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Friday, October 28, 2011


''well speak up?!i ain't gos time ta fuck aroun!''''ma'm if we could jus use your phone?we had an accident.''the woman looked at darla.she put her thick arms on her hips and sighed.''ya'll ain't playin no game is ya?kids fer eva comin thru hurr akin a fool!''scott spoke up.''our friends were was really bad.''the angry scowl on the big woman's face softened.''reckon i'm sorrey ta hear that,''she paused and looked them over.''c'mon.''she stepped aside as the child clung to her.scott walked in with darla stuck to him like a leech.''alice.''''excuse me?''the woman shook her head.''ma name's alice,''she said to darla,closing the door.''phone's down the hall there.''the smell in the house was made the outside seem quaint.darla covered her mouth and reeked of chittlins and shit.''wat the fuck is~''''that delightful smell?''scott interrupted.alice smiled and brushed down her big tits.''why thank yoo,''she said blushing.''we do ah own meat curin an smokin.smell goood don't it?''''yes ma'm.jus like home,''he said pulling darla.''down this hall?''''das rite.''alice licked her lips as she watched scott's tight ass.''fuck.i can't think of any numbers without my phone.''''shit jus call the cops.''...

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