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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


''WAT DA HELL IS U DOIN DADDY?!''the woman screamed and tried to run.''go git er boy!''vernon said while going through the man's pockets.he tossed aside cards and photos while pulling out the money.''$50!?you cheap basturd!''the man gurgled and babbled while coughing up blood and a few teeth.''shut ya pie hole.''vernon stood up and raised the shovel.he brought it down on the man's face again,and again and again.the force of the last blow caused an eyeball to pop dangled as red life poured from the socket and soaked the dirt road.dale had caught the young woman easily.her pace was slow and she was freaking out from the turn of events.she beat on dale's back as he carried her.he could smell weed on her clothes.''LET ME GO!FUCK YO GAP TOOTH HILLBILLY AZZ!''''i aint gone hurt's daddy you ought be word bout.''the woman kicked and fought with all her strength.''FUCK U!''she repeated.dale slammed the woman down on the front of the car.she had a good view of the carnage and screamed again.the manchild shoved down the capri's she wore,and pulled aside her panties.he leaned his weight on her while he pulled out his dick.''boy wat chu doin?''vernon asked politely.''HELL SHE KEEP SAYIN FUCK U IMMA DO IT!''...

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