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Sunday, October 30, 2011


"well gotdam doll beybee!les get it own!''alice was more than ready to give up the ass to a cute dish like scott.darla kept her tears quiet and played with the child.scott slowly got to his feet and walked to the large woman.''so,um,where we go''nna do this?don't want your daughter ta see.''that brought a smile from alice.she bared her teeth and scott fought back the urge to puke.her teeth were yellowish green and more than a few were missing.what was once a fairly acceptable face turned hideous.''c'mon in da back lover.''she got up and walked teasingly ahead of him.he watched the folds of fat and flab shake and wiggle as she tried to switch her flat ass.she went into the room by the phone.she turned,grabbed his shirt and pulled him close.her hunger for him was shown in a sloppy wet kiss.her breath was putrid and stale.she worked her rough tongue in his mouth,moaning from her delight.''yo mouf sho is sweet,''she said laying the gun against a chair.''how ya wont dis tite pussy boy?on all fos like a dawg?''she pulled her huge drawers down as she got on her knees.the smell hit scott and made him cough.the white cotton had a huge tan stain in the crotch.''i'm so sorry.''the young man grabbed the gun and aimed...

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