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Monday, October 24, 2011


vernon watched his daughter as she stooped and peeked under her brother's bedroom door.''got dammit is he at it agin?''he put down the shovel he was carrying and walked over to the door.the girl whimpered and scurried away when she saw her father's hulking figure.''git on ta yo room chile an don't lemme see you doin that no more!''vernon shook his head,braced himself and kicked in the door.dale stood from the bed knocking over an ashtray of crisco.he struggled to pull up his pants and watched as his hustler fell on the floor.the oil had stained it.''DAMMIT DALEBERT!how many times i tole you not ta do dat when babygirl is round?!she done seen you dis time boy!''''daddy u messed up my new book!na i gotta git ole man barns ta sell me anotha!an you fucked up ma door!''vernon laughed hard and deep.the sight of his son racing to put his greasy dick away was to much.''you gone set cha bed on fire wit all dat cookin oil!hahaha!''''it ain't funny daddy!you ain't funny at all!that was new titties!cos me near 8 dollas!''he looked at his father laugh and wanted to punch him in the throat.but he knew how that would turn out.their last fist fight put him in the hospital for a week.''bring ya greasy cock on.dinner time.''...

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