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Saturday, January 15, 2011

ravine hill

''GOTDAMMIT WAT THE HELL?!''leon shouted in wonderment as he looked at the still moving arm.''HIT IT AGAIN!''he listened to his wife and raised the axe again.he let it come down with a squish into the rotted flesh of the body squirming around.he had already chopped the legs off.that seemed to slow it down some.thick purple and pink blood was all over the living room and flowed freely from the thing.''FUCK!''the more leon hacked,the faster the pieces moved.''WATCH OUT!''his wife screamed.ann watched in frozen fear as the head sprang up and sank its fangs into leon's leg.the other parts of the body seemed to pulsate and move closer after that.''AAHH!HELP ME GET IT OFF!''he shook his leg and the needle sharp teeth went deeper.ann spied the can of room deodorizer.she fumbled through her pockets,found a lighter, pointed the can and pressed.the flames came out thick and white as the head squealed in pain.a horrid sound as a baby crying and rats released the grip on leon's leg and bounced used a long black tongue to right itself.a hand sprouted from the base of the turned and tried to move away as the other body parts followed.''NO!NOO!''leon smashed the wretched sight with the axe again...

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  1. Not bad! I liked the description of the blood spurting out.