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Monday, March 19, 2012

a knight in her court

bearing the scars
of a thousand yesterdays,
she sits...
waiting for the time 
when she can live again.
waits for the hour 
when she can 
stretch tired wings
and soar
into the arms 
that have been prepared 
for her.
a beautiful mind
thrown into a sea
with a rage 
which haunts and heckles.
betwixt pain and desire,
her course 
is set.
an image 
fades into view
bringing the promise
of a new being...
the wonderment 
which accompanies
heart beats
in duality.
yet again she must
the structure 
that has been ingrained
bust be realized.
but every woman
has needs...
she fights
the tears of temptation
and remains
her time will come
and her knight 
will be one of

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