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Thursday, October 27, 2011


''DO IT BOY!''at vernon's command,his son swung the bat connecting with the old man's wasn't enough to kill him but he fell forward in pain.a stream of blood poured from his ear onto the counter.''AN DIS ONE BELONGS TO DA REDS!''vernon shouted.dale watched barns as he grabbed his head and slid to the floor.he looked up at the boy and shook his head pleading for his life.his lips formed the words but nothing came out except a soft cry.''well is he dead?''dale nodded his head slowly.vernon cocked his head and walked around to see the man.tears streamed down his face and mixed with the thick red life that seeped from his ear.''you lyin lil prick.he ain't nowhur near dead.''he aimed the gun at barns and pulled the trigger.a loud click was all he got.''well fuck me sleepin.ya lucked out ol hard feelins?''barns looked at the floor and shook his head slowly.''dis ah lil secret rite?''barns nodded.''good boy.nah we gon take a few thangs yew jus put it on our tab ya hear?''another nod.vernon put the gun in his pocket and looked at his son.''put da bat back dip shit an go get some tatuh salad an strang beens.''dale tossed the bat to his father and walked towards the back.''gettin some balls,huh?!FUCK U!''...

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