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Saturday, August 3, 2013

adrift on the sensuality curve

sugar coated visuals
by torrid bouts
of clandestine wishes,
pulled them 
into a wonderland
filled with decadent delights.
chocolate upon cocoa,
in a sea of swarming 
undulation and seduction,
their sighs
reach heights
unknown to the naked libido
and the sounds
of rhythmic bed springs
foretell a future
held in limbo.
through lustful longings
and entwined 
the pull 
of oneness
saturates wet lips
and sweaty hips 
while roaming hands
dive and dip
into areas that cause
tantric explosions.
dancing together
in a unison 
borne of desire
and fed
through intravenous
which spark 
passion drenched sighs
and melodic cries
before souls
are electrified
in sweet release.
deep into double brown,
the stares 
are returned.
quickened pulse
subsides into 
thump, thump
thump, thump
while angry flesh
screams for an encore.
wet with wonderment,
glide across glistening avenues
and reminisce
over the bliss
of majestic memories.