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Saturday, March 31, 2012

cat had the tongue

cotton candy
called out to me,
in sensuous tones 
that spoke
to the 
which was my desire
for her.
from finely manicured
my hunger arose
in waves~ 
that pulled my need
to the boiling point
while upward mobility
directs me.
slowly inhaling
the delicacy
which lay before me,
pink heat
sweet sweat
with a hint 
of sin.
hands grip
in a show 
of lustful solidarity
daring us to defy
our perfect parity.
succulent lips,
sensitive and sublime,
played tag
with my chin
as thighs
welcomed the search
for misplaced orgasms...
midnight cries 
that sound more like sighs,
explode like thunder
bringing torrents
of cream
that flowed
as red hot
wet lips
kiss wet lips
that just tasted
wet lips
and darkness swallowed
our passion.
we dined on slumber,
what the morning
would reveal.

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  1. So puts me in the mood to serve a dessert of my own!!! o.o