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Saturday, March 3, 2012

yin yang yippee

tongue slithers,
like a panther's hungry stare,
she's full aware~
seeing my dangling angle
placed perfectly
at the tip
of her lips.
can we,
should we
do the naughty things
that mama warned about
and mourned about 
to her devout
religious child?
the sheets drip
with oil and sweat,
taking hold of her head,
sliding in slow,
as far as it can get.
yet the reflex
denies my pleasures 
in the dark.
a quick flip
and six faces nine.
our sexy samba
plays bedroom tag
as the sound 
of in and out
echoes to the chagrin
of nosey neighbors.
bangs on the wall
make daddy's picture fall.
no longer can his shattered pride
on baby girl's activities.
simultaneous sensation
we ride the low tide
and simmer 
to the sounds of copy cats.


  1. I like the sexy samba erotica..up to the sounds of copy cats ~

    I do write them from time to time in my other blog

  2. A very hot write! Those first two lines are the perfect lead in :)