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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


dale wrapped the man's body up tight and tossed it along the side of the cargo area.he ran back to the driver seat like a big kid.''LET'S GO DADDY!''he put the car in gear and peeled off.dale loved going into brought back memories of a time past when the whole family didn't have to struggle so much.that's when he was much closer to his they just bickered and nagged each other.the sound of a cell phone broke the silence of their drive.''wat tha fuck?''vernon looked down by his feet and there it was.he picked it up and answered.''who da fuck is this?''he asked slowly,spitting out the window again.the man on the other end was suprised by the deep country twang.''is this sharon's phone?''he asked.''she a brown haired girl wit big tits?''a pause.''um...who is this?''''got a pair a lips can suck start a truck?''another pause.''WHO THE HELL IS THIS?!my daughter is on vacation in virginia!''vernon laughed.''aint no mo.she dead.''he flipped the phone shut then opened it again.''who dat daddy?''''hell if i know.guess it was dat bitch old man...oh well.shit happens.''he dialed the number to their rang a few times.the little girl answered.''mandy,tell ya mama we in town.pic'n up a few thangs.''...

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