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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


darla and scott watched the volvo squeal off down the dirt she watched the swirling haze clear,darla felt the urge to scream and break down crying.scott had done his best to keep her quiet while they watched their friends die.''sssh,c'mon darla.i know,but it's's over.we gotta find the police and tell.''the frantic woman couldn't contain herself.she began heaving and wheezing.she was having and asthma attack.scott tried to hold her but she broke away and out of the brush.she stood still and flew out in violent chunks that bounced on the dry cracked earth.when she emptied her stomach she cried and screamed more.''BE QUIET!we don't know how many more of them sick fucks are around!it's about us now...please darla.get it together.''she realized scott was right and pulled out her inhaler.she sucked down a couple shots,harked and spit.''but they killed em.they did it like it was fun!''she said finally.scott plopped down on a fallen tree.''i saw it too,darla,i'm not blind!but we gotta get help.we gotta do it for them.''''how,scott?!we in some fucked up nowhere on the map!maybe e'r body out here does that shit!...and why didn't you help!?''the young man jumped up.''CAUSE WE'D BE DEAD TOO BITCH!''...

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