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Thursday, October 27, 2011


''HE-HEEEE!we really hur daddy!we ain't been in town fer months!''vernon looked at the boy and shook his head.''dale?''he said quietly.''yeah pop?''''SHUT the hell up!''he snorted and punched his son in the arm.''don't go ackin like you ain't never been hur!we civilize folk.come from gud come on les take a look.pull up to da store thur.''dale parked while vernon finally tossed the shovel in the back.the young man was so excited,he blew into the store ahead of his father.''uh...evenin dale,vernon.ain't seen you fellas in months.''vernon looked around the store with a sense of pride.'' bizniss been fur ya barns?''the owner watched as dale ran to the porno books.''now dale,don't open it if ya ain't gon buy it!''vernon snapped his head towards the man and fast walked to the counter.''wat cha say barns?u sayin we can't afford no pussy book?''he whipped angrily.''no.they wrapped in plastic and~''with a smooth fluid move,vernon had his pistol at barns' throat.''mutherfucker soun like u think u better n us.BOY GRAB ONE A DEM BUTT BOOKS N COME ON!''dale came into view and shook his head.''no daddy.''''still got dat bat bahind ya counter?''''vern i'm sorry all i meant was~''''take it like a man barns.''...

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