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Monday, October 31, 2011


the child led them to a door that had dried blood on the doorknob.she pushed it open and they were hit with the stench of rotting meat and spices.on a table was a body that had been gutted.the intestines were in a large bucket.on a wall behind the table were mason jars full of dark and vile looking body parts.''fuck me.wat is this shit?''scott said gagging.he covered his nose and mouth.darla had a vomit reflex but held her mouth.the child ran to the body,pulled off an ear and chomped into it smiling.the flesh tore like jerky.vernon walked to a drawer and got out bullets for his gun.dale fell on the floor near his mother and began to weep.''boy she gon nah.aint nothin kin be done...cep kill dem mutherfuckurs that went an done it.''he clicked the gun shut and held it by his head.''git up an come on boy.''dale touched alice's body.his hand was bloody.he wiped it on his already stained shirt.he let out a primal scream.vernon heard the floor boards move over his did dale.the young man sprang up and ran for the curing room.''damit dale!''vernon took off behind his crazed son.he had never seen him so angry.he loved it.''go git him boy,heh,heh!''scott stood firm after hearing the scream.he held the shotgun towards the door...

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