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Sunday, October 30, 2011


''shit,shit,shit!''scott rambled.''wat can we do?!''darla was on the verge of tears.''hurr ya go baby dall,''alice said bringing the water.''you still need ta make dat call?''''um,no,no.actually we jus gotta get back to the place we left and wait on the'll be much quicker that way.''''yeah.we don't know this address so we won't be a bother,''darla chimed in.''no bother.i needs da compnay.''alice walked to a closet and reached in slow.the child was still connected to her like a leech.she swung a shotgun out.scott dropped the glass.''yew think i'm a dummay?!git cher ass up aginst the wall and sit down!''darla's tears began to fall.scott held her as they slid down the dirty greasy wall.''just thank.i woulda fucked you,''alice said winking at scott.''all vern do nah is watch tv and cure meat.e'r now an then he ack like he wont he can't handle me no more!to old...i need a yungin to hit this!''she laughed and pulled up a chair.finally the little girl ran away.''imma do it,''scott whispered.''but you gotta back me on ya shit!''the child came back with a dirty naked doll.the head was off.she sat next to darla wanting to play.''hey,uh,alice.''the stout woman looked at scott.he was rubbing his dick.''want to?''...

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