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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

black coffee

no sugar,
 no cream...
the sound of that hook
 plays in my mind now.
 a merry-go-round dance 
of hide and seek
 as i struggle to understand...
 a lightweight,overweight
 yet heavyweight,
of my generation
 sets sail for a misty land
 we never conceive
 until our minds are forced 
to embrace tragedy.
 so young
 but yet so old. 
worry lines 
etched into the brow
 of a think very deeply teddy bear.
 a showman of epic proportions,
 gliding along with the boyz... 
one last glimmer 
under the spotlight,
 hot light.
 he made the coffee drool and swoon~ 
the girls,the girls, 
whether black or cream filled.
 bounce to the beat. 
he couldn't be beat,
 because he had his own thang.
still hard to do that roll...dam. 
rhymes sublime,
 until checkout time.
 i'll never look at my java the same. 
say hello to michael,vesta,wayman...
 you'll see them again.
 give us a show
 that can be heard from the heavens...
 we'll be waiting.