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Saturday, December 29, 2012

his deja vu wrinkle defined

into my life 
bearing the intensity
in a new born zephyr...
yet her smile 
bore a tale 
which we both knew 
was full
of deception.
she laid her head 
upon my breast
and seduced me
with stories 
in their ability
to wrap me in her cloak
of density.
so sweet 
and tantalizing,
whispering details
that my soul
has yearned to decipher.
a kiss on the neck,
a caress 
of my desire,
has turned me 
into the slave she sought.
heated exchanges
as she exaggerates,
so perfectly and true,
and all i seek
is more of her succulent
wrapped in her arms,
the visions 
i receive
are nothing short
of nirvana.
they stretch forth 
 filling my emptiness
with spectacular
that could never be.
each day,
each night,
i long for the horrific
that she showers.
now the days grow short
and her time 
has drawn nigh.
she has become 
a picture of dorian
in all it's gray splendor...
and the love we had
her beauty,
once that of an innocent 
now disgusts me.
her grip 
has loosened
and i kill 
the memory of her
ale and spirits.
away she floats,
soon to be replaced
with another lie.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

in the blink of a moment

the air was crisp and cool,
not unlike
 any other sleepy morning...
until finality slithered in.
our days,
 filled with endless
orders and demands
that don't amount 
to a hill of beans,
useless paperwork
which flows like water,
came to an abrupt halt.
we listened...
the essence of evil
had entered 
sandy's womb 
and snatched 
our children away.
she knew not 
of his coming
and opened herself
to the vile deed 
which ripped hearts
and shredded belief.
her souls 
cried out for mercy
and sang false hymns 
to shield angels 
from the fury
in a demonic wasteland.
sadistic eyes stared,
from an empty shell, 
before darkness 
consumed those
that fell
and the blood
of innocence
cried out to the heavens,
"why have thou forsaken us?"
concerning that day
and hour
we know not...
yet the mind of a madman
sealed fate,
delivering a personal hell
and memories 
frozen in time.
can you hear them?
they weep.
long wails that rise
as wisps of smoke.
they yearn for the sound
of yesterday's promises
and a warm hug.
the thundering disciplinary voice's 
and the comforting laughter
of friends...
gone in an instant.
they are no more,
still they are.
they belonged to newtown
yet they are ours
in spirit.
the tiny reminders
that life is precious
and we need look no further
than those we have been blessed with.
as you gather in the days to come,
remember them.
hear their giggles
on the cool breeze
and lift them gently in prayer.
know that the delusion
contained at the end of a barrel
meant nothing.
what he saw as death
was the beginning
of compassion 
and understanding

Sunday, November 25, 2012

damon's game

  Damon looked at the number on his phone again. Yeah. He was sure he didn't know who the hell it was. He wasn't in the habit of answering unknown numbers. He had to many encounters with his ex that turned into nightmares. But this was the third time this week that the number had popped up. He was starting to feel uneasy.

 The sound of his general ringtone slammed into his ears.

 Going against all he truly believed...he answered.

  "Look...who the hell is this? I know you had to hear my voicemail. I don't know you. Stop calling!"

  He waited for some sort of answer. There had to be some sick minded individual playing a sordid game. This was it. If he had to curse them out and find a way to have their phone cut off, he would.

  " this 2777?" The voice was soft and sweet. Not what he had expected at all. The woman sounded sexy but genuinely unsure of herself and the situation.

  "Yeah...but who this?" He had to keep the hard edge just in case.

  "My name is Kandi. I've had this number for a while. It used to belong to a friend of mine. We haven't been in contact for a long time. Do you know a Robert Jones?"

  Damon chuckled and took the phone away from his ear. His devious side oozed out and he licked his lips. This just might play into his hands.

 "Ohhhh! Yeah. I know Rob! That's my nigga! We used to play ball on Saturday's at the Y! What's your name? Kandi?"

 "Yes...I'm so sorry I-"

 "Hey! It's aight. You wanna come by? He told me that you'd be callin' soon. You can wait here until he comes by. Trust me. He can be an idiot when it comes to time management. Where can I pick you up?" He was hoping she'd take the bait. Her voice was so damn sexy and inviting. The rest of her had to be just as appealing.

  "Well...sure. Why not. In fact...I'm right out side your door."

