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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

romeo's review

Lickity  split
the emotions have hit
once again
and my mind revels
in the thought 
of your skin
against mine.
The night,
cool and inviting,
devours my libido
my timid being.
i become the Jekyll
that jangles,
my pride takes a dive
and the metamorphosis
is complete...
your Hyde in sheep's clothing.
The rodeo show
plays in technicolor hues
and i watch from behind,
yea various views,
as you give me 
the performance of your life.
Never a wham bam
thank you ma'am
but a slow motion  romp,
through strawberry jam,
placed in conspicuous 
ready for the taking.
Moonlight, moonlight
wherefore art thou?
Take my designs once more
and remain the object
of my eternal need.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the recipe

In you I found~
Surreal and uniquely bound~
a treasure trove
of delicate sweets.
An escapee from roget's
tantalizing my every whimper 
with a 
sugar coated fix
that no morphine drip
can ease.
Engulf my soul...
ten thousand times~
the vein will still throb.
Mouths agape,
on fantasy hill~
the nape of your neck
delivers my pill.
...a French baguette?
Soft wine and music
to induce the glow of love
that you use so adeptly
to seduce.
Entwined and soaking wet
as the heat
beckons us
to a tale so tall
with an end
so everlasting.
and I will catch
the essence 
of your devotion.
Soft and reassuring
yet so dangerously wrong.
Take all,
for you are the ravenous encounter
my idle mind longed for.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

grey goose lover

it plays in my mind
 like a broken phonograph...
twisting and turning
on the table
that i thought had long since burned out.
a haunting melody
stirring echoes
of what was,
could've been
and is not.
closing my eyes tightly,
i see yesterday as now.
your smile
telling me that we still exist...
that it was all a devious fairy tale
brought about
while i was sleeping~
oh that it could be so easy.
there is no escape
from the tears
which form
each time
i hear the melody...
the memories that dance
and let me know i'm still human.
yet you're not here.
so i make love to the feathered liquid...
and fall asleep
entwined in your arms
once again.