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Friday, October 28, 2011


the house was a had boards missing and the paint was chipping all over.the lawn was a sea of sink holes and sewer water.''tell me again why we have to go in there?''darla whined.scott stepped over a pile of dog shit and turned towards her.''we couldn't go the way they went.that's the way we least this way we found a place.''she looked up at the house with a sigh.''shit do ya think they even HAVE a phone?wats wrong with yours?''''fuck,darla!i told you.i left it at the motel.''they stepped through dark dirty water.''that's why we shoulda went back to town.''she snorted.'' bout 'thanx for findin a house scott'?would that be so hard!?''they walked up the porch steps and onto the weak landing.scott pressed the buzzed low and stuttered.after no response,he knocked.he was about to bang again when they heard movement.the door opened and a small girl peeked out.''heeey honey,''scott eased out.''are your parents home?''the child didn't say a word.she just stared and blinked.''ok,we really need to use your~''the door swung open.scott jumped back as darla grabbed his arm.''da hell ya wont?!''the child hid behind her mother.the woman was huge and wore no bra.her large tits swung like melons...

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