  No fucking way! He figured the sex gods were shining on him again! He pushed the end button on his cell, tossed it aside, jumped from the sofa and trotted to his apartment door. He looked carefully through the peep hole. No shit. There she was. She was wearing a black trench coat. Her hair was wet  and surrounded her gorgeous face with ringlets or curls.

  He opened the door and she smiled, revealing a set of gorgeous teeth. She licked her plump wine colored lips and walked in. Damon closed the door, never taking his eyes off her frame as she glided by. He was mesmerized. She unbuttoned the coat and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing only a black bustier, purple thong and heels. Her ample ass jiggled as she balanced her weight on one leg and bent a knee. She turned around to face him.

 "You're not Robert. But this is what we used to do..."

  Kandi slowly walked over to him, dropped to her knees and reached into the crotch of his boxers. His dick was willing and ready. It had gotten hard as she moved closer. A quick maneuver and it was out. She ran her tongue from his balls along the underside of his wood. He moaned as she took the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue in circles. Her eyes blinked and fluttered as she slowly took in the length and girth of his thick tube. It was halfway in her mouth when he felt the back of her throat. He placed his hands on her head and guided her all the way down to the base of his dick.

  His moaning told her that she was making the right move. Slowly, she pulled her head backwards, leaving a thick trail of spit. It glistened and dripped down his balls onto the carpet. She opened her mouth for air and slurped the head. Their eyes met as she looked up at him. He pulled himself from her mouth and hopped out of the shorts. He positioned her head and slid back into her warm mouth and throat. The slippery feel of her lips made him pump faster. The sounds of wet, thick sex filled the air. She took her mouth away in mid stroke.

 "Fuck me."

 Damon moved her over to the sofa. He leaned her across it and pulled the thong down. He slid into her wet pussy with a long gush. Kandi looked back at him. "She talkin' to you bay. that?" She cooed between strokes. Damon grunted his satisfaction and plunged deeper into her juicy snatch.

  He gripped her thick ass cheeks and pulled them apart as he pounded her soft pussy. He looked down and watched his fat dick slide in and out of her hole. She was matching him stroke for stroke. Kandi reached under her stomach and found his nut sack. She cupped and fondled it as he glided in and out. She felt herself tingling and her nipples were getting hard and sensitive. She eagerly cupped one of her breasts and sucked the nipple. That put her over the edge. She gripped the back of the sofa and slammed her ass onto Damon's surging dick.

  The next thing Damon did, sent shock waves through her body. He reached under, found her clit and rubbed as they both moaned and exploded in ecstasy.

 Damon rolled onto his back. He struggled to catch his breath as he sat smiling at Kandi. She was leaning over the sofa, her ass still poked out.

 "You're right...." She let out softly. "Role play is a muthafucka!"

Saturday, November 17, 2012

krispy creme

the heat
from her silhouette
drew him,
called to him
like a beckoning urge
that needed to be scratched.
vanilla cupcake
infused skin,
supple and smooth,
met his kiss
pulling an eager tongue
along the road map
of her brown insanity.
the dip of her navel,
the mound of outer lips
that meet lips,
searching for inner lips
and the union
is complete.
hungry soul
devouring the creamy essence
which runs
in thick streams
as he licks 
and her hips grip.
she fucks his face
while he quickens the pace
to make her drown
in the ecstasy
of his carnal desires.
pink on pink
causes a salty explosion.
moans of satisfaction
rip through gritted teeth...
dwindling sighs
tell the tale of a deed
done well indeed.
the sounds of heavy breathing
as hunger is quenched
but for one night.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

field of dreams reloaded

how can the melody
that once caused my heart
to flutter
in anticipation,
fade into devil toothed
which taunt and jest?
the touch,
so warm and inviting,
now stirs
deep regret
in the form of late night
hunger pangs
incessant cries 
for attention.
i cover my ears
and turn a deaf soul
to the thing
which wears your 
to send it
into the cornfield
would be bliss.
a worn mind
can summon
no such happiness.
crushed memories
remain at the ready,
to fill the void
has created.
empty copulation
as darkness
turns to morning dew.
false moans,
in the key of yesterday,
through sleep laden
gray matter,
pulling wanton desires
from dead curiosity.
the deed is done.
once again
i must rise to repeat,
rise to repeat,
scratch that.
routines are good.
my life is no longer mine
it's ours.
i'd trade eternity
for an escape
from this haunting
my kingdom
for a wish.
But the survival
of innocence
brightens the horizon. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

