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Saturday, March 10, 2012

somos uno

skin so succulent~
a rare delicacy.
mocha,caramel.vanilla bean
a brazing bachata
as the hunger grows
to unmentionable heights.
swish and sway,
my mind ruminates,
now to parlay,
this random meeting
of desires
into the emotional orgy
we all envision.
eyes meet,smiles entreat
and the scenario
is set.
drinks all around,
sensuality flows.
bacardi and hen,
her friend is my friend,
that friend is a friend
of us all
so we can do the deed.
wetness slurps 
while moans of pleasure
ride faces
twisted in emotional bliss.
we slip and slide
on our sides
as the sound of sex
glides to the beat
laid down by our 
hot sweat
drips onto lips
eager and moist.
bed springs cry out
while humps
turn to ecstasy galore.
a writhing tornado
made of taste and tongues...
daisy chain madness
takes us to a world of delight.
a quartet in transition,
we lay in spent splendor.
ready to play again.

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  1. a writhing goodness man...devastation galore...hehehe