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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

the man

can I get a witness?!
hyperbole for all to see,
dangling participles
to set staunch minds free,
his legend
into something cooler
than the other side
of the pillow.
like a guy smokin’
at a gas station,
his career blew up
and he politely
took us along for the ride.
he was hated on
and called a freak
because of that eye
yet few knew why
and still mocked him
on the sly.
corporate monsters
said the talk was lame,
they had no idea
he was the epitome
of this game
for four letter dominance
and reigning fame,
separating himself
from talking heads
that all sounded the same.
exuberance, eloquence
ain’t none of ‘em fresh like scott,
that boy was straight
outta the catchphrase shop.
a warrior,
who didn’t want to know
the terms of battle,
he fought with courage and dignity,
to the sounds of a timpani,
urging him onward
past pain and defeat.
the mork from ork
of the sports world
has taken a bow…
first and ten…
ya don’t lose to cancer,
you win.

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