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Monday, January 26, 2015

ivy clouds

from the cotton field
to wrigley field,
a tremendous hardship
that would ultimately yield
an icon.
stuffing  those bolls
into a sack
gave him the knack
for a sweet swing
that even made
the opposing team sing
his praises.
wiggling those fingers,
on the handle
of his bat,
was imitated
by every baseball
loving kid,
even though
they never knew
why he did.
a reflex,
a memory
that kept him humble
and aware.
the cubs will shine in ’69,
the cubs will come alive in ’65,
forever the optimist
but never crowned
a champion,
yet he played
with the heart
of a lion.
swatting  balls
over those
ivy covered walls,
“bingo-bango-bilko double play!”
that’s what the announcer
would say,
back in the day.
such a smooth stride,
a heavenly glide
to the bag,
ending with a laser beam
throw to first.
but all things end
and so did the sparkle
of his career.
he had to give up
the pastime
and the cheers,
which he held so dear.
from the negro league
to the majors,
he gave his all.
mr. cub proved
the doubters wrong,
with his gracefulness
in a game
played with
a little white ball.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the man

can I get a witness?!
hyperbole for all to see,
dangling participles
to set staunch minds free,
his legend
into something cooler
than the other side
of the pillow.
like a guy smokin’
at a gas station,
his career blew up
and he politely
took us along for the ride.
he was hated on
and called a freak
because of that eye
yet few knew why
and still mocked him
on the sly.
corporate monsters
said the talk was lame,
they had no idea
he was the epitome
of this game
for four letter dominance
and reigning fame,
separating himself
from talking heads
that all sounded the same.
exuberance, eloquence
ain’t none of ‘em fresh like scott,
that boy was straight
outta the catchphrase shop.
a warrior,
who didn’t want to know
the terms of battle,
he fought with courage and dignity,
to the sounds of a timpani,
urging him onward
past pain and defeat.
the mork from ork
of the sports world
has taken a bow…
first and ten…
ya don’t lose to cancer,
you win.

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~wurdz © 2015 all rights reserved