?...was it the way you held my hand after years of being together?problem is...all the above is at fault in my quantum physics rendition of...amore.tears have become a standard as they wait to fall on command when i think of how we squandered our chance at breaking the curse set by our elders~checkmate.but alas...we too have set adrift on waters that churn and pull innocent minds into the perfect storm of bittersweet memories ruled by hatred and despair...yet a lone part of me yearns for sweet surrender once more...the rush of balmy breezes and rolls on hills of green.but winter has stolen my hope and placed it under glass for all to see.

the apprentice,pt 2

john gave the young man a stern look then licked the blood splatter from his hands.''william,never show such outbursts of always works against you.the only way to work in the zone is to contain the ecstasy within.''billy looked up with wide eyes and nodded.''you're rite,''he said looking down at the bloody woman.''i have to be steady.more,more~''''the word is 'involved'.you need to do this as if it's your LIFE your JOB.otherwise you're nothing but a fucking copycat with visions of wat's rule number one?''the young man stood up and saluted his teacher.''show no outward emotion!'''' finish this shit,''john said kicking at the body.billy dropped to his knees and took up where he was interrupted.he sawed at the soft flesh and listened as the blade made its way through veins and bone.john watched the boy with pride.he only wished that when he was that age someone would've given him advice.he considered himself a professional but perfection was his goal.billy stopped sawing and stared ahead.''wat's wrong?''the young man sighed slowly.''could you not call me william?it reminds me of my mom.''john smirked.''i'll call you wat i fuckin your job.''''but that don't sound scary at all.''...