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Saturday, October 29, 2011


''hur up boy!get dem thangs an c'mon!''vernon barked out.he looked at barns and chuckled.''dam he hit choo but good,heh,heh!you still wit me?how many fangers i got up?''barns started to weep as vernon teased and taunted him.''suck dat shit up mayne!jus clownin wit cha.''dale walked from the back with a container of potato salad.''ain't no strang beans.''vernon shook his head.''ok.well maybe ya ma got somethin in store.''he looked at the owner once more.''you know wat ta do rite?ssssh,''he said putting a finger to his they moved to the door,a couple kids were looking inside.''GIT CHER ASS AWAY FROM HURR!''the boys scattered as vernon opened the door.''fuckin retards...oh shit leme check ta see wat cha mama want.''he pulled out the cell as they got back in the car.he was proud of the new toy he had.he pressed redial and waited.''wat da hell took yew so long woman?''''we got compnay.couple kids have a bad wreck an wanted ta use ah phone.''vernon paused and thought.''ask em wat kinuh car,''he said slowly.he listened with perked intensity and heard scott talking.''he say a volvo station wagon ya'll git ta town?''a long pause.''volvo station wagon...keep em thur baby cakes.put the boy on da phone.''...

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