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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


dale went about the task of putting the bodies in the car.vernon slid the gun back into his pocket and looked under the hood of the car.''shit ain't nothin wrong sep dis batry cable.''he took off his boot and banged until the wire was snug.''turn dat fucker over boy!''he ordered his son.dale wiped his bloody hands on his shirt and turned the key.the old volvo station wagon hesitated.he turned again and it snapped into life.''HELL YEAH!''vernon shouted and did a little jig while putting his boot on.he hopped into the car and slammed the door.''c'mon boy.let's git it home.ya mama probly ready ta git started.''''let's go inta town,daddy.we hardly get a chance to less we goin fa propane.come on lets do it!pleeease daddy?''his father shook his head,harked up some phlegm and spit out the window.''dale...shut yer yap.ok we can go for a while.but we gotta cover up them stank pots.kinda hot.''the boy jumped from the car and went to work.he took the woman's body and folded her over behind the front seat.she didn't fit well so he fell on her causing a muffled snap of the spine.perfect fit.he took the man's corpse and pulled it to the back.there was a flowered comforter covering the spare tire.''fuckin fag,''vernon snorted...

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