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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


''SHUT YA YAP!git ready fa some gap tooth lovin!''dale was ready to push himself inside the woman when she reached back and hit him in the nuts.she turned and kicked him in the side as she pulled her pants up.''shit.see there boy,''vernon said calmly.he pulled a pistol from his pocket,aimed at the running woman.she ducked and weaved but he had her in his shot from the six shooter caught her in the shoulder.she whimpered and grabbed her arm.vernon aimed once more.''dammit!i'm rusty.''he pulled the trigger sending a bullet into the base of her skull.the contact caused her to fall forward and land on a crunched through her chest pushing her heart and shreds of flesh through her back.she hung on the piece of tree with arms dangling and blood pouring from her mouth.''WHOO!now THAT'S a piece a wood fer ya missy!gone an git er almost messed up.''dale got up and brushed himself off.he limped to the woman's body,positioned and threw it over his shoulder and walked back to vernon.''toss er in the back...and git ole boy too.''''I AIN'T TOUCHIN HIM DADDY!YOU KILLED 'IM U STACK 'IM!''vernon rushed up to dale and hit him in the temple with the gun.''YOU DO IT!''vernon shouted,aiming at his son...

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