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Saturday, May 16, 2015

beale street blues boy

what was it ‘bout
that sharecroppin’ boy
usin’ a  guitar as a toy?
bendin’ and stretchin’
each emotion drenched note,
singin like demons and angels
tryin’ ta crawl from his throat.
made women swoon
and grown ass men cry.
my oh my,
dem blues is so sly.
left the lonely cabin,
searching for stardom,
when he was a young teen.
had less than 3 dollars in his pocket
but he was determined
to become a king.
named his woman Lucille,
a soul mate he met
during a juke-joint fire.
she was his lifetime reminder
to never lose that desire
to inspire.
lemon and prune faced
while crooning them tunes,
made people do devious things.
some of them
tossing aside wedding rings.
yet he gave us his all,
we were enthralled
by the virtuoso
at every show.
he melded jazz, blues
and pain.
a volatile concoction
that may never
be seen again.
quick witted and wry,
alternately making you
wonder why
you were in the situation
you happened to be in.
so many have gleaned
from those stretched note riffs
set blissfully adrift
on four-four time
and an occasional glass of wine.
if memories are golden,
he has given us
the midas touch
for years to come.
the thrill is gone
but his legend
lives on.

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