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Friday, October 31, 2014


  Franklin studied his face, in the restroom mirror, and managed a quick smile. It was fake. He was checking to see if there was any spinach stuck in his teeth from the appetizer he just forced down.

  “Fucking spinach. I hate that shit,” he mumbled, while patting his hair and straightening his tie. “But you gotta get what the lady wants.”

  He was really feeling  Sandy. She was far better looking than he thought she’d be. The last blind date he survived was a total disaster. It was more of a social network hook up. It started with a few innocent tweets and likes and then they were sending direct messages at 2 a.m. There was one problem. She talked a big sex game, but the pictures weren’t of her. She used her roommate’s photos, to create a whole persona for herself. She kept the ruse up for three months! When they met for lunch, he stayed a while, cracked a few jokes and left. He actually sneaked out and left her with the bill.

 “Ugly wench. All she had to do was be truthful. Oh well. She’ll be wiser next time.”

  He made one final adjustment to his suit coat and turned to leave. He stopped and took one last look in the mirror.

  “This is your night, Franklin Summers,” he reassured himself.  “ Do it right! She wants you.”

  He walked out of the restroom and back into the crowded bistro. He let Sandy pick the place to eat and she nailed it. He was impressed by her attention to detail. That was something the fat cow, Cynthia, didn’t do. She was truly a pathetic loser. He made his way to the table and summoned all of his suave and debonair persona for the final battle.

  “What took you so long? I was beginning to think you cut out on me.”

  “Who, me? Never. That’s a cowards move. You don’t have to worry about me doin’ anything like that. I’d tell you the deal, like a real man.”

  Sandy laughed and took a sip of her water. Franklin watched her lips form around the rim of the glass and imagined her perfect mouth doing various other things.

  “Did you order yet? You were having some trouble deciding, before I left.”

  “Yup. Got my eyes on the T-bone. I was surprised they had it on the menu. This place is so quaint. That seems a bit harsh for the atmosphere.”

  “I’ve been coming here for a while. I found this place by accident. Just happened to be in the neighborhood on business and there it was. I love trying new things.”

  “Is that why you answered my message on Twitter?” Sandy leaned in for the answer. She was a tantalizing morsel and Franklin was going to enjoy every moment with her. He wanted to give her the 500 point answer but he figured she would be smart enough to guess the daily double towards the end. She was all any guy could want. But he wasn’t ready. He wanted to search for that ultimate playmate. Marriage would come. At the moment, he was all about the excitement.

 Franklin leaned back and let a fantastic tale rattle around in his brain.

  “When I saw your picture, all I could think of was you and me. I wanted to get to know you immediately, so we could get some plans together. You know, see where we could take things. Even though it’s only been a couple weeks, I feel like you’re a part of me…Like I’m inside of you.”

  Ahhh…bad boy. Is that in a good way or are you trying to flirt with me? I’m really vulnerable right now. My stomach is rumbling and my thoughts are like putty. You might make me think of the wrong things.”

  She licked the rim of her glass, sat it down and gave Franklin a seductive gaze. He gulped, sat up and tugged at his tie. She wasn’t the boring cow. She was ready and willing to get things going. He was grateful she was playing along and not pretending to be so naïve .

  “Um, are you really hungry? Cause if you’re not, I can pay the bill and we can get that steak at my place. I’ve got a couple of ribeyes that won’t take long to whip up. Shall we leave?”

  Sandy stood and moved away from her chair. She winked at Franklin, turned and seductively walked towards the door. That settled it. He pulled out his wallet, threw  $25 on the table for the horrible spinach dip and hastily followed his date.

  He caught up to her and offered his arm. She held on tight, as they walked out into the night and towards his car.

  It didn’t take long to reach his place. They joked and played a subdued version of grab ass along the way. Sandy looked around the apartment. It was sparsely furnished. Typical man’s styling but with less appeal than most. It was almost sad. There was nothing to make it stand out a say something about the person living there. It was cookie cutter yet it begged for definition.

  “Did you get the feeling we were being followed?” Franklin asked, from the kitchen. “ There was a car that kept popping up. Maybe I was seeing things.”

  “No, not really. Could you just get that steak going? I’m fucking starving.”

  That wasn’t a lady like answer. But Franklin didn’t give a damn. He’d fix the steaks, feed her, fuck her and get ghost. If she was a good lay, he might make her a regular. He took the steaks from the fridge and put them in the sink. He let some lukewarm water run across them.

The doorbell rang.

“Who the hell?...Would you mind getting that, Sandy? I’m getting the food ready. I think it might be my brother. Sometimes he drops by after he gets off work. He doesn’t like going straight home to his wife.”

  For the price of some spinach dip, he was going to screw like a champ.

  “Who is it?” He asked, over the running water.  “ Oh. How do you take your steak?”

  A dull pain shot through his neck and traveled up the back of his head. Franklin threw a hand up to shield himself from more agony. His legs felt wobbly, as he turned around. He slid down the front of the sink and tried to focus on his attacker. The room was spinning but he could make out the shapes of two people. One of them was holding a billy club. He heard it drop to the floor. The sting of a needle pierced his arm and coldness seemed to spread from the point of its contact. Focus. He had to focus. He tried to move, tried to open his mouth. Nothing. Whatever was coursing through his body made him as limp as a noodle.

  “Awww…don’t he look so cute, with his sexy self?”

  That voice…the shape. It was the cow. Cynthia.

  “Yeah, he is kinda cute,” Sandy whispered. “Can’t find many assholes who fit the cute bill today.”

  There was a black bag on the floor. Sandy stooped down and reached inside. She pulled out  a set of knives, spices and a hacksaw. Franklin couldn’t move. He couldn’t speak. But he was screaming inside his head.


  Sandy held up a carving knife and then put it down. She smiled up at Cynthia and nodded her head. She picked up the hacksaw and turned to Franklin. There were tears of confusion and fear running down his face. His breathing was labored and snot bubbles formed in one of his nostrils. He was blinking slowly and a trickle of blood peeked across his lip. Sandy crawled over to the dazed, frightened man and licked his face.

  “Me and my sister like our steak…rare.”

With a lightening quick move, Sandy let the saw blade sink into Franklin’s soft thigh. She sawed with slow passionate movements. The motionless man watched as his blood oozed and spurted out. Like a surgeon, Sandy angled the blade and sliced off a nice sized piece of the muscle. Her sister jumped and squealed with joy, as she tossed the quivering flesh onto the floor.


  Sandy held the man’s arm out. She reared back with the saw and let it land in the elbow joint. She sliced and hacked the tissue, as bits and pieces of shirt and skin bathed the blade in crimson fluid. Cynthia snorted like a pig and grabbed a knife. She flung herself down, next to Franklin, and plunged the steel  into his chest. The deranged woman yanked the weapon out and thrust it into the uncut thigh. Blood sprayed onto her arms and face. She stopped momentarily, to lick the back of her arm, and then started to stab Franklin again.

  As the life drained from his body, Franklin tried to say he was sorry, like a real man would. But with each slice and stab of hell, he realized it wouldn’t matter. So he quietly, effortlessly sank into darkness.

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