apple cider vinegar

the path 
to the right path
or any other path
beneath a wet kiss.
disturbing dreams
of sister katrina
through visions
steel and concrete
in salty tears 
mechanical birds 
drop their necks
and bow 
to the majesty and power
of the Creator.
human frailty 
rears an ugly 
yet predictable head
that imagines and acts
upon the fears 
of the weak.
through piles 
of yesteryear's memories...
defying the moral demand,
in that which is right,
only to realize 
what is wanted
isn't that 
which is needed.
cries in the dark 
linger towards 
a fortnight
as hope remains vigilant
yet reality is reflected
in pools of stagnant water.
distraught mothers 
pray for deliverance
and receive 
the ultimate curse.
gray swirls
pound the right 
with droplets of rage
as eyes watch
in horrified disbelief.
yet the surf recedes
leaving the entrails
of her visit.
the snakes will slither
through their holes,
queens will mate
with the shore.
all will be as it once was.
but we will never

Saturday, October 13, 2012


she waits
for the appointed time
which curls 
around her intestines 
like a beautiful noose.
the footsteps
are always quiet
and paced.
they inch 
towards her chamber 
of pink
with confidence 
apathetic lust.
her disdain is disillusioned
by the sheer fact
that the warmth
is genuine love.
so she stays quiet
while vile deeds
penetrate and punish
tender emotions...
turning them
into razor fanged
that long to feed
upon the fleshly sameness
that gave her life.
confusion erupts
as scintillating sensuality
from once upon a child
and a woman emerges
in the funeral regalia
of times gone black.
satanic thrusts
engorge her kitten
with seeds 
of bitterness
which will someday
feed her revenge.
but yet
cuddly caresses
that this is normal.
the chamber is sealed
until the sordid thirst
rises once more.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

sign language

her days 
and nights
into one another
creating the monster
she refuses to see.
apathetic cries
just beneath the surface
and writhe
with fervor
as they try to escape
the ineptitude 
of those who have eyes
but yet 
no eyes.
soft flesh
tattered and torn
to please the insatiable 
that lurks 
whenever she walks
among the living.
white coat
induced slumber
while the reality
present in dreams
overtakes and stumbles.
the cold hands,
into the forefront
and shattering
her screams to be whole.
verbal barrage
smothering the intent
that was once
now lost in the fire
to be consumed
with any shred
of moral or mental
she weeps
for her moment
of deliverance
that never

Saturday, September 22, 2012

slip and slide

wet outside,
wet inside 
wet all around.
by warm sensations
flooding past
desire upon desire
as we twist and slosh
the indulgent sighs
of our lust.
grips and groans
while fever pitch
hide and seek
with dueling libidos.
hard meets soft
in a tango
of pink and red
to deliver 
down ecstatic endings
which explode
premature yet precise
of therapeutic
"you must be this tall."
salty and sweet
is the fruit
we produce.
we have captured 
the essence
of the sea
and laid our souls bare
beneath the waves of wonderment.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

the watcher

the word 
came swift 
and sure.
cutting like a knife,
in it's wake
a trail like no other.
sweeping devastation
which sat 
upon his shoulders
and feasted upon his dreams.
this was a nightmare
engulfed by insanity,
in disbelief
and finally embraced
through countless shots of jack.
faded and worn
times come and gone
that linger
on lips 
that should have done better.
growing hatred
with the intensity
only shared by blood.
mired in the consequences
of laughter and smiles
taken for granted.
the smell of grass
on a crisp summer's eve
through the cobwebs
by middle aged regret
yet fanned 
by the solace
of a few final moments.
for the crack of the bat,
the feel of pigskin
and covered eyes
that ended with tickles.
goes the days
and bittersweet existence 
is no more.
the waiting is over,
the pain is lifted.
rounding the diamond...
is but a million light years
even though
it felt like yesterday.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

the curious case of tantric taste buds

carefully selected
and chosen
for the sole purpose
of oral satisfaction,
a choice 
made in heaven.
an absolute delight 
for the senses.
she made sure
that her fingers
gently kneaded
and rubbed 
into the limp member.
the appearance
of silky red
ran across
plump kissers
and she imagined 
how good 
it would be
in her mouth.
an encounter 
with the other side
caused a moan
of satisfaction
and anticipation.
it would be 
at least half an hour
before they start their dance
into blissful
she waited
with bated breath
and tossed salad
in the meantime.
low and slow
led to finger licking
as burnt brown 
enters the realm
of no return.
and burps
tell a tale 
in salivating enjoyment.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

