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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

scar tissue

she weeps...
silent streaks
that whisper the pain
in her yesterday.
by the disappointments 
of loves lost,
she pleads for understanding
which never comes.
only the wretched stains, 
caused by selfish suitors
who drain
the smiles and hopes
from a soul so gentle,fragile
and rare
are her reward.
sitting with a box
made of gold,
memories in tow,
she wonders
if it should ever be opened
for in this fortress,
the remains 
of a tattered heart
speak in pangs
of contentment
that were merely an illusion
in bloom.
the very thought...
years tucked neatly away
which only mattered
in the scheme 
put forth by faded
yet that fragment
seems a distant prayer,
as her mind seeks refuge
from emotional abandonment,
by those in whom
she once put trust.
lifting her face and hands
to the heavens,
weary from trials,
she yearns
to be 


  1. "only the wretched stains,
    caused by selfish suitors"

    Amazing line there. I think I've lived this poem, more times than I care to admit. You've captured the emotions so well in this. A strong, powerful statement full of much truth.

  2. man this hurts...only to be used for their selfish hurts..and i knwo where she sits...def a strong write man...

  3. Very sensitive understanding, Wurdz. Just so much sadness in our poor world...

  4. wow...I had to read this over like 3 times man...omg...Yes, I've lived this too...this entire piece is painful, it stings my gut...I love it...