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Monday, March 12, 2012

the undying bond

you left with the wind
at your back
and weeping
was my reward.
my heart went silent,
as the familiar sound 
it once gave,
was shocked to notice
you weren't near 
to comfort 
it's agonizing feat.
the nights,days and years
went strolling along
at snail speed.
your memory
whispered to me, 
riding the cool night breeze,
and i wondered 
if you remembered 
our moments 
in time.
my answer came
when you strolled back
into my past,
carrying the anger,
and joy 
that only you bring.
the emptiness in my chest
was replaced 
with a rock solid skip
that shook my foundation.
the heart requires love at any cost
but the mind is there to temper 
that impatience.
i had learned to function
without you.
but now the confrontation
was at hand.
we owed it to ourselves
to question cupid's
cruel conundrum.
take hold of my sanity
and be gentle 
with my soul.
kiss me 
softly on the neck
and lay your head
in that familiar spot,
while we dance 
down the road 
of the essence of faith.


  1. the heart requires love at any cost
    but the mind is there to temper
    that impatience.
    So true is this statement. so many times I found myself feeling impulsive...but only have myself taking a backseat and say "heyyy, hold up..."; then rationality and reality kicks in. I love how in the end, you give in to the yearning, and hope for the best, wishing that this time around things will be different. Beautiful write once again...always a pleasure, and always grabs my soul....

  2. Beautifully written, brings back memories of my own.

  3. some really great lines in this the request at the end to be gentle...we can def be fragile in that moment of confrontation...

  4. I like this a lot, Wurdz. You seem to touch both the angst and joy of relationship. Especially like the ending.