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Sunday, January 23, 2011


i watched her from across the bar...her eyes,brown and that moment of lingering denial,she smiled and beckoned me~with the slightest heave of ample sexuality.desire bubbled in my loins as i was snared in the mantrap she worked so well.i sat beside her and we talked as old friends with new passions...small talk turned to henn induced demons of lust.they swarmed around us laughing at the images we conceived for each ebony and ivory swirl of carnal candy.a one,a two-hoo a three licks i envision until you collapse,spent,upon my libido...we each examined the naked left,knowing the consequences~yet not the whole story.she whispered in my ear,leaving a trail of inuendo's that slithered down my neck...i could indulge,we could entwine in the lust of our dreams...for the price of metal through flesh~let the escapade begin.

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