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Thursday, September 25, 2014

50 years of what?

if you thought
the dream
was alive and well,
wake up.
the death knell tolls
to usher in
the living hell
which has engulfed
a nation in turmoil.
the land of the free,
still desires strange fruit
hanging from a tree.
brown skin,
dark skin,
it really doesn't matter
because the end result
is splattered brain matter
amidst the party and bullshit
of justifiable homicide.
they claim genocide
but that's a racist rant
which coincides
with the apathy
when it's time to convict
for the loss
of black souls.
...and the death knell tolls.
can you feel the pain,
the welling of tears,
the sordid fear
of terrified black children
as a police cruiser
pulls near?
are your eyes wide shut
as a mother cries
while her son dies
over and over
on a digital cloud
for an insatiable crowd?
two score and ten,
the blood lust
has returned again.
scarlet life
runs thick,
spilling into cesspools
filled with angry white sheets.
three k's a day
will help keep those
negroes at bay.
the media sends images
precise and subliminal
that make all the monkeys
look like criminals.
...and the death knell tolls.
bow your head and weep.
does God hear the screams
of his children
gathered like sheep
for the slaughter?
there is a movement
to make people of color
the guilty entity,
even if the truth
sings loud and clear.
does black flesh
not bleed,
does it not shed tears
and hope for the future?
maybe it's more appropriate
to don the facade
of a modern day slave
and watch
the invisible whips
reign once more.

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