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Sunday, February 24, 2013

dance of the platonic playmates

of the flesh
have pulled us
into this cacophony
which we call
heavy breathing,
sighs on the up beat,
strokes on the down,
while trails
salty and hot
over cucumber melon
and musk.
a tantalizing mixture
that sends
shock waves,
tinged with longing,
to nerve endings
pounding with desire.
a caress,
a kiss,
tongues dancing
the pale moonlight
as we tumble
to and fro.
in rhythm, rhythm
and your back arches
to signal
the arrival
of oceanic riptides
that tear caverns
of pleasure.
skin pulsating
from the beat
caused by racing hearts...
silent cries
that echo 
the return
of another crescendo.
fleeting moments
filled with tastes
so coveted and assured.
we feed the hunger
and dine on remnants
of lustful yearnings
as the night
consumes us.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

cowgirl dreams

cold heat
in the middle 
of the first thirty.
an awakening
forged by desire
and consummated
in the sighs
of pleasure
with groans 
of delight.
slithering tongues
which capture the aroma
in burning ecstasy.
wet friction 
hugs hardened steel
as soft kisses
tingle the spot
and a return to rest
is no longer an option.
hands roam,
skin ignites
under the guise
of torrid pumps
and lips part
in anticipation...
the shakes
travel in pairs
producing arched backs
and damp moans
that propel
the need.
in time to the tick,
before injection
is trumped 
by erotic tidal waves.
she winds
like a calypso dancer
to pull forth
the army of white
which beats
to the music 
buried in their rhythm.
heavy breathing
signals the arrival
they've been expecting
and mounds 
of delight
collapse in exhaustion
upon his chest.
salty sheets
tell a wicked tale
which ends to soon
for both.