el amor que nunca fue

when i looked into your eyes
on that fateful day,
there was no hint 
of utter disaster.
the only thing 
which stood proud
 and prominent
seemed to be the promise
of  eternity.
but who is here
to care for me
when the hurt surrounds
like predators
waiting to devour 
any residue
that was left?
can i
roll over
 to the warm spot
that still whispers your name
and plead my case?
or must i
take solace
in the fact
that you once gave me
empty vouchers
for yesterday's love?
the tears
have turned bitter...
once the sole reminder
that kept remorse
from rotting
our memories.
but now that i see no use
in the redeeming value
brought on by thinking,
i gladly surrender
and give my sanity
to the wind.
for the truth
will always remain
within the walls
of my soul.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

the hooded spectre and groovy dude

where are you?
the dear to me days 
of nostalgic laughter
have slithered
into the nether regions
by the hoarse cries
spewed from grape monkeys.
snaggled lions
and inch high detectives
roam about,
searching for the door
that will lead them
to prominence
once more.
cute sidekicks
and overly endowed 
womanly animation
whisper their desires
while i formulate plans
to see them all.
"don't forget us...we're here."
yet all that remains
are the bones 
of an art form
once revered.
stilted movement
encased by insane plots.
so few are worthy...
they carry the seed of a new world
formulated in apathy
and forged in grief.
what say you 
to this brave new generation
deprived of the joy 
once known 
every six days?
modern stone age
shouts and giggles
that no longer resonate 
with the network crowd.
i search,
i surf
until my fancy
indulges in that which is pure.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

dance of the light fantastic

hear the invisible
that cries out
begging to be replaced
as the owner of my heart.
eternal salt lines
caked and at the ready
to be questioned
about the rationale
which is my being.
emotionless stares
into the depths
of a meager 
while my soul shouts
drenched in hallelujah
wanting the interaction
to be real.
a tangible impossibility
that kisses
my depression
and soothes 
the savage desire...
to give in.
burdened in black,
hoovering with droplets 
of pain,
the One of ancient
is my covering
so alone
i strive.
treading temptation
while being the mirror
for things expected,
my walk upon water
is tepid...
but much is required
to break free
from that which binds

Saturday, August 4, 2012

and on the 6th day

carnival barker
back door libido cries out
to hark her
desire for the morning wood.
the scintillating escapades
waiting to be borne
as coffee perks,
he slowly jerks
and the dog yawns 
in the corner.
a hint of gray
peeks through 
half open blinds
but the day ahead
is farthest from their minds
since five 
have been laid to rest.
jolts their resolution
so the only solution
is to climb 
back into bed,
indulge in simultaneous head
until the rooster crows
and the kitty knows
that a wet spot
is not far behind.
so the day's start
is put on hold 
as bodies writhe 
to heights untold.
canine injection
with sighs of affection...
she can feel it,
he can feel it
but can they deal with
the mounting eruption
that lies ahead?
she tells him to hurry
as the moans begin
and he thrusts again
sending jolts of pleasure
through her brain.
joe gets spilled
but the heat can't compare
to the cream filling
she ingested.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

on the ave

bright lights,
big city.
she was promised 
the time
of her life
and the call had come through.
just a getaway
for the girls...
neon hues
 in pastels and flats
streaming in waves
as the stretch
glided slowly
and effortlessly.
chilled champagne
soft music while in the middle lane,
set the tone
for the night's activities.
something naughty,
with devious proclivities,
to make her swoon
under the pale
 full moon.
the line had never been crossed
yet this was the moment 
she'd heard so much about.
she would be had
and in an instant
be glad 
they chose to indulge.
and into the car
someone did hop,
ready to make the encounter
a delicious memory
for any to see.
lips kissed lips
and sugar coated lips
found lips
as the director
smiled with glee.
contacted earlier,
he knew this was a place
he'd love to be.
undulating passions
colored by a pulsating beat...
fingers, tongues, hands
all working 
to soothe the rampant heat
from deep within.
the pulse of the city goes on.
yet the heartbeat
of friendship
has taken a skydive 
into lust's lair.
in a shiny black banger
they bang
like wet scissors 
until throaty moans escape
and hungry 
nibble needy necks nape.
the sound of silence
sings like fire
and the deed is done.
they are no longer two
but one.
the pulse of the city goes on...
by the sighs
of a promise well kept.
beep, beep.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


she looked at him
with fire in her eyes.
not the red devil
timid ordinary lust,
but a blistering blue
that seared 
the inner edges
of his want.
she straddled 
with a skill
learned from years 
in the making.
this moment 
would shatter his libido
and even though
he was used to her flow
there'd be no out,
nowhere for him to go.
the plan was daring...
but not so much
as the night 
they considered sharing.
inch by inch
she took him in
savoring the girth
while he moaned,
for all it was worth.
a nice steady pace to start the show
then a slow shift 
into turbo
and away she goes.
pumping and grinding
like a hydraulic jack
but paying close attention
to the sensitivity
of his sack.
follow the bouncing balls
to the sugary walls
which clench and drench
with hot magma
that sprays like water
as he holds her by the waist.
an arched back
and sighs that pierce
like musical daggers,
bring down more
of the creamy elixir
they had been chasing.
a steady stream 
 soaks the bed
as she slowly climbs down
to use her head.
she had always wanted to do it
and he said there was nothing to it.
this time
she had taken 
her time 
because the other times
just weren't 
the right time.
she was in control
and that made the difference.
looking up at him,
she smiled
and used her tongue.
there would now 
be more encounters like this
and they can all end
in soaking bliss.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

wax and weltz

they said it was fine
and very appropriate. 
to do so was an honor... 
i like to watch. 
so the evening routine
was replaced  
by cries of painful passion 
as i sipped my cognac
  with feet elevated. 
the ceremony was short and sweet 
strawberries and chocolate 
placed on a platter, 
for me to eat. 
i looked on 
as blood bonded 
and emotions soared. 
her curvaceous thickness 
would never leave one bored. 
then the attack, 
fast and furious. 
with swift desire, 
he did toss her supple frame 
onto the mattress 
for the start of blissful hell. 
with lights dim and her assets bare, 
he began to lick and suck each cheek 
as if i weren't there. 
her moans of pleasure 
seeped past the rubber ball 
and i did desire, 
wanted to inquire, 
as the need in me 
built to a raging fire, 
if it were possible
  to experience a taste. 
but i said 
i just like to watch 
in haste. 
the blackness
  of collar and cuff 
against their shades of brown 
sent waves crashing through my mind. 
the flicker, 
caused by candle in hand, 
changed the shadows 
and pulled a long purr 
from deep within her soul. 
red heat ran rampant
  over her ass and back 
while he positioned himself 
and slid in with skillful knack. 
he thrust with a fervor 
that shook her bottom
  with each stroke. 
she grabbed the sheets 
and matched his rhythm, 
he poured more wax
like hot scarlet jism. 
the candle burned out, 
unlike their lust. 
he laid the tarnished taper aside 
and gave her round brown 
  a solid whack. 
she yelped  
letting out a series of sighs 
as sugar and cream
  oozed down her thighs. 
i wondered 
if she could see me
  through the blindfold she wore. 
 would she see my naughty grin 
harboring the devious desire 
of wanting to see this again. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

return of the pieman

simple simon
once told me,
in a dream,
the easiest way
to eat a pie
is to dive in
with no remorse 
or forethought.
i shook my head in dismay
as i wondered,
how could it be done
if approached that way?
but simple boy that he was,
i kicked him out of my memories
and set adrift
on blissful rumination
of how to jar
a sensual sensation
from the center 
of your soul.
so i turned you over gently
and spread heaven's gates.
you moaned and stirred
then bent your knees~
i fancied it absurd
that you may be awake
and she wanted the same.
personality number two
looked back at me
with lips
glazed in sweetness.
a pie so undeniably 
and drenched 
in creamy goodness...
her mantra of  the moment
pulled my taste buds
into the softness
with muffled delight.
you squirmed and sighed
as sounds of simple simon
echoed and cried
and i realized
i had done his bidding.
face first 
with none other than your climax
driving my urge,
i devoured the sticky strudel.
your back arched
as mountains
shook like jelly.
came more filling
while thighs
embraced me 
with warm greetings.
i tasted the wares
and you were aware
of the warm frosting
beneath my nose. 
the only thing necessary
from one so fair.