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Monday, March 19, 2012

cocoa bean infusion

silky and sweet
is the smell
of her skin
as my eyes devour
all that i can
she likes chocolate...
the texture~
so smooth and rich.
her calling card 
of sorts.
dark and lovely
an ebony symphony 
of delights.
soft and entreating
as my longing is fulfilled 
through the taste 
which i beg for.
she waits...
anticipating the warmth
and i drizzle
her heaving chest
with our 
a small sigh
and triggers a moan
of pleasure
that sends chills 
down our collective
wet and slippery,
the road map
of her curves
calls out 
sending a signal 
that seduces
her valley.
she likes chocolate...
and so do i.

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