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Thursday, January 27, 2011

make u wet

i know what you like...the feel of my tongue as it glides up thighs of golden brown.the trail of salt drying as i come closer to your heaven...pushing your legs back to explore the soft sweet lips that draw my senses into a whirlwind of delight...i savour the taste of your passion as it drips out and coats my moan an grip the sheets~beckoning me onward with the thrust of your i can feel the intensity of the explosion which you hide deep threatens to escape and you tell it to wait...yet i urge its face is sticky and coated with the fruit of your love.your hands find my neck and you push,push deeper against my slide downward wrapping around me like a vice and pull me in...your sugar melts from the heat of my extension and we groan while dancing.the music in our heads keeps the same time~up,down,up,down it goes until the eruption cascades over us and we mingle in the hot moist joining of our pleasure...i know what you like.can you say the same?