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Monday, October 24, 2011


vernon grabbed the shovel again.he let his son walk ahead of him and out the front door.''darlin?!we bout ta rustle up some back in a shake!''the slender man let his wife know they were leaving.he caught up with dale and playfully pushed him in the back.''how long ya been playin wit cha dick boy?''the angry young man kept quiet as they walked.he shoved his hands deep in his pockets and sulked.''why you don't let me move out daddy?imma grown man.i'm near eighteen.''''you know ya mama would die if ya left.jus be happy you got a home.good people strugglin now.''the words didn't soothe dale's wounds at all.they walked in silence but not far.they came upon a car pulled off of the dirt road.''look a dere.compnay.''vernon they got closer,a woman was leaning against the over heated taurus.dale looked at the thick sun tanned woman and got a hard on.''HEY!''vernon called out as they got closer.''looks like you got heap a car trouble.''the woman banged on the window.a figure popped up and got out on the passenger side.''hey,can you get us some water?that's wat we need.''the man blurted out.''i sure hate ta do dis.''vernon said softly.he raised the shovel,swung it hard and bashed the man's face...

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