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Monday, October 31, 2011


the sound of a shotgun blast and flying flesh filled the house.the child started to get up but darla stopped her.''it's ok baby.come on let's play.''she tried her best to stay calm with the girl.her mother was probably dead now.that was something they never thought innocent in the mix.scott walked back into the room.his clothes were covered in the back spray of blood,brain and skull.darla looked up at him.he nodded his head.''c'mon baby,''darla said gently pulling up the frail girl.''let's play hide and like to play that game?''she nodded in glee.the sound of gravel crunching caught their attention.''FUCK!''scott grabbed darla's arm and they ran to the back of the house.''WHICH WAY UP OR DOWN?!''darla shouted at the child.she pulled her to a set of stairs that led upwards.they ran up stumbling as they did.the front door opened with a crash.''ALICE,DARLIN?!''a silence fell over the house.''wher ya at baybeh?''as he walked he found the answer.the body of his wife lay with the head mangled and strewn about.blood covered the walls and steadily grew beneath the body.a leg twitched and stopped as he stared.''daddy?''dale came in and saw the carnage also.his knees buckled and he threw up.''HURR I COME!''vernon yelled...

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