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Saturday, March 17, 2012

lucy on the loose

fast and furious
was the design for the night.
she saw him,
he saw her
and the locking of eyes 
was was all they needed
to enter the world of carnality.
his heavy bottom
laid the foundation
for fantasies 
she found 
locked in the dirty dingy
of her clean work week mind.
irish cars 
had been bombed
and they lingered in her head,
while she watched 
him thump like a rabbit.
the trip was fast 
and she had swerved a few times.
but the destination
was achieved.
a trail of designs
led to the love nest
and reverse love 
met mouths
gaping and ready 
for intensity to explode.
making the activities
a scintillating search
for that elusive
yet climactic 
that would sear their
the old man wasn't snoring
but the vulgarities
and wetness rained
in torrents 
as she rode his head.
the bumping of the bed
made children downstairs
that made her ass wiggle
and she landed 
in a hot heap...
she played his guitar
like it was hers.


  1. lost in the music man....was so waiting for weap there at the end as and steamy...and a bit playful sir...on a retreat from reality

  2. Thanx< Bri! That's exactly what I was aiming for. That escape from the work week blues and just letting life happen.