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Monday, October 31, 2011


the sound of more gravel crunching came from outside.''WAIT BOY!''vernon called out to dale.yet it was to late.the young man burst through the door.darla screamed as scott pulled the trigger.a spray of blood from dale's back colored the wall as he banged against it.he tried to move forward once more and was met with an explosion that took his arm off.vernon heard the shots and moved backwards towards the front door.''PUT CHA FUCKIN HANDS UP NOW!''he turned to see five guns locked on him.through the crowd a husky man walked in.''where's my daughter?where's sharon?!''vernon gave a crooked smile.''i told ju...that big tittie bitch dead.''he raised his gun.a hail of bullets turned him into mangled red meat.sharon's father walked over to him and reached into his pocket.he pulled out the cell phone.''gps...gotta love it.''he spit on vernon's lifeless body.scott and darla slowly came into the room.the guns all swayed in their direction.the little girl was in front of them.she still chewed greedily on the ear.''mr thomas...we~''''it's ok son,''an officer said taking the gun slowly.he had to yank it from his hand.sharon's father began to weep.he put his arm around them and led them out.the child sat and ate as the officers looked on.FIN

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