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Friday, February 27, 2015

a vulcan state of mind

i am not spock.
the 23rd century…
the place?
the hearts and minds
of every trekkie
who ever dared
raise an eyebrow,
or attempt to paralyze
a buddy
with a neck pinch surprise.
the green-blooded hobgoblin
was calm and collected,
while making bones
and others
feel agitated and dissected
more times than expected…
oftentimes disrespected.
without a smirk
or a grin,
his logic would begin.
sentient strings
of subliminal sentences,
explaining  complicated instances,
yet meeting the consciousness
on an uncluttered plane
of uncompromised confidence.
blank stare…
but it made sense
to the pointy eared
purveyor of proficiency.
i am spock.
as whiffs of smoke
turned  to solemn cries
for understanding,
we were blessed
with a man
who embraced his destiny
and shared a revelation.
being split in two
was a reality and nightmare
causing a constant battle
of the flesh and mind.
the human race
would do well
to mimic an alien
who adapted
to life
in his living hell.
he survived
because his intelligence
dominated both sides
and forced them
to live together…
as one in peace.
he lived long and prospered.
if only the denizens of earth
could do the same.
raise the v
and boldly remember
his name.

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