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Saturday, October 29, 2011


alice handed scott the phone.he looked suprised and wondered what it was about.''um,hello?''''son this is officer vernon stubbs wit the virgina countay poh-lice department.yew been in some sorta wreck?''''thank god!yes our friends were killed and this~''he looked at darla and motioned for her to leave with alice and the girl.''yew thur boy?''''yes sir,''he whispered.''this crazy hillbilly guy killed our friends and took our car.''''is dat rite nah?you sure he killed em?wat makes yew say dat?''''SHIT WE SAW~we saw it happen.''he said adjusting his voice.''ok just stay wher ya at an we'll be thur in a jiffy.10-4.''scott was about to hang up the phone when he heard dale in the background.''wat mama need is ta git daddy?''a sharp pain raced through his stomach and up to his throat.he realized he had to puke.he slammed the phone down and took off his shirt.he hurled the hot bile from his stomach into his shirt as the women looked on.''you ah rite chile?''alice asked with a concerned face.''yeah...i just need some water please.''alice made her way to the kitchen with the small girl in tow.''wat is wrong with you?''he grabbed darla by the arm.''we gotta get the fuck out.that was hillbilly boy!he's on his way.''